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Photography Assignment

  1. 1. Daisy Gilardini By Grace Ong Class ANN3A
  2. 2. What she is most known for? Most important (or most famous) work? Her work received awards such as IPA International Photography Award BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Photography Master Award Travel Photography of the Year Nature’s Best BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year was consider as the “Oscars” of nature photography photo contests. Her work is known for the wildlife in Antarctica and the Arctic.
  3. 3. Nature’s Best International Photography Award in 2008 Highly honored and Exhibited at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington DC
  4. 4. Traveler Photography of the Year in 2004 Winner of the Living Planet that came in 2nd place.
  5. 5. Style of photography. Has their style change over the course of their career? She visited 65 over countries before falling in love with Antarctica and spent most of her time in the Polar regions. From there she spent most of her time in the Artic area taking photos of scenery and animals.
  6. 6. Contribution to the field of photography? Her passion for the natural world grew into a lifelong commitment spread messages around the world to respect and care for our fragile planet. These are the publications she did for magazine companies.
  7. 7. How has his/her work influence or make a positive change? She dedicated herself to help the environment. In the fall of 2009, she was a member of the Emerging League of iLCP, the International League of Conservation Photographers. She also joined “The Explorer’s Club”, which is an honor reserved and they help contribute to the scientific knowledge in the geographical exploration and other sciences.
  8. 8. How does he/she make a living? (assignment, stock photo, prints, workshops, etc) She offers assignments to others to join her in a journey to photographing in the Arctic and many other places. She also has a book called Polar Wonders. She sells prints with many different sizes. She also sponsors many different brands like Nikon, Energizer, The North Face, etc.
  9. 9. Special techniques used ( like lighting, color, black and white, etc.) Many of her photos are under natural lighting and many are close up views. Her close up views mainly show a lot of emotion from the creatures, the distant shots are to show action or their physical appearance, both their natural colors or shadows.
  10. 10. How distinguish his/her work from others? The photographer I’ve chosen, loves to have her shots either taken at a distance or really up close to the face or body of the animal. Most of her work deals with saving the planet and the animals on it. So her photos are mainly on National Geographic, Nature’s Best, and all sorts of Wildlife Magazines.
  11. 11. How do you respond to the photographer’s work? What did you learn from him/her? The up close shots of the animals is what drew me to her photos, the expressions of the animals (when they aren’t fierce), and the different features in every single animal.
  12. 12. Close up views help to see the expressions on the creatures face, especially the details of their facial structure.
  13. 13. Rules of third, the bear is not directly in the center, therefore we can see a bit of their surroundings.
  14. 14. The point of interest leads us to the bear, the camera angle taken of the bear is against the sunlight, making the it look very dark.
  15. 15. The close up shot shows the texture of the bird, how smooth its feathers are on their body, and the details of the beak.
  16. 16. References