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Client Letters of Recommendation


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Client Letters of Recommendation

  1. 1. BeA Fasteners USA, Inc. 2100-120 Fairfax Rd Greensboro, NC 27407 (336)-510-4232 (336)-510-4233 FAX September 8, 2010Skyline Exhibits & Events / The Holt GroupScott Vines403 Westcliff RoadGreensboro, NC 27409Scott:I would like to thank you and the team at Skyline Exhibits & Events for providing exceptionalservice to BeA Fasteners USA since 2003. Your personal commitment to making our trade shows asuccess continuously exceeds our expectations. Year after year, our team has learned to depend onthe flexibility of your system, the ease of set-up and transport as well as your dedication to BeA as aclient.You have become a trusted resource and partner from the moment you began consulting us in 2003.Your enthusiasm for the product and dedication to providing BeA with timely and efficient solutionsmade the decision to choose Skyline Exhibits & Events easy.The key factors for choosing to work with you and Skyline Exhibits & Events were your in-depthproduct knowledge, dedication to our needs and requirements, as well as your ability to supply BeA withan innovative design solution within the means of our budget. Throughout the years we have learned toappreciate the high levels of service you repeatedly provide. Such as overnight emergency deliveries forour 2006 trade show in Las Vegas.I would like to specifically thank you for the extraordinary service that you provided at the InternationalWoodworking Fair in Atlanta in August of 2010. Even though we are now experienced in setting up ourMirage display and Stratus table, you took the time to personally ensure that the entire display was set-up properly and provided guidance on how to enhance our prospect’s experience in the BeA booth.We at BeA are very satisfied and happy to be your client and are looking forward to a long-lastingrelationship.Sincerely,Sebastian RissmannNational Sales Manager
  2. 2. www.AstroTurfU       Wedn nesday, Sept tember 1, 20010     Kim, I wannted to take this opportu unity to than nk you and y your team at t Skyline for the fantastic work you did on our new tradeshow exh hibit. I appreciate you taking the time to listen to o our nneeds and he elp us figure out exactly what was needed to ma ake our tradde show opera ations a succ cess. I am noow proud to stand on th he show room m floor, knowing that our ddisplay matches the qual lity and pres stige of our ccompany.   I also o want to thaank you for yyour patiencce and profe essionalism. While we ha ad some internnal delays, y you made the process ru un seamless. . And when iit was show time, your Installation and DDismantle teeam were top notch. The e booth was up and read dy to go befor re we even mmade it to th he show site e and we had d no worries s once the sh how ended. Havinng that piecee of mind wa as invaluablee and we loo ok forward to many mor re worry‐freee show ws, thanks to Skyline!   Thank you again for all your help.   Sinceerely,   Melis ssa Longo        2680 Abutment Ro oad, Dalton, GA 30721 Main: 8 800.723.8873
  3. 3. SMALLHD, LLCPO Box 5186Cary, NC 27512-5186Dear Melissa,Being SmallHDʼs very first trade show, getting to NAB seemed like a major mountain forus to climb—that is until we gave you guys a call.By completely compensating for our lack of experience and having answers to our vastarray of questions, you were able to take much of the stress and concern away from theentire process even under tight deadlines. As a result, we were able to focus more onour specific tasks during the show rather than being distracted by all the details andregulations regarding our boothʼs design and installation. In addition, the support youprovided throughout the show was invaluable. Itʼs hard to put a price on the comfort wereceived from working with such an experienced group of people.The booth looked amazing, by the way. It stood out so much that neighboring boothswere happy to be near us because of the traffic we were generating.Thanks again and we look forward to working with you in the future!Kind Regards,Weston PhillipsCo-Owner / CEOSmallHD, LLC
  4. 4. Draka Elevator Products 2151 North Church Street Rocky Mount, NC 27804Skyline Exhibits and Events403 Westcliff RoadGreensboro, NC 27409June 15th, 2010Mr. Mike Criscuolo,I am writing to you today to extend my appreciation for the strong partnership that Skyline hasforged with Draka over the past several years. Such partnerships are always important, butespecially so now with the unique challenges of the current business environment. I want tothank you for all that you and your team does to make Draka successful.I have worked with Skyline over the past four years literally everywhere in the world. You andyour team have supported us at trade shows in the United States (NAEC), China (World Elevator& Escalator Expo), Brazil (Expo Elevador), and Germany (Interlift) to name just a few. Thesupport we have received from the local teams in each of these locations has been absolutelysuperb. I also know that you have supported other Draka divisions in various locations.One of the more beneficial activities that we have done together was when you and othermembers of your team spent several days at Draka in Rocky Mount, NC to learn about ourbusiness and products. This provided a great opportunity for team building and provided yourteam with an excellent overview of Draka’s vast product offerings.Beyond support with trade shows, you and your team have also been very instrumental in thedesign and production of many of our product displays. I recall vividly sitting with Doug Jonesfor many hours during the design phase of our Chinese displays, always impressed by his level oftalent and commitment. Those displays were used at the last two trade show events in LangfangCity, China.Finally, I would be remiss if I did not specifically mention Kim Waddell as a major factor in thesuccess we have enjoyed over the past several years. Her responsiveness and attention to detailtruly set her apart and makes working with Skyline a sincere pleasure. I very much look forwardto working with her again at this year’s NAEC.Again, thank you. You have a terrific team and I look forward to our continued partnership.Douglas BabcockProduct Marketing Manager Draka Elevator Products 2151 North Church Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina 27804
  5. 5. Brooke Collins404 Edwardia Dr.Greensboro, NC 27409September 23, 2009Danielle NaplesMarketing ConsultantSkyline ExhibitsDear Danielle:Our team just returned from our convention last night and I wanted to let you know howwonderful it went. Our booth went over better than expected and your team in Orlandowas outstanding whenever we had a need. We passed your name along to many peoplewho asked who helped us with our booth. It was perfect! We had a great location sincewe increased the size of our booth this year and had more traffic than usual – which willhopefully turn into more sales!Thank you for all of your help and your teams – we truly believe it was worth theinvestment. We are looking forward to working with you more in the future.Sincerely,Brooke CollinsVice President of Marketing
  6. 6. Andersen Products, Inc. Health Science Park 3202 Caroline DriveAn ISO 13485 certified company Haw River, NC 27258 USA Tyson Harton Marketing Consultant Skyline Exhibits & Events 403 Westcliff Road Greensboro, NC 27409Dear Tyson,I would like to thank you and all of the Skyline Personal that helped make our trade show booth “dream” a reality.There were so many extenuating factors that you and had to over come to help us. The day that you and Mikecame to our facility was just 2 weeks before a trade show that we needed to really make an impact at. I am in awewith the fact that you and Skyline made the deadline. I also want to comment on your ability to listen to so manypeople at one time. In our meeting there were at least 5 different opinions flying around and 5 very strongpersonalities that at times really butted heads. You were able to listen to us and bring our ideas together and thatis not a talent that many people posses. You were also extremely easy to get a hold of. I can’t tell you how manytimes I have done business with someone and once the order has been placed I have problems getting my callsreturned or my concerns addressed, that didn’t happen with you.As we are a fairly small company we really depend on the exposure that we get from trade show attendance. Ourmarketing focuses mainly on this method. We attend about 22 shows per year and get at least 65% of our yearlyleads from this show attendance. This is how vital we see our trade shows being, thus the way we showcase ourcompany at these events needs to stand apart and above our competitors. With the 3 panel booth that Skylinemade for us we definitely stand apart and above other exhibiting companies. We have had several exhibitorscomment on the impact and presence of the booth. Another point that I absolutely love about the booth is the easeof shipping, installation and dismantling. The sales representatives who attend the trade show are the “installcrew”. You and Skyline have not only provided Andersen Products with an amazing booth but the ability to installand break down with ease and in a timely fashion. I have several shows coming up that the dates overlap;everyone wants “the good booth” at their show.Again I would like to thank you for all of the hard work that you did to get Andersen Products this booth. I haverecommended your company to everyone who asks for trade show advice. I look forward to working with you andSkyline for many years to come.Sincerely;Maria T. ZinkMaria T. ZinkSales and Marketing Coordinator
  7. 7. February 19, 2008Dear Jeff:I wanted to write to express my thanks for your help in our recent exhibit purchase. Fromthe time of our first contact all the way through the process, you and Skyline wereincredible helpful and I was always impressed with your responsiveness.I came into the process knowing somewhat what we as a Foundation wanted for ourvarious displays. Although you showed me other options, I never felt pushed to make adecision I was uncomfortable with. Your description of the product played out exactlywhen we used it for the first time.At our first show, our display was easy to set up, the graphics were dynamic, and our boothdefinitely had a drawing effect on people. Based on your advice, our design was simple butcatching and people could easily identify with our mission.I know that this was your first sale, and I wanted to say congratulations! Know that yourfirst customer is very satisfied and we look forward to continuing to work with Skyline inthe future.Thank you,Aron HallDirector Services 8601 Six Forks Road Suite 400 Raleigh, NC 27615 Tel 919.882.2152 Fax 919.882.2155
  8. 8. MAXIMUM ADVANTAGE-CAROLINAS 2166 Gold Hill Rd, Suite C-3, Fort Mill, SC 29708 Tel: 803-802-3010 Fax: 803-802-3012 E-mail: www.maxgrind.comMonday, October 27, 2008Mr. Michael CriscuoloSKYLINE EXHIBITS & EVENTS403 Westcliff RoadGreensboro, NC 27409Dear Michael: Denise Cottom asked if we would be willing to write you concerning our recentexperience having Skyline design and coordinate our booth for IMTS in Chicago. It was agenuine pleasure working with Denise. She is both knowledgable and helpful and was alwayswilling to go the extra mile on our behalf. She explained everything and anticipated ourquestions and requirements. I was especially happy with the fast turnaround from idea tosubstance. Once at Chicago, we received many compliments on the appearance of our booth.Our long term customers were very impressed with its professionalism. We decided at the showto follow through with the purchase of the hanging ring and we feel that it will prove to be agood investment. We believe that the booth will more than pay for itself through the quality of theleads which it helped generate. We has approximately 25% more leads than we got two yearsago and the individual potnetial sutomers were comprised of many more actual decisionmakers.SincerelySharon J. VasherSales Coordinator “TAKE IT TO THE MAX”
  9. 9. Digital Healthcare Inc.343 S. White StreetWake Forest, NC 27587Office: 919-554-9650Fax: 919-435-5277May 27, 2008Skyline Exhibits and Events600 Airport BlvdSte 1300Morrisville, NC 27560Dear Sir or Madam:Now that our new trade show display project is complete, I wanted to take thisopportunity on behalf of Digital Healthcare’s staff to thank Skyline Exhibits & Events forthe outstanding job your company did on our exhibit. It was a time sensitive projectrequiring a lot of detail, design choices and revisions. As a result, we now have a sharp,high impact display of which our trade show and marketing staff are very proud.We particularly want to thank Jeff Wallace, who was our account manager from SkylineExhibits & Events. We enjoyed working with him throughout our project, and weregrateful for his insight and knowledge many times throughout this process. When wehave any need for trade show and event assets in the future, we will definitely requestthat Jeff Wallace be assigned to assist us with our plans.Many thanks to Jeff and the entire Skyline Exhibits & Events team. We highlyrecommend Skyline and look forward to working with them again as soon as the needarises!Sincerely,Scott SannerSr. Vice President
  10. 10. Daedong-USA, Inc. KIOTI Tractor Division 6300 Kioti Dr. Wendell NC, 27591 ▪ (919) 374-5100 ▪ Fax (919) 374-5001 April 10, 2008Ms. Kimberly WaddellMarketing ConsultantSkyline Exhibits & Events600 Airport Blvd., Ste. 1300Morrisville, North Carolina 27560Dear Kim:I take this opportunity to thank you and all of the others at Skyline for your work and for the manner inwhich our new tradeshow display was designed and produced. Skyline faced a very tight schedule todesign and build the display for KIOTI and you did so with an exceptionally high level of professionalismand timeliness.When we first approached Skyline about a concept for our display, one of our key objectives was that thedesign of the display should be welcoming and open to all who would see it. We wanted a display thattruly had no front or back sides and that would have as much visual impact from any side or any angle.We also wanted a display that would make a statement about our brand and about the commitment thatKIOTI Tractor Division of Daedong-USA, Inc. has to the North American market.Skyline met all of these objectives in the open and easy flow that our display presents to visitors and inthe visual impact of the high quality graphics and the placement of the KIOTI logo and tagline. Theaddition of two revolving carousels assures that anyone within sight of our display will have a strongimage of our brand and an idea of our commitment to our marketplace.Statements made by other exhibitors, including some of our strongest competition, were very positive andcomplementary of the layout and the execution. As a matter of fact, I personally feel that they were agood bit jealous of what KIOTI and Skyline achieved in this display. Comments from our dealers whoeither saw the display at its debut in Louisville, Kentucky or in photographs have also been very positiveand tinged with the pride that they feel as a dealer.KIOTI views our investment in this display as a long term investment in the promotion of the KIOTIbrand and the high quality of the products we distribute. In this sense, the display echoes all that KIOTIis and reinforces the manner in which KIOTI should be recognized as a decidedly professional companywith superior quality products and a determined commitment to our customers. Like Skyline, KIOTITractor Division believes that service after the sale is the key to our future success. Sincerely, Ronald A. Parrish Market Development Manager
  11. 11. Ms. Kim WaddellSkyline Exhibits & Events600 Airport BlvdSte 1300Morrisville, NC 27560Dear Kim:Kudos to you and your team at Skyline for the creation of The American Society ofEchocardiography’s new public education campaign booth! The new look is fresh,attention-grabbing and further enhances our brand image.As a repeat customer of Skyline, we again found our tradeshow booth creation processto exceed our expectations from every angle. From the prompt business proposal afterour initial meeting, to the creative and artistic design from your graphic team, to thecustomer service we received from both yourself (our project representative) and yourbilling department, the experience was exceptional.Once again, you and your team at Skyline delivered a high-quality and attractive tradeshow booth on-time, on-budget and in-line with our vision. The new look is a keycomponent to our public outreach campaign and will certainly help us stand out on theshow floor.Thank you for your hard work and great customer service.We look forward to working with you again in the future.Best Regards,Jessica FactorMarketing DirectorThe American Society of Echocardiography
  12. 12. Corporate Office: 420-B Gallimore Dairy Road Greensboro, NC 27409 336-834-8775 888-WPI-0001 FAX 336-856-2945 May 8, 2008 Danielle M. Naples Marketing Consultant Skyline Exhibits & Events 403 Westcliff Rd. Greensboro NC 27409 Office: 336-668-2770 Fax: 336-668-4896 Danielle, I would like to thank you for your work, and the work of the Skyline team to meet the aggressive deadlines we had for our national conference. Your professionalism, accompanied with the accurate flow of information was impeccable. From quote, to proofs, to final product delivery date, every step was accurate. This is the second set of floor displays Skyline has completed for us, and we are simply thrilled. We are especially pleased with the revolving display Skyline did. That display gets many comments from fellow vendors; in fact you should be getting a constant flow of leads, because I proudly mention that Skyline did this display for us! Thanks again, and when and if we need another display, we will not hesitate to contact Skyline Exhibits & Events! Regards, Jim Kurzec Sales & Marketing ManagerHearing Conservation • Mobile Testing Services • Workplace Applications Software • Equipment • INTEGRAfit • Training A member of WORKPLACE GROUP
  13. 13. 1305 NAVAJO DRIVE, RALEIGH, NC 27609 919.327.1005 919.954.4898 faxJanuary 11, 2008To whom it may concern,We just recently had the pleasure of doing business with Skyline Exhibits andEvents. Michael Criscuolo and Kim Waddell have been an absolute joy to workwith from the start.Everything we ordered was completed and delivered ahead of the time weexpected and the quality of the work was immediately apparent. Kim Waddelldemonstrated over and over that it was her obligation to go above and beyondfor her clients. Several months after the products were delivered andcomplete, Kim still assists us with setup, questions and maintains aphenomenal business relationship.If you are looking for an exceptional exhibit and events company, I hope youwill contact Kim Waddell so you too can share an experience like ours.To your success,Bryan Michael HamiltonDirector of Marketing and CirculationTriangle Business Journalbmhamilton@bizjournal.com919.327.1007
  14. 14. Thoughtful Commentsfrom Our Clients“Everything arrived safe and sound. We assembled the unit and everything fits and looks great.”Thanks! A Division of Curtiss-Wright Flow Controls Company“We just recently had the pleasure of doing business with Skyline Exhibits and Events. Michael Criscuolo and KimWaddell have been an absolute joy to work with from the start.Everything we ordered was completed and delivered ahead of the time we expected and the quality of the workwas immediately apparent. Kim Waddell demonstrated over and over that it was her obligation to go above andbeyond for her clients. Several months after the products were delivered and complete, Kim still assists us withsetup, questions and maintains a phenomenal business relationship.If you are looking for an exceptional exhibit and events company, I hope you will contact Kim Waddell so you toocan share an experience like ours. ”To your success, Triangle Business Journal“We heard nothing but great feedback from everyone! You guys did a fantastic job, thanks you so much foreverything!” Billy Graham Ministries“ I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance with our companys first functional booth atan ITSEC Conference. Before this year we had always done the 10x10 info booths provided by show manage-ment. Your booth suggestions for our 20x20 space helped us establish our simulation credentials with manyattendees. The setup crew you supplied where extremely cooperative, especially helping us track down ambientlight leaks that I never accounted for. These leaks would have been very apparent in the visual presentation wewere showing. The show was extremely successful for us especially in making our capability known to the flightsimulation community, a market we are trying to penetrate. I have attached some photos of the booth fromdifferent perspectives. I look forward to meeting with you and discuss our plans for ITSEC 09. ” Display Solutions Page 1
  15. 15. Thoughtful Commentsfrom Our Clients“Just a quick note to say THANK YOU! Brad from SC Johnson called me this afternoon as the event ended… andraved about not only our kiosk but the service technician’s professionalism and all his help. The Service Techwent above and beyond in the clients eyes and I really appreciate that! Thanks again and I will be sure to tellBusiness Development“It was a genuine pleasure working with Skyline. They are both knowledgeable and helpful and was alwayswilling to go the extra mile on our behalf. They explained everything and anticipated our questions andrequirements. We were especially happy with the fast turnaround from idea to substance. Once at Chicago,we received many compliments on the appearance of our booth. Our long term customers were veryimpressed with its professionalism. We decided at the show to follow through with the purchase of the hang-ing ring and we feel that it will prove to be a good investment. We believe that the booth will more than payfor itself through the quality of the leads which it helped to generate. We had approximately 25% more leadsthan we got two years ago and the individual potential customers were comprised of many more actual deci-sion makers.”Sincerly, Maximum Advantage - Carolinas“Our previous tradeshow house was challenging to work with for our two large events in Europe (ChemSpec and CPhIevents). He was late on deadlines and would “wing it” at the last minute. “ ...and graphic panels to approve before deadlines. Paperwork for each event was submitted in time. Advice onin our mind. Depending on the outcome we were going to let Skyline do the second event (CPhI) a few monthsthe previous tradeshow house commented that the Skyline product was professional and we should use Skylinefor the second event. He recognized the cost savings and the advantages of working with Skyline.I attended CPhI in Frankfurt Germany. The crew used for set up and take down was punctual and professional.The booth was set up completely by the pre-show deadline I suggested. At that meeting only a few changeswere requested and some suggestions made by the set up crew were also implemented. The breakdown crewarrived exactly on time and handled extra boxes that I wanted to ship back to the US that I had not previouslycommunicated.After the show, the sales person come for a “follow up” meeting to talk about changes and suggestions for 2009.Most of the time I have had to initiate these follow up meetings and previously they did not always happen.with our previous tradeshow house and delivered without mistakes. Other annual tradeshow events planned byFMC Lithium and previously handled by another tradeshow house are also being converted over to SkylineExhibits and Events.” FMC Lithium Page 2
  16. 16. Thoughtful Commentsfrom Our Clients“ The show was a big success for us and the booth worked out great! ” Swantech“Just wanted to let you know that our banner stand arrived today and we love it! It looks great and the assem-bly was very easy. I just wanted to formerly thank you again for all of your help. As I mentioned before, I wasvery impressed with how quickly you responded to my inquiry and got us started on this project, especiallysince we were on such a time crunch. I was very new to this process and appreciated your patience and takingthe time to answer all my questions throughout the process. It was quite a relief to have found a company thatcould be so flexible and turn out a quality product so quickly. The fact that you are nearby is great too. As youknow, my boss has already expressed an interest in purchasing more graphics in the future so I will definitelylet you know when we decide to pursue that.”Thanks for everything! NC State University - Registration and Records“Our Chicago Show was a huge success. Our booth kicked butt compared to a majority of the people. We hadthe top two software booths out of five software companies there. The #1 had spot light things going on and allthat jazz. They have a nice product and have been in business for around 30 years. People kept commentingabout our booth. We only signed up one member but we had national newspaper people coming over on thethird day. We had other software companies coming over wanting us to try and integrate with their applica-tions. For this to be our 1st show, 1st time exposure, it was phenomenal!!!”“I am getting ready to send you info regarding a booth we need for a show in New York.”“Just wanted to personally Thank You for everything. We look like players, felt like players and, as far as ourbooth stuff, it all went very smooth.”“ What a pleasure it is to work with Skyline Again!!! Rest assured we will be contacting you in the future for anyof our tradeshow booth needs. Thank you again. Tolas Page 3
  17. 17. Thoughtful Commentsfrom Our ClientsI wanted to tell you that the Charlotte show went GREAT!!!! The I & D team was great and I hope that is the samefor all her future shows. If all the I & D teams did what they did, they set up all our tiered shelves and opened allour boxes so it was all ready to go when we got there. Thanks for everything! Hommer Tool“Your professionalism, accompanied with the accurate flow of information was impeccable. From quote, toproofs, to final product delivery date, every step was accurate. This is the second set of floor displays Skylinehas completed for us, and we are simply thrilled. We are especially pleased with the revolving display Skylinedid. That display gets many comments from fellow vendors; in fact you should be getting a constant flow ofleads, because I proudly mention that Skyline did this display for us! Thanks again, and when and if we needanother display,we will not hesitate to contact Skyline Exhibits & Events”Regards, Workplace INTEGRA “A quick note to thank you and the other members of the Skyline team for helping Ajinomoto Aminosciencesignificantly improve our presence in the Biotech and Nutrition Industry. The booth designed primarily for theSupply Side West meeting was strategically on target and achieved the communication objective we had set forthe meeting. Several senior members of Ajinomoto management attended the meeting, including a boardmember from Japan, and we were very complimentary of the booth design and impressed with the trafficgenerated. ” “From an execution perspective we were very pleased with the development process. All the designelements were delivered as promised and the finished booth was ready for review as promised. Local Ajino-moto management was very pleased with the timely fashion in which Skyline delivered as promised. Frankly it’sa pleasure to work with an organization that delivers on the promises they make.” “The smaller ”pop-up” booth developed for the Biotech meetings has also been a major success. The salespeople really like the convenience and quality of the design. We look forward to a continued relationship withSkyline to build presence in Ajinomoto’s key markets.Regards, Ajinomoto U.S.A. Inc.“Thank you for creating such an informative presence in our corporate office that shows visitors, customers andemployees our products, how our products are used and the long term benefits received. The corporate displayyour firm conceptualized, built and installed for us surpassed our expectations. The creativity you developedbased on our direction was beyond what we could have imagined. The materials were of the highest qualityand within our budget for the project. Your time frame for delivery was also within our deadline. Thank you forbeing in tune with our direction and wowing us. We unveiled our display at a corporate function yesterday andwe are still hearing accolades on such a beautiful display. We look forward to working with you again in thefuture.”Sincerely, GreenFiber Pa Page Page 4
  18. 18. Thoughtful Commentsfrom Our Clients“We love the booth! It was very successful at the show and I wanted to thank you for getting things taken careof so quickly. We are taking the booth to several extremely important shows within the next 2 months and Iknow that it will help our company get the traffic and response that we have been unable to achieve with ourprevious displays. Many thanks to Skyline!” Andersen Products, Inc.“Just a quick note to say thank you for your hospitality last week. It is terrific working with a group of peoplewho show a high level of professionalism as you do. I look forward to our continued work together.” Draka Elevator Products, Inc.“With help from Skyline, we just finished a trade show display for one of our most important clients, WesternWood Products. In 2007 we planned, designed and implemented 21 projects for them including this trade showdisplay.” “Id like to strongly commend Tyson Harton and Kelly DAndrea for their help in this project. We communi-cated more with Tyson but both were vital to the success and Tyson couldnt have been more accommodating.He was very responsive, professional, communicated well and I feel went above & beyond to make this projectsmooth and top notch for us and our client.”“I have no doubt that well use Skyline again in the future.”sincerely, King’s English“After seeing the booth this week, we are completely excited and can’t wait to see it in action, working for us atour show! We were thrilled at the simplicity of the booth construction and the apparent ease of the set-up andtake-down process that we will now have.” Southern Anesthesia & Surgical“I just wanted to let you know that we have been using the new banners you guys printed for us and we abso-lutely love them. Your company has been so responsive and attentive to our needs and we appreciate it. I canttell you how pleased we are with the final product(s). Weve been to 3 conferences over the past 2 weeks andthe response has been very positive to our booth set-ups. Thanks for all your work on these.” Jackson Group Interactive Page Page 5 ge
  19. 19. Thoughtful Commentsfrom Our Clients“Things went superbly! No glitches - no problems - no anxiety! The guys putting up and taking down thebooth were awesome! They were fast, efficient and really nice. Our booth was one of the first ones up and firstones down. The graphics looked good, the 3 selling stations(with CPUs and monitors) worked really well andwe didnt have to sell our soul to get it. It looked great and it felt great. Thank you very much and well see youagain next year.” Education and Training Systems, International“The exhibit booth looks wonderful!!! I am so pleased with it! Of course putting it together for the first time atthe show site was a little humorous. Thanks for the rush and your hard work on getting this to me before theshow! I recommended Skyline to several different people at the show.” Comporium“Many thanks for the support and customer service you provided to my unit from March until May of 2007.You always delivered a high level of professionalism and customer service. In addition to dealing with ourchanging requirements and ever-shifting timelines, you often enhanced our basic ideas with your ownadvanced subject knowledge and experience. Your creative solutions to our problems enhanced the profession-alism of our display. Overall, your support directly contributed to our display and enhanced our ability to com-municate our message. And, you made sure to work within our budget constraints!” HHC, 97th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne)“Weve had the best time working with you as well! Thank you for all of your hard work and expertise. Thedisplay looks great and I cant wait for you to see it with the furniture in tact--it will be very inviting! Do knowthat any chance we have to incorporate your products into our events and marketing concepts we will certainlydo just that!” JKS Motorsports“It looks great! I have to tell you too that our CEO of the company (based in Georgia) saw them and was veryimpressed! Thanks so much! I’ll be in touch with some more orders soon!”Ps. “The set up wasn’t too bad either!!” Piedmont Imaging Page 6
  20. 20. Thoughtful Commentsfrom Our Clients“We received our display today......It is AWESOME!!! I am excited about using it soon. Thanks for yourhelp and patience. We will probably contact you about banner stands at the beginning of next year.Thanks again Sandhills Community College“Thank you for all your help with our bannerstands! We really like them. I appreciate your patiencewith us in finding a picture and getting all our text together. Great service! We appreciate it.” Bessire & Associates“Just wanted to respond to you about our TechNet trade show in DC. Everything went really well. Wegot to the show a little late on Sunday at 3:30 PM. We had the entire booth setup within an hour beforethe 5 PM deadline which also left us time to go walk the National Mall and see the memorials. Thebooth went up really smoothly. The picture drew a lot of stares and admiration. We even had twoartists that were working at the show stop by and take pictures of it as they were enthralled with howthe 2D picture looked like the plane was in motion. We also had a couple of active duty F15 and Harrierjet pilots stop by and just stare at it for awhile. We got 12 solid leads out of it, any one of which wouldpay for the entire show. Also, we had three other calls in the area on the next day which were wellworth it. Thank you for taking the time to come over to show me how to set up the backdrop.Sincerely, Salem Automation Inc.“Weve had the best time working with you as well! Thank you for all of your hard work and expertise. Thedisplay looks great and I cant wait for you to see it with the furniture in tact--it will be very inviting! Do knowthat any chance we have to incorporate your products into our events and marketing concepts we will certainlydo just that!” JKS Motorsports“We used our new Skyline exhibit for the first time last week at a conference in Wrightsville Beach. It was easilytransported, erected and displayed. Thank you for your assistance.” Carolina Wetland Services, Inc. Page 7
  21. 21. Thoughtful Commentsfrom Our Clientssure working with you all. The level of service and professionalism your company provides really makes the“I wanted to express my sincere thanks for the many hours it took to get our booths just right. They look greatand our associates are already enjoying them! I truly appreciate your help during this major project!” First Citizens Bank“There are things in business that I expect to meet certain expectations. As a business owner, I expect thecompanies that I work with and refer my clients to, to perform at the same high standards that CAC does. Sowhen I work with a company like Skyline Exhibits & Events on a project of the magnitude that PolarTrac is, Iexpect the very best. However, in the case of this rendering that you sent us, I think that The your designershave far exceeded our expectations on this portion of the project! Your renderings were EXACTLY like what weenvisioned, and that was only possible through your help and expert advise in setting things up! So with that inmind, I deepest thanks to you and your team for an awesome job on this. We know that it was tight trying tothat helped with this rendering! We look forward to sending this book of business to you shortly!”Sincerely, Combined Advertising Concepts, LLC Page 8