SgS E&E ElEctrical &        ElEctronicSElEctrical& ElEctronicShouSEhold appliancES luminariES it&t audio/vidEo machinErymE...
conSumErtESting SErvicES                  | who iS SgS?                               | ctS markEtS                  SGS i...
ElEctronicS SErvicES          ElEctrical                                    With over 1,000 offices  labs world-wide, our ...
EE cErtifCertifications are in certain countriesand for certain products a mandatory                                      ...
ficationS ElEctromagnEtic compatibility (Emc) | Emc Electrical products must be disturbance free and therefore electromagn...
rohS                                              SErvicES Keep an eye on further RoHS and REACH developments, especially ...
product   inSpEction| pEacE of mind – alwaySProactive problem identification andsolution implementation are essentialto th...
itt                                                            tEStingWe are your independent, experiencedglobal partner i...
micro-ElEctronicS| high-tEch analySiS at anothEr             | SpEctrum of capabilitiES  ScalE                            ...
pErformancE/rEliabilitytESting                                                                                         Are...
a SEcurESolution| gEt in touch with our ExpErtS worldwidEEuropE                               Sweden                      ...
© 2010 SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA - All rights reserved - created by global CTS EE 2010/2nd Version12        ...
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SGS Global Brochure


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SGS Global Brochure

  1. 1. SgS E&E ElEctrical & ElEctronicSElEctrical& ElEctronicShouSEhold appliancES luminariES it&t audio/vidEo machinErymEdical dEvicES rEnEwablE EnErgiES rEtail microElEctronicSand morE
  2. 2. conSumErtESting SErvicES | who iS SgS? | ctS markEtS SGS is the world’s leading testing and Softlines = Textile, apparel, certification company with over 59,000 accessories, home textile, footwear, employees and 1,000 offices worldwide. bags, leather and latex products Hardlines = Hardware, DIY, automotive parts, house ware, | why SgS conSumEr tESting furniture, sporting goods, building SErvicES (ctS)? products, home improvement, toys, juvenile products, gifts and sundries CTS cares about all consumer goods, Electrical and Electronics = as quality expectations and the range luminaries, audio/video, automotive, of safety requirements become more household appliances, IT, mobile, complex everyday. Manufacturers semiconductors, machinery, Retailers need a single consolidated medical devices, renewable source to reduce risk, improve efficiency energies, certification retail and ensure compliance. solutions for final products as well as components Food = Animal origin, plant origin, With our global network beverages, bakery and meals Automotive = Automotive and expertise we can offer you components, interior/exterior solutions in the different consumer parts materials, automotive EE markets world-wide. components, automotive batteries, AUTOSAR, embedded software, aftermarket components and | ctS SErvicES products Testing | thE SgS commitmEnt Verification Product Certification We strive to deliver outstanding Technical Assistance value Product Inspection At every step in your project, we Process Assessment are committed to add value to your work by providing - rapid turnaround time - value-based pricing - technical assistance - key account management - accurate timely reporting We can help improve your product’s quality and your brand image. In long term partnerships our input will increase your return on your
  3. 3. ElEctronicS SErvicES ElEctrical With over 1,000 offices labs world-wide, our global knowledge is locally available. We are wherever you are! | thE widESt rangE of SErvicES | for EvEry induStry | to your advantagE Chemicals/RoHS Household Appliances We identify the applicable regulations Product Safety Luminaries and standards for each of your specific Solar IT T products and target markets. EMC (Electromagnetic Audio/Video Compatibility) Machinery SGS can help you reduce risk, improve Performance/Reliability Medical Devices efficiency and ensure compliance to Wireless Telecommunications Renewable Energies contractual or regulatory requirements Microelectronics Automotive in all your manufacturing, sourcing, Product Inspection Semiconductors distribution and retailing operations. Sustainability (EuP, REACH, Ecodesign) Energy Efficiency Certifications Retail programs Training 3
  4. 4. EE cErtifCertifications are in certain countriesand for certain products a mandatory | why cErtification? | gEt a pricE bEnEfit requirement. In most cases they fast market access for your product adapt the certification program tobecome a crucial selling prerequisite. competitiveness on more markets your production development planProduct testing and production send a signal to potential clients that eliminate design errors that canassessment are needed to receive quality is your major focus affect your reputation and marketcertification and the associated get higher ratings when you’re positioncertification mark. evaluated by retailers importers apply for the combined SGS Safety improved reliability - you can EMC certification, you get two refute allegations of product factory inspections for one price. nonconformity be present on SGS’s “Certified Product” databaseproduct SafEtySGS EE offers certifications that help The SGS Safety marks allow you to Our capabilities in product safety testingyou gain a competitive advantage in demonstrate that your product fulfils all and certification, combined with ourthe various markets in which you are relevant and applicable product safety world-wide accreditations allow us tointerested. requirements. offer you the following safety marks. SGS North
  5. 5. ficationS ElEctromagnEtic compatibility (Emc) | Emc Electrical products must be disturbance free and therefore electromagnetically compatible (EMC) with other EE equipment. This means a product does not introduce intolerable SGS EMC China CCC FCC CE Marking electromagnetic disturbances into its environment and is not affected by such disturbances (e.g. mobile phones often create interferences with electrical equipment used in medical practices). Russia Gost-R Taiwan Korea MIC Australia C-tick | markEt your mark To maximize the benefits of the newly- awarded certifications, SGS offers to all its certified clients a package - a specific set of marketing tools - that will help you to promote the proven qualities of CB Scheme Canada ICES e/Emark Australia C-tick your product to existing and prospective clients. For further information please contact your local SGS sales. 5
  6. 6. rohS SErvicES Keep an eye on further RoHS and REACH developments, especially | your bEnEfitSthe list of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). The SGS RoHS Program helps retailers, suppliers and manufacturers mitigate| Eu rohS dirEctivE law | a glancE into thE futurE the risk of noncompliance to global and national restricted substancesThe RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous The EU RoHS update is expected during regulations. A reliable evaluation ofSubstances) legislation covers the the course of 2009 with conformity due RoHS conformity through productrestriction of six hazardous substances date no later than 2014. testing and certification provides legalused in EE equipment. Known as security and improves your marketDirective 2002/95/EC, it has been The proposed RoHS directive update presence and recognition.enforced throughout the EU since 1st would cover medical devices as wellJuly 2006. Its purpose is very clear – the as monitoring and control instruments.restriction contributes to the protection A list of “priority” substances posing | why SgS EE?of human health and the environment. particular environmental concerns when used in EE equipment will be assessed SGS has over 24 accredited RoHS in line with REACH with a view to a laboratories worldwide and 1,000| thE “notoriouS Six” SubStancES possible ban in the future. specialists in this field, providing EE industries with the requisite,RoHS is often referred to as the lead- Moreover, four new chemicals are being independent data to achieve RoHSfree directive, but it restricts the use of reviewed to possibly join the list of six compliance. With a proven track recordthese six substances: substances already banned by RoHS. in product safety certification compiled Lead These are brominated flame retardants over more than 80 years, SGS is a Mercury HBCDD and phthalates DEHP, BBP respected third party organization that Cadmium DBP. helps clients monitor their supply chains Hexavalent chromium and declare compliance with confidence. Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) Complying with RoHS requirements will Polybrominated diphenyl ether also be made easier by the introduction (PBDE) of the CE label for EE equipment. | rElatEd grEEn product SErvicESPBB and PBDE are flame retardantsused in several plastics RoHS Certificate of Conformity REACH/SVHC WEEE Services Verification Services Green inspection Related Chemical Tests IECEE HS Reporting Services Sustainability Services (EuP, Ecodesign, etc.)
  7. 7. product inSpEction| pEacE of mind – alwaySProactive problem identification andsolution implementation are essentialto the success of any company. SGSprovides an answer to both and offersmuch more.| providing aSSurancESGS’ Quality Assurance Program(QAP) ensures there is no flaw in aproduct’s design and that the productionand delivery systems are functioningefficiently. Through product evaluation,factory assessment, product inspection,and shipment control, QAP enablesmanufacturers to identify potentialproduction pitfalls, allowing for a fastertime-to-market.| bringing improvEmEntS | your bEnEfitS | why SgS EE?It is one thing to identify a problem and The SGS QAP QIP services help SGS’ QIP and QAP services cover allanother to effectively solve it. While manufacturers: electrical and electronic products, asthe QAP will identify effective ways to create/maintain a high-end and high- well as the corresponding accessoriesimprove product quality, through the value product line and components.Quality Improvement Program (QIP), develop a strong concept of quality Through the SGS Product InspectionSGS will assume responsibility for assess factory capability services you have access to:implementing the solutions. QIP allows create strong relationships with A large network of inspectors andSGS to become deeply involved in suppliers in the long-term auditors worldwidethe entire process and give its clients discover causes of nonconformity Experience (we perform thousandsincreased control over product design and prevent them from occurring of inspections audits every year)and quality. In addition to QIP and QAP mitigate other potential risks and Fast processing/low travel costs/SGS provides comprehensive individual avoid product recalls less delayscustomer modules, to ensure all your deliver product lines on a tight Widely recognized reportsinspection needs are being met. schedule and achieve fast time-to- Risk protection market 7
  8. 8. itt tEStingWe are your independent, experiencedglobal partner in testing certificationfor the IT T and Mobile industry. Weare active members and contributors to: GCF – Global Certification Forum PTCRB – PCS Type Certification Review Board PVG – PCS Validation Group OMA – Open Mobile Alliance CTIA – Cellular, Telecom and Internet Association| SgS it t SErvicES | SgS wirElESS SErvicES | why SgS EE?SGS operates accredited testing labs SGS EE services to cellular mobile SGS maintains a highly experiencedproviding IT T network systems terminal manufacturers/multipliers team of engineers who play an activesuch as radio base stations, broadband RF Protocol conformance testing role in multiple standards boards and areaccess multiplexers (DSLAM), switches GSM/GPRS/EDGE/AMR/UMTS/ members of various industry groups.or routers the following services: HSDPA SGS provides comprehensive testing Product Safety Assessment Bluetooth Qualification testing solutions for telecom products through EMC Testing Wi-Fi its network of state-of-the-art labs: Product Reliability Assessment Environment Reliability testing Mobile Phone Laboratory (Climatic, Vibration, Earthquake, Validation service Bluetooth Laboratory HALT) Field testing (IOT) Wi-Fi Laboratory Air Interface Testing for Radio Base SAR testing CDMA Laboratory Stations Health Safety testing Network System Laboratory Signalling Protocol Conformity EU RTTE test services Safety EMC Laboratory Verification (SIP, SIGTRAN, CCS) EMC testing Environment Reliability Laboratory Pre-Compliance Testing OTA testing Product Design Support Consultancy services All our labs are ISO 17025/GCF/PTCRB/ On-site Testing Client rooms CTIA accredited and are strategically Test System Development International certification schemes located in: Notified Body and more Europe (UK, Germany) Compliance Management Asia (China, Taiwan, Japan Korea) Consultancy US (CA KS) Thermal Simulation System
  9. 9. micro-ElEctronicS| high-tEch analySiS at anothEr | SpEctrum of capabilitiES ScalE Research DevelopmentThe CTS Microelectronics division Quality Controlof SGS Institut Fresenius is the Reliability Testsleading provider of analytical services Root Cause Analyses of Failuresfor the semi-conductor industry and Damagesand its components suppliers. The Certificationsmicroelectronics division focuses Green Testingespecially on areas that use Micro- and Solutions for Related TechnologiesNanostructures or thin film technologies. Surface and Thin Layer Techniques Medical TechnologyOur key knowledge with materials, Glass and Optical Layerssurfaces and layers enables us to Process Media and Auxiliarysupport our customers through Materialsindividualized chemical, biological and Nano Testingphysical analyses throughout all value Photovoltaic Testingadded chain phases, from product and Outsourcing Solutionstechnology development to processescontrol and final products. 9
  10. 10. pErformancE/rEliabilitytESting Are you sure your products are as good as you think? | rEliability | pErformancE | why SgS EE?Reliability is the ability of an object Performance is related to ensuring SGS looks beyond a client’s needs,to perform a required function under a product actually works as well as especially when it comes togiven conditions for a given time frame. promised. Performance testing is not manufacturers and retailers.Reliability testing ensures a product related to any directives and in most Through our testing we help you toworks as expected under normal cases it is performed at the end of the make your product go the extra mile.conditions. product development stage, after all Manufacturers can improve their Safety, EMC or Chemical tests have products based on test results dataSuch measurements enable been done. It’s a comprehensive survey, Poorly performing products can bemanufacturers and retailers to estimate which entails verifying all relevant test redesigned or removed from thea product’s life span and identify protocols and certificates and creating marketweaknesses that might lead to the the required Technical Construction File Test results help in the developmentproduct’s failure. (TCF). and fine tuning of relevant national and international standards| your bEnEfitS | your bEnEfitS Our global network, extensive resources and expert knowledge of the retail lower costs associated with in you find out the real capacity of your industry give us the expertise to provide warranty and after sale product product large and small retailers with reliable failures you get a quality mark from SGS performance services. Retailers who higher brand recognition and you get benchmark information to purchase goods in large quantities, need increased consumer trust in your compare with your competitors to be sure all products in a lot meet their product. quality and durability expectations and those of
  11. 11. a SEcurESolution| gEt in touch with our ExpErtS worldwidEEuropE Sweden Korea t +35 89 696 3419 t +82 314 285 700ee.europe@sgs.comt +43 151 225 67 ext 137 Turkey Malaysia ee.malaysia@sgs.comBelgium t +90 212 368 4000 t: +603 512 123 20ee.belgium@sgs.comt +32 255 600 20 United Kingdom Philippines ee.philippines@sgs.comFinland t +44 191 377 2000 t +63 281 756 56ee.finland@sgs.comt +358 969 632 78 Singapore aSia ee.singapore@sgs.comFrance t +65 637 901 11 ext 271/ China-Guangzhout +33 141 248 748 Taiwan t +86 208 215 5432 ee.taiwan@sgs.comGermany t +886 222 993 279 ext China-Shanghait +49 231 982 295 45 Thailand t +86 216 115 2291 ee.thailand@sgs.comItaly t +66 229 474 China-Shenzhent +39 027 393 200 t +86 755 260 125 97 China-Tianjin ee.australia@sgs.comt +31 113 319 000 t +61 398 759 023 t +86 222 529 3899 ext Hong Kong north-amEricat +48 22 329 22 43 t +852 277 474 16 ee.northamerica@sgs.comRussia t +1 973 575 Indiat +7 495 775 4455 t +91 124 239 9990 ext 98 Japan ee.brasil@sgs.comt +34 933 203 600 t +55 115 504 8872 t +81 453 305 11
  12. 12. © 2010 SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA - All rights reserved - created by global CTS EE 2010/2nd Version12