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From post its to personas


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Published in: Technology

From post its to personas

  1. 1. from post its to personas Lee McIvor
  2. 2. or how we get from this...
  3. 3. to these...
  4. 4. so what do we need?
  5. 5. data!
  6. 6. single-case analysis Pick out behavourial traits from your research data: What do they do? Why? How does it make them feel? How do they think it works? What are they trying to achieve?
  7. 7. cross-case analysis Find the patterns: Affinity sort Find behavioural continua or “scales” Review & revise
  8. 8. pattern matching Map your feedback to your scales: Relative positions matter, not exact positions Show relationship between participants on scales Are there patterns of affinity between participants? Can you rationalise any patterns?
  9. 9. don’t panic!! At this stage you may be thinking... This looks complicated! I don’t have time for this... What if the patterns aren’t clear?
  10. 10. this looks complicated! It’s pretty straightforward once you’ve done it once or twice... plus it’s worth the effort!
  11. 11. I don’t have time for this! This can usually be done in a day or two... though as usual “it depends”
  12. 12. what if the patterns aren’t clear? Have you recruited correctly? Have you analysed the data at the right depth? Do you have the right scales? Not all behaviours will correlate - people are unique!
  13. 13. define goals You have the behavioural patterns, but there’s more... What does the persona want to achieve with your service or product? What does the persona want to achieve in their career / business? What do they want to feel when they use your product? Your data should be able to provide these...
  14. 14. now for the personas! You should now have everything you need... Behavioural traits Why your personas differ Why your personas are representative How they relate to your original research
  15. 15. don’t forget scenarios... But that’s a topic for another day...
  16. 16. some resources The inmates are running the asylum - Alan Cooper Designing for the digital age - Kim Goodwin About Face 3.0 - Cooper, Reimann & Cronin
  17. 17. thank you! Lee McIvor @leemcivor