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Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing Sophie Ayres 13116106 Beth Modsley 13114545 Meabh Crehan 13111921
  2. 2. Apple already at work on iPhone 6! • Apple’s newest iPhone, the iPhone 5S was only released six weeks ago. • However, Apple has already begun testing the next generation iPhone 6. • Chinese blog C Technology reports that the new iPhone 6 will deliver a larger 4.9-inch display.
  3. 3. Gartner: Smartwatch Revolution? Not so fast • Despite the hype surrounding smartwatches, they are unlikely to be featured on many consumers’ wish lists this Christmas. • Samsung and other well-known vendors have recently entered the smart watch space, yet the products we have seen so far have been rather uninspiring. • “Gartner predicts that wearable devices will remain a companion to mobile phones at least through 2017, with less than one percent of premium phone users opting to replace their phone with a combination of a wearable device and a tablet.” • Is a smartwatch on your Christmas list this year?
  4. 4. Instagram Comes to Windows Phone 8 – Without In-app Camera • • • • Instagram has launched its app for Windows phone 8 in beta. Instagram originally launched on iOS back in 2010, with an Android version landing in March last year. Microsoft has been promising the app is on its way almost since the launch of WP8. The official app has all the functionality you’d expect to see – the ability to apply Instagram’s trademark filters to images and to share these photos with friends. The app is technically a beta release. Instagram has promised additional functionality in future updates, which will presumably include video sharing.
  5. 5. Google launches prepaid card for your wallet • Google has launched a prepaid debit card for its Wallet users to make realworld payments and cash withdrawals from their account. • The card can be used anywhere where Mastercard is accepted but is only currently available in the US. As it’s a swipe card, it wouldn’t be suitable for the UK at present. • Users have to top up their Wallet app from a linked account to be able to use the balance in stores or at the cash machine. • Although Google says it’s free to get cashback over the counter, you may be charged for checking your Google Wallet balance and withdrawing cash at an ATM.
  6. 6. Mobile Marketing Academy brings intensive mobile training to Asia-Pacific marketers. • As the Asia-Pacific region is expected to fuel the growth of mobile marketing in the world, the spotlight is on the region’s marketers and how they can deliver on this stage. • Today (4/9/13) marks the launch of the Mobile Marketing Academy, an online education program to train the region’s next generation of mobile marketers. • “It is time to be more proactive in educating our region’s professionals in mobile. The Mobile Marketing Academy brings expert knowledge straight into their hands, and will even guide them through to the practical application of this knowledge,” said Rohit Dadwal, Managing Director of the Mobile Marketing Association.
  7. 7. Mobile Marketing Contributes $139 Billion to U.S. Economy in 2012; Set to Rise to $400 Billion by 2015 • The mobile marketing ecosystem generated $139 billion of incremental output to the U.S. economy in 2012, a significant surge from $48 billion previously reported in 2010. • Over the next five years, this figure is set to skyrocket to $400 billion representing an annual growth rate of 52 per cent. • Given that mobile enables marketers to move closer to consumers than ever before, the “MMA Mobile Marketing Economic Impact Study,” clearly proves the value and power that mobile marketing offers to marketers.
  8. 8. Near Field Communication • Near field communications is a contactless, Wi-Fi style technology that is already in some smartphones and could be a regular feature of travelling • It is a technology that can transfer data between two devices, for example making payments • Orange offer a quicktap scheme which allows transactions of up to £15 within 50,000 shops in the UK including pret a manger, EAT, Subway, McDonalds and Little chef
  9. 9. Proximity Marketing • Proximity marketing involves sending local advertisements to users via a wireless channel such as mobile phones. • Some examples of businesses that could implement proximity marketing are Ikea and McDonalds, they could send customers coupons/offers or a store map to attract them to the store. • Hotels could use this type of marketing to tell guests about events they are running or promotions that they could get involved with.
  10. 10. App Development • Phone Gap- All smartphones support HTML 5/ CSS/ Javascript. • Phone Gap is a free product that takes a HTML/CSS/JS and puts them together into an application which will work offline and can be found in many regular app stores
  11. 11. iAds • iAds run through apple and they help to send a message to a plethora of people worldwide that use apple products daily. • For example iAds offer music programming that is changed to suit its users and radio advertising of brands, it ensures that advertisers can develop audience segments. • The apps in iAds group of apps is screened so they can find customers ages to show them appropriate material and content that is suitable for them. • iAd workbench is where you7 can select an audience for your app and set a price so you can reach business goals. It helps to customise banners and track how successful the campaign is during its running time.
  12. 12. Smartphone Statistics • There are 5 billion mobile phones across the world, with 1.08 billion of these being smartphones • There are 91.4 million smartphones just in the US • In 2011 android had 46.9% market share, with iPhone just behind with 28.7% • 50% of Android smartphone users alongside 43% of IPhone users are younger than 34 • 47% of smartphone users are women, meaning 53% are men • Apple IPhone users download the most applications per month at an outstanding 48 • The top 10 countries of smartphones penetration are Singapore (54%), Canada(39%), Hong Kong (35%), Sweden (35%), Spain (35%), USA (35%), Australia (33%), Norway (33%), New Zealand (32%), Denmark (31%) • (
  13. 13. QR codes- 6 examples Tesco QR code to download the app• -River Island website QR code Glamour Magazine QR code- Sainsbury’s QR code B House of Fraser QR code- Radio 1 QR code
  14. 14. Generating your own QR code • • We made a QR code for our blog, • The result is shown on the right-
  15. 15. Review of smartphone apps Retail- ASOS The ASOS app is available for download across the android and apple app store. It allows users to view and purchase items straight from their mobile device. Users can log in to their account and their personal details are saved so it’s much easier to purchase on the go. The app is updated regularly and contains everything the desktop site includes. However it does have some complaints of crashing. I personally like how up-to-date the app stays. Review from the Apple app store, “Keeps crashing and has the currency of dollars instead of pounds even when I have changed this multiple times. Don't bother waste of time”. Service- Dropbox Dropbox is an app which allows users to store all of their important files; documents, pictures and videos. For a free account, users get 2GB worth of space to fill. The app is also available to download over on the Android app store. I use the Dropbox app quite frequently and for me I find it works very well. Users seem not like the recent update to the app to better suit the new iOS7, review from the Apple app store, “The update for iOS 7 is made this app unusable now. Crashes every time you scroll to look for something”. News- BBC News This app shows news which is directly streamed live to a mobile device all from BBC news journalists. The app has integrated email, Facebook and Twitter so users can immediately share a news story which catches their attention. I like this app for fresh, current news stories that I can get the news quickly without any fuss. Users have commented that the pictures on news stories can tend to be a little bit too small, but all in all, a good app.