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Datasheet nov2

  1. 1. | Office 504.780-2113 | Mobile 504.210.7690 | Michelle Cullison, Social Media Strategist, equips organizations to expand from web site to web presence to achieve REAL business objectives. From the early internet of 1993 to the social web of 2010, she has helped hundreds of businesses utilize the Web to its fullest business potential. Whether clients are looking to use social media for internal communications, SEO, marketing, PR, or customer support, Michelle is the social media go-to person. OU R M IS SI ON To help businesses expand from web site to web presence to reach REAL business objectives SERV I CES Social Media Metrics Blog Editing and Writing Social Profile Customization Social Communities Creation Social Media Project Planning Content Creation and Planning Social Media Training/Coaching Install and Configure Social Apps Strategy Development Support/Implementation R ec ommendation “I was afraid and skeptical of social media until I took Michelle’s seminar. She taught us, step by step, not only how to use it, but why we should use it to help our businesses. I was able to use the simple methods she taught to get up and running. In a month we added a blog with email subscribers, LinkedIn, facebook, twitter and hootsuite accounts. I could not believe the website stats when I checked them. The traffic to our site has skyrocketed. If you’re not using social media for your business and marketing, get in touch with Michelle. Don’t procrastinate.” Kevin Gilheany, Consultant Mar itime Complianc e International, LLC Develop a measurable strategy tied to meeting defined business objectives. Set up systems to implement strategy, manage content and host conversations with target audience. Implement strategy and train the right people in your organization to manage and grow your presence on the social web. Incorporate social media into your existing marketing and business plans for maximum effectiveness. Provide you with news and information about the emerging social media industry and its impact on business. Are you ready to expand your business on the social web? Training Programs Social Media Boot Camp Social Media Management Blogging Best Practices for SEO and Sales Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development Driving Business on Facebook Pages Twitter Your Way to the Top YouTube Channels that Work SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTING Because of the sweeping changes happening in communications, businesses understand that a website is no longer enough. While clients want online interaction with organizations, decision makers are struggling to determine which communication channels to use, what to publish, how to engage and manage conversations, and who in the organization is responsible for such communication. Michelle’s expertise will help you reach your business objectives on the social web while saving time and preventing costly mistakes. Why choose Michelle Cullison? She has 18 years of experience providing internet business solutions and knows how to share that expertise to equip others for success on the social web. Michelle Cullison Social Media Strategist As your consultant, Michelle will: