SGS Battery Testing Flyer


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SGS Battery Testing Flyer

  1. 1. sgs battery testingenhancing battery performanceand qualitybenchmark your batteries’ enhance quality throughout theperformance supply chainMake sure your customers’ first Need third party verification of z ANSI C18.1M-1, C18.2M-1 andimpression of your private label batteries packaging, labelling and certifications. C18.3M-1 Performance Testingis a lasting one. SGS can provide Let us manage your supply chain? Our z IEC 61960-1 Performance Testingcomparison testing of your batteries reports provide a front page summary of z Battery Directive 2006/66/ECagainst national and international results to streamline your procurement Hazardous Substance Analysis andstandards to see how well you perform followed by a detailed report of our Capacityagainst industry accepted performance findings. SGS offers the following z Third Party Verification of Packaging,criteria. services related to batteries: Labeling and CertificationsWe can also provide side by side Alkaline AAA Discharge Curvescomparison data and continued 1.80validation on a frequent basis to makesupplier selection an easy task. This 1.60will prevent batteries that do not meetyour expectations from making it to 1.40your shelves, and ultimately into your BRAND Acustomers hands. 1.20 BRAND B 1.00 BRAND C 0.80 VOLTS 0.60
  2. 2. ensuring battery safety lithium-ion batteries why sgs? Over the years lithium-ion batteries have SGS is the world’s leading inspection, become the primary source of power verification, testing and certification for electronics and toys. One of the company. Recognized as the global advantages of lithium-ion batteries is benchmark for quality and integrity, we their ability to provide longer operation employ 64,000 people, and operate a times when compared to other battery network of more than 1,250 offices and chemistries. This capability can also laboratories around the world. raise concerns when it comes to safety. Lithium-Ion batteries are more likely We identify the applicable regulations to present dangers to the customer and standards for each of your specific when mishandled or not properly batteries and target markets. SGS can manufactured. Two of the primary risks help you reduce risk, improve efficiency to customers are fire and explosion. and ensure compliance to contractual or regulatory requirements in all your manufacturing, sourcing, distribution and lithium-ion safety testing retailing operations. z SGS can perform ALL of the SGS offers the following safety testing discharge applications specified in services related to lithium-ion batteries. the ANSI requirements, not just the z ANSI C18.3M-2 Safety Testing basic profiles that may be offered by z IEC 62133 Safety Testing our competitors. z UL 1642 Lithium Cell Safety Testing z SGS has the capacity to run multiple z UL 2054 Battery Safety Testing large testing projects, globally. z IEEE 1725 Battery Safety in Cellular z SGS has battery specialists that Phones monitor projects throughout the z IEEE 1625 Battery Safety in Mobile battery testing process. Computing Devices (Laptop and z SGS technical experts are active Netbook) industry committee members. sgs solutions for battery safety contact us To help you address battery safety To learn more about how SGS can help concerns, SGS offers safety testing and you, contact© 2011 SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA - All rights reserved factory auditing services to ensure your merchandise meets industry accepted criteria. SGS can also help you specify continued compliance sampling to capture any changes to the qualification lot.