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B100 Boards Presentation


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B100 Boards Presentation

  1. 1. Mario A. CuartasB100 Board presentation
  2. 2. Who is Mario Cuartas?• Born in Bogota, Colombia• Enthusiastic, Motivated, Determined, Trustworthy, and Diligent• Disciple leader.• What matters most to me and why?
  3. 3. Why BYU-Idaho?• Revelation• Surrounded by peers of the same faith• Harvard Business School similarities• Elder Henry B. Eyering’s Promise
  4. 4. Health Care Administration• Full time Missionary Service Experience• Interest In Medicine and Business• Mentors: Gary Wilde, Stephen Stoddard, Mark Hancock, and Mark Tenney• Bachelors of Science in Business Management: Finance, Accounting, And Health Care Administration
  5. 5. How to succeed in theIndustry?• Networking• Disciple Leadership• Working to build, inspire, and lift those whom I work with.• Excellent understanding of management techniques and finances• Quick Decision making
  6. 6. Future Plans• Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management• Finance, Accounting, and Hospital Management Emphasis.• Master’s in Hospital Administration from University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, or University of North Carolina.• Fellowship with a hospital• Begin Career at Primary Children’s Medical Center
  7. 7. What was learned?• Focus my life in helping others grow, learn, and reach their full of potential.• As I dedicate my life to helping others the lord will mold me into what he desires• He will use me as a tool in his hands for the growth of his kingdom on earth