Softball Conditioning: Exercises That Strengthen the Legs and Arms

When performing some softball conditioning exercises,...
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Softball Conditioning Exercises That Strengthen The Legs And Arms


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Softball Conditioning Exercises That Strengthen The Legs And Arms

  1. 1. Softball Conditioning: Exercises That Strengthen the Legs and Arms When performing some softball conditioning exercises, working with your muscles on legs and arms is considerably essential. This is for a fact that legs and arms are the most used parts of the body when playing softball. In view of this fact, you may be interested to know some of these conditioning exercises. In this article, you will be provided some of these exercises. So let’s start with your legs. One of the great softball conditioning exercises to increase your leg strength is doing squats. Spend some time to perform this in a slowly manner and properly. The beauty of this exercise is that it does not only strengthen your leg but enhance your running speed as well. You can incorporate this conditioning exercise during your practice sessions. Another softball conditioning exercise to strengthen legs is by standing with your back at a wall. While on it, slide down at a snail's pace until you are in a sitting position. And while on the sitting position, extend your arms out at your front. Stay in this position for 45-60 seconds. Then take a rest and repeat the process three times. This form of conditioning exercise is best for catchers and pitchers. This work well when running and stopping for a fast pitch softball. Plyometrics drills are another great softball conditioning exercises. This is done by standing and jumping as high as you can. This is an explosiveness drill which is much needed in a fast pitch softball. Perform this while standing near a wall and jump to touch the mark on the wall. In each jump, endeavor to jump higher as much as you can. Now let’s move on conditioning your throwing arm. One of the popular softball conditioning exercises for arms is ball catching. Start with a partner who will toss the ball to you. Your duty is to catch the ball and toss it back again. While on it, the two of you will gradually speed up the throws while both you are moving backwards little by little. Perform the activity for about 10-15 minutes and work back closer together with easy tosses. While working with your arm muscles, a batting cage or pitching net to throw is another softball conditioning exercise you can perform if you don’t have a partner. You can also make use of an old blanket, tarp, or an old piece of carpet and throw into a branch of tree. This throwing exercises can be performed indoor if the weather outside is bad. When preparing softball conditioning exercises, it is best when they are blend with some conditioning that focus on developing the different areas of the body while strengthening the muscles on those areas. It is also important to vary the exercises in order to avoid abused muscles leading to unwanted physical injuries. After all, monotonous softball conditioning exercises would only make the activity boring and not productive. When activities are uninteresting, players would not tend to grasp the full benefits of the exercise.