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IBM Capabilities and Key Relationships


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Published in: Technology, Business
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IBM Capabilities and Key Relationships

  1. 1. IBM - Smart GridCurrent Capabilities Manuel Zapata
  2. 2. The Market
  3. 3. Current IBM Capabilities (Related to Smart Grid)With its Data WarehousingInfoSpherePlatform, Information IntegrationIBM hasbeen able Data Managementto developthe Data Analyticsfollowingcapabilities Lifecycle Management Data Privacy and Security Cloud Computing Information Infrastructure
  4. 4. Capability to DevelopA key capability IBM does not have and that IBM is well positionedto exploit, is to gamify the industry (home energy use).IBM can do this by taking all the information processed from the home,and show it in a way the user can compete with friends to save energy.For IBM to develop this capability, it will need to:• Do a joint venture with a gaming company (Zinga, Jaxx, etc.)• Hire a team of gaming experts, expertise they currently don’t have• Realize this team might come from a completelly different culture and IBM will need to adapt to it• Put in place the right procedures to develop games that fit the business