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Large scale vs mosaic magement


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Dynamic Dunes Congress 2015
Workshop: Large scale vs mosaic magement - Marten Annema

Published in: Environment
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Large scale vs mosaic magement

  1. 1. Mosaic-management in the Middel- en Oostduinen Dynamic Dunes Oktober 2015 Marten Annema
  2. 2. Contents of my presentation • Area • Ambition • Management • Results
  3. 3. Rotterdam Goeree-Overflakkee Middel- en Oostduinen
  4. 4. Dune area 205 hectare (mainly grey dunes) Water collection area (sandbed <4 meter) Lime poor to calcareous Many gradients in short distance Middelduinen Oostduinen
  5. 5. Many gradients in a short distance
  6. 6. Problem • Dessication of vulnerable vegetation • Shrub- and grass encroachment • Water supply • Draining neighbourhood • Eutrophication: by infiltration water by N-deposition • lack of management • collapse of rabbit population
  7. 7. Ambition of recovery management • Restoration of grey dunes and duneslacks • Sufficient drinkwater for the area • No sand drift on large scale
  8. 8. Restoration- and management measures Middel- en Oostduinen Restoration measures Management measures
  9. 9. Mowing frequency Middel- en Oostduinen We learned: Dry, undisturbed, dune vegetations only need grazing Calcareous dune slacks need (first 20 years?) extra mowing
  10. 10. Relation red-list species vascular plants and management measures Mozaïc management leads to a quick return of typical species, even in an intensively used water supply area
  11. 11. Question: Do decalcified dune slacks need sod-cutting every 40 years? Statement: Large scale management leeds to the same biodiversity as mosaic management, it only lasts longer.