Using Social Media to Reach Out Inexpensively


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Is a vanity URL really vain? Does your workplace need one on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter? Do you, personally? Is all this social media stuff just a fad, or here to stay? If you’re not using such websites in this tight economy you may want to reconsider, because these new avenues allow you to reach out to your community at low or no cost! This presentation shows that you shouldn't miss out on an opportunity to recruit, inform, collaborate, network, and market to your target audiences very inexpensively.

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  • Find me at all these /mcswainstarrett.
  • Emergency notificationsTragedies do happen. Esp. since VATech.Students check their Facebook more often than their school’s e-mail accounts. With tools like Facebook and Twitter, some schools are finding it easier and quicker to spread news during an emergency. Significant cost savings of using Twitter.Swine fluMajor EventsLive tweets during commencement, conferences, guest speakers - providing a place for the university community to engage and participate in the event as it’s happening. Live streaming video or collecting tweets during an event through a common hashtagPublicizing Good NewsHighlight their experts and theresources they make available to the publicDistributing selected news clips in a way that’s timely but that doesn’t run afoul of copyright rulesRepost U. news in MSM and use as a publishing tool in itself to connect directly with their audiences.Campus FiguresBusy deans and program directors who don’t have time to keep up a blog but can find time to put out 140 characters every so often
  • Ability to do ads, flyers, etc.Facebook enables nanotargeted advertising – incredible precision.We set up an “event” on Facebook. We could have also set up a Public Profile – a “Page.”We got 12,000 impressions among our students with a $3 ad buy. Not much else compares to that.
  • Make you more valuable at work.Connect with experts, share relevant links and articles with colleagues - Facebook allows you to do this but so does LinkedIn and Twitter.Search for common terms of interest and find people in similar situations, who write about similar activitiesPost a question to your followers on Twitter or to your friends on FB and watch the advice roll in! Open dialogue you didn’t even imagine.It is who you know. Make your resume easily searchable/findable. Use LinkedIn. You can also request endorsements and offer them to others. Keep your name top-of-mind with connectors and people who may be hiring. Remind people about what you do.Extend your sphere of influence.Raise your profile. Or your office, school, or department’s profile.Advertise for jobs – need some student interns for your office? Try FB advertising!Broaden your audience.Build rapport and trust; enable people to see the face behind the business of your school, office, department, program.Students will apply to, and staff will want to work at, a place where they like the people.Make sure that you capture the social media names you want to represent you (this is similar to the URL land grab of the late ’90s). Register your name & identity before someone else does! This is true on Twitter and Facebook particularly…Give people several different ways to find and connect with you, so that they can do what is easiest and most convenient for them.Foster collaboration.SlideShare, Google Tools, even sharing photos via Flickr for real-time collaboration and sharing of resources
  • Using Social Media to Reach Out Inexpensively

    1. 1. Navigating Social MediaUsing Your Online Presence to Reach Out Inexpensively <br />by Lauren McSwain-Starrett<br />Friday, March 19, 2010<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br /><ul><li> Are Vanity URLs Really Vain?
    3. 3. Ideas for Using Twitter at Work
    4. 4. Ideas for Using Facebook at Work
    5. 5. What Social Media Can Do Cheaply
    6. 6. Possible Costs & Benefits of Social Media
    7. 7. Where to Go From Here</li></li></ul><li>Are Vanity URLs Really Vain?<br />In a word, no!Why? SEO. (Search Engine Optimization.)<br />Search engines rank pages with relevant search terms in the URL higher.<br /><ul><li> You’re more likely to get the traffic you want – and your searchers more likely to find the “real” you – if you </li></ul> reserve your vanity URL on every social media site.<br /><ul><li>Examples:;;;, etc.
    8. 8. Consistency across platforms helps.</li></li></ul><li>Ideas for Using Twitter at Work<br />If email, phones, or the network are down,texts via Twitter can still get through.<br /><ul><li> Inform about your organization’s news, press coverage, downtimes or closings, job openings, etc.</li></ul>Twitter facilitates real-time conversations.<br /><ul><li> Facilitate group member discussions, customer service responses, etc.
    9. 9. Build a community during majorevents or conferences using agreed-upon hashtags(that way, all “tweets” on a topic can appear together)</li></li></ul><li>Case Study: Twitter Use at UVa<br />The University of Virginia uses Twitter in many of these ways…<br />
    10. 10. Ideas for Using Facebook at Work<br /><ul><li> Communicate with employees/staff in Groups
    11. 11. Share news, press coverage, downtimes or closings, job openings, etc. in Status Updates
    12. 12. Offer another channel to dialogue/provide </li></ul> customer service with users on the Wall<br /><ul><li> Manage complete life cycle of events using Event Pages
    13. 13. Link related organizational Fan Pagestogether
    14. 14. Publicize services using targeted Ads</li></li></ul><li>Case Study: Facebook Use at UVa<br />The University of Virginia uses Facebook in many of these ways…<br />Events<br />Fan Pages<br />Advertising<br />
    15. 15. Manage Life Cycle of Events<br />From sending out invitations, to managing RSVPs, to posting news before/during an event, to sharing stories and photos afterwards,you can do it all, from start to finish, using Events in Facebook! Here, UVa invited students to come to the Google Bus Tour.<br />
    16. 16. Link Related Fan Pages Together<br />Here, the University of Virginia’s main Fan Page uses “Favorite Pages” to link to other UVa-related Facebook pages that may be of interest to UVa “fans.”<br />
    17. 17. Targeted Advertising on Facebook<br />Make your ad using Facebook’s simple Ads interface.<br />Use the super-targeting to reach exactly who you want. For example, here UVa tailors an ad to reach current students majoring in engineering. This Facebook ad will reach 200 UVa students. <br />Set up your pricing; it will be very inexpensive.<br />
    18. 18. Targeted Advertising on Facebook,cont.<br />Facebook provides analytics info on how your ad performed so you can track what works and what doesn’t.<br />Here, in this ad (on the right), UVa got almost 13,000 impressions with 4 clickthroughs over just 4 days — all for just $3.00!<br />Advertising on Facebook is one of the least expensive ways your organization can reach out to your target audiences.<br />
    19. 19. What Social Media Can Do (Cheaply)<br />Broaden your audience.<br />Build awareness of your services<br />Improve SEO (search engine optimization), ensuring “the real you” is easily found<br />Offer a place for a two-way dialogue with your users<br />Extend your sphere of influence.<br />Promote services, special events<br />Maintain a recruiting channel to find needed talent<br />Inform about industry news & trends, get advice<br />Foster collaboration.<br />Connect geographically separated people<br />Share news, presentations, docs, images, resources<br />
    20. 20. Costs & Benefits of Social Media<br /><ul><li> Benefits
    21. 21. Protect your brand
    22. 22. Be more easily findable (Engaging with your users on the sites where they already are)
    23. 23. Conduct outreach a very low (or no) $ cost
    24. 24. Possible Costs
    25. 25. Time, yes, but not money! Most tools are free and only advertising costs; updating/monitoring do take time though.
    26. 26. Privacy, perhaps?Cautious use manages this.
    27. 27. Message control maybe? Negative comments and/or misinformation can be carefully handled when they occur.</li></li></ul><li>Where to Go From Here<br /><ul><li> If you’re prepared for the possible costs and ready to reap the many benefits, get your organization on social media, now!
    28. 28. Use one or many platforms, alone or together, to reach out to your audiences very inexpensively. Just don’t fail to leverage a major communication tool.
    29. 29. Reserve your vanity URL(s) if you haven’t already.</li>