Industrial revolution


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Industrial Revolution

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Industrial revolution

  1. 1.  industrial-revolition#history-of-the-holidays- the-story-of-labor-day
  2. 2.  1563-1908- Constant innovation Started in Britain  1773 -1st cotton mill (cotton spinners)  1712 worlds first steam engine  1775 better steam engine (James Watt)  British workers were not allowed to leave the country 19th- Movement towards more efficient production of goods.  Labor force and economy will be discussed later
  3. 3.  Samuel Slater  Credited for bringing the Industrial Revolution to America  Immigrated from Britain to America  Built a cotton spinning machine from memory  Built his own factory  Changing America’s economy  North versus South
  4. 4.  Eli Whitney (1793)  The Cotton Gin  Machine used for getting the seeds out of cotton  Changed slavery and boosted the South’s economy
  5. 5.  Robert Fulton (1780s)  First American to build a steam-powered engine  Revitalized the transportation industry  Quickest way to travel
  6. 6.  Alexander Graham Bell>Telephone  Steve Jobs> Iphone Thomas Edison  >Light Bulbs>Look up  >Motion Pictures> Movies>Digital Cameras Cyrus McCormick>Mechanical Reaper  Increases the production of food-Decreases price Elias Howe/Isaac Singer>Sewing Machine  Handmade>Machine made> Creation of jobs
  7. 7.  The Industrial Revolution  The Civil War (1861-1865)  Slavery All inventions from the Industrial Revolution contribute to our way of life.
  8. 8. 1. Make an invention or improve on an existing invention. 1. If you improve something, then you have to say way it needs improving.2. Explain how it will change our lives.3. Imagine how your invention will effect the world one hundred years from now.4. Must be at least 4 sentences. Describe your invention in detail.