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MC&FP Weekly (September 30,2011)                                                                 9/30/2011In the NewsWeve ...
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MC&FP Weekly (September 30,2011)                                                     9/30/2011Guard and ReserveImage descr...
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This week in mcfp sept 30 2011


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This week in mcfp sept 30 2011

  1. 1. Image description. MC&FP banner image End of image description.Blog post of Robert L. Gordon III, Deputy AssistantSecretary of Defense (Military Community and FamilyPolicy)Image description. Robert L. Gordon III, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (MC&FP) End of image description.Family Focus Friday: The Exceptional Family Member Program Goes MobileIn today’s world, more and more of us are getting information through a mobile device. We like tocheck our email while we are on the train and catch up on the news while in the elevator. It’sconvenient and quick. The DoD recognizes this and is finding ways to make sure you have access to theinformation and resources that are most important to you whenever you need them.The Exceptional Family Program (EFMP) is launching a new mobile website for service members andfamilies to conveniently access essential EFMP information from any mobile device. With the mobilesite, EFMP families can quickly and easily access important information about programs and servicesthrough a smartphone, tablet, or any another mobile device with an Internet connection.The EFMP supports military families and service members who have a family member with specialmedical or educational needs. The EFMP facilitates the enrollment of a family member in the program,provides assignment coordination to help ensure continuity in care and education during relocation, andoffers one-on-one family support, tools, and resources. Now this valuable program is going to be evenmore accessible to our increasingly mobile military families.When I first heard about the launch, I opened the site on my phone and was impressed! The site is clearand easy to navigate. You do not have to waste time scrolling back and forth trying to read lines of textbecause everything is designed to fit right onto your screen. I was able to click through the site,download important forms, and access resources and information right from my phone! The mobile siteincludes a brief program overview and links to important enrollment forms and Service-specific EFMPsites. Users can also access additional resources, such as the DoD Special Needs Toolbox and theEFMP eNewsletter. The EFMP locator is another great feature, allowing you to search for EFMPsupport services near you. Just plug in your zip code or your installation name, and receive informationabout child care services, local hospitals or military treatment facilities, and much more.You can access the mobile site by using this link: orby scanning the quick response (QR) code shown below. The QR code can be scanned by your mobiledevice as long as you have a camera and a QR code reader application, which can be easily downloaded Page 1 of 10
  2. 2. MC&FP Weekly (September 30,2011) 9/30/2011for free for smartphone platforms such as the iPhone or Android.So, what do you think? Does a mobile site make sense for you and your family? Join our discussionand let us know! As always, we want to hear how this news affects you.I am excited about the new and different ways that our service members and their families can accessand interact with the programs and services that are designed to serve them. This is a great new tool inthe EFMP toolbox! Until next time, stay connected and be well.EFMP QR Code Page 2 of 10
  3. 3. MC&FP Weekly (September 30,2011) 9/30/2011Joining ForcesJoining ForcesAmerican Red Cross and Wounded Warrior Project are Joining ForcesThis week, Wounded Warrior Project™ (WWP), and the American Red Cross announced that they arejoining forces in a new multi-year partnership that will allow both organizations to strengthen servicesand support offered to our nation’s wounded and their caregivers. On Tuesday, both organizations met atthe National Headquarters of the American Red Cross to kick off the partnership and to assemble 500Transitional Care Packs. “Alone each organization makes a difference within the military community, but together we magnifyour impact to those men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country” said Sherri Brown,SVP, Service to the Armed Forces, American Red Cross.WWP and the Red Cross are collaborating on Wounded Warrior Project’s longstanding TransitionalCare Pack program. The packs contain clothing, toiletries, and other essential care and comfort itemsnewly injured warriors are often without. The pack provides immediate comfort when a warrior isevacuated from the battlefield to a field hospital. Traditionally sent to Landstuhl Regional MedicalCenter in Germany, the new partnership with the Red Cross will expand the scope of delivery toRamstein Air Force Base, Germany; Camp Arifjan, Kuwait; Djibouti, Afghanistan and other militarymedical facilities that are providing medical treatment and supporting wounded warriors.“The American Red Cross has long believed as we do that it is important to support wounded veteransand their families in all facets of their recovery. With a shared mission to support these heroes, acollaborative partnership made sense on so many levels. We are honored to be working with a group thathas done so much good for so many.” said Wounded Warrior Project Executive Director Steve Nardizzi.This new collaboration is a perfect example of organizations stepping up and working together tosupport our Nation’s wounded service members and their families as highlighted by the Joining Forcesinitiative launched by the First Lady and Dr. Biden. Their partnership ensures the continuation andenhancement of other existing WWP and Red Cross programs, which provide unique and innovativesupport to wounded warriors during the rehabilitation process.Wellness and resiliency are also a critical piece of the new partnership. The organizations will work todevelop and manage several adaptive sporting programs and therapies including but not limited towarrior games and wheelchair sports. Both WWP and the Red Cross share the belief that it is critical tosupport staff and military personnel who are instrumental in the survival and recovery of the wounded.The two groups will plan and organize respite days for spouses and family members who are providingcare for a wounded service member or veteran.In joining forces, both organizations will together serve those who have sacrificed so much. Page 3 of 10
  4. 4. MC&FP Weekly (September 30,2011) 9/30/2011Weekly TipsMilitary Community and Family Policy Weekly TipsNutrition Tip of the Week - Fruits & Vegetables – Affordable? (Part II)In need of more tips to help you find fruits and vegetables on your budget? Then check these out. • Buy in bulk when items are on sale - For fresh vegetables or fruits you use often, a large size bag is the better buy. Canned or frozen fruits or vegetables can be bought in large quantities when they are on sale, since they last much longer. • Store brands = savings - Opt for store brands when possible. You will get the same or similar product for a cheaper price. If your grocery store has a membership card, sign up for even more savings. • Keep it simple - Buy vegetables and fruits in their simplest form. Pre-cut, pre-washed, ready-to- eat, and processed foods are convenient, but often cost much more than when purchased in their basic forms. • Plant your own - Start a garden — in the yard or a pot on the deck — for fresh, inexpensive, flavorful additions to meals. Herbs, cucumbers, peppers, or tomatoes are good options for beginners. Browse through a local library or online for more information on starting a garden. • Plan and cook smart - Prepare and freeze vegetable soups, stews, or other dishes in advance. This saves time and money. Add leftover vegetables to casseroles or blend them to make soup. Overripe fruit is great for smoothies or baking.Parenting Tip of the Week - Communicating with TeenagersParents of teenagers who continue to communicate with their teens, despite conflict and arguments,maintain stronger relationships with them. It might seem like a struggle to continue to talk to your teenwhen it leads to conflicts and disagreements, but most teens report having a close relationship with theirparents and identify their parents as being a significant influence on their lives. Maintain an open line ofcommunication rather than simply trying to avoid disagreements.Let’s Move/Childhood Obesity Tip of the Week - Tips to help you make wise choices from theProtein Foods GroupWhat to look for on the Food Label: • Check the Nutrition Facts label for the saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, and sodium content of packaged foods. ◦ Processed meats such as hams, sausages, frankfurters, and luncheon or deli meats have added sodium. Check the ingredient and Nutrition Facts label to help limit sodium intake. ◦ Fresh chicken, turkey, and pork that have been enhanced with a salt-containing solution also have added sodium. Check the product label for statements such as "self-basting" or "contains up to __% of __." ◦ Lower fat versions of many processed meats are available. Look on the Nutrition Facts label to choose products with less fat and saturated fat. Page 4 of 10
  5. 5. MC&FP Weekly (September 30,2011) 9/30/2011Keep it safe to eat: • Separate raw, cooked, and ready-to-eat foods. • Do not wash or rinse meat or poultry. • Wash cutting boards, knives, utensils, and counter tops in hot soapy water after preparing each food item and before going on to the next one. • Store raw meat, poultry, and seafood on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator so juices don’t drip onto other foods. • Cook foods to a safe temperature to kill microorganisms. Use a meat thermometer, which measures the internal temperature of cooked meat and poultry, to make sure that the meat is cooked all the way through. • Chill (refrigerate) perishable food promptly and defrost foods properly. Refrigerate or freeze perishables, prepared food, and leftovers within two hours. • Plan ahead to defrost foods. Never defrost food on the kitchen counter at room temperature. Thaw food by placing it in the refrigerator, submerging air-tight packaged food in cold tap water (change water every thirty minutes), or defrosting on a plate in the microwave. • Avoid raw or partially cooked eggs or foods containing raw eggs and raw or undercooked meat and poultry. • Women who may become pregnant, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and young children should avoid some types of fish and eat types lower in mercury. See the U.S. Food and Drug Administrations website or call (888) SAFE-FOOD for more information.Financial Tip of the Week - Fraud AlertsThere are two types of fraud alerts: an initial alert, and an extended alert. • An initial alert stays on your credit report for at least ninety days. You may ask that an initial fraud alert be placed on your credit report if you suspect you have been, or are about to be, a victim of identity theft. An initial alert is appropriate if your wallet has been stolen or if youve been taken in by a "phishing" scam. When you place an initial fraud alert on your credit report, youre entitled to one free credit report from each of the three nationwide consumer reporting companies. • An extended alert stays on your credit report for seven years. You can have an extended alert placed on your credit report if youve been a victim of identity theft and you provide the consumer reporting company with an "identity theft report." When you place an extended alert on your credit report, youre entitled to two free credit reports within twelve months from each of the three nationwide consumer reporting companies. In addition, the consumer reporting companies will remove your name from marketing lists for pre-screened credit offers for five years unless you ask them to put your name back on the list before then.To place either of these alerts on your credit report, or to have them removed, you will be required toprovide appropriate proof of your identity. That may include your SSN, name, address, and otherpersonal information requested by the consumer reporting company.When a business sees the alert on your credit report, they must verify your identity before issuing youcredit. As part of this verification process, the business may try to contact you directly. This may causesome delays if youre trying to obtain credit. To compensate for possible delays, you may wish toinclude a cell phone number, where you can be reached easily, in your alert. Remember to keep allcontact information in your alert current. Page 5 of 10
  6. 6. MC&FP Weekly (September 30,2011) 9/30/2011Spouse Tip of the Week - Overseas Spouse EmploymentThe employment situation for military spouses living overseas varies due to economic conditions in eachgeographic location and the Status of Forces Agreements (SOFAs) the United States has signed withforeign governments.Because geographic information varies and is so dynamic, it is best to contact civilian personnel andspouse employment officials in the specific location you are interested in before making career andemployment decisions as you prepare to move to or from an overseas location.To help you find these contacts, the Department of Defense offers an online relocation assistance tool –MilitaryINSTALLATIONS – that provides Civilian Personnel Office and Family Center points ofcontact and addresses for employment specialists at duty locations worldwide. These are the beststarting places for spouses seeking overseas employment information.Here are some questions you may want to ask overseas spouse employment officials: • Does your command have an instruction which addresses spouse employment rules and regulations for on and off-base employment? If so, where can I access a copy? • Does your command (or the SOFA Agreement) allow spouses to operate their own businesses from their homes on or off installation? If so, can spouses use the military or local mail systems to order and ship supplies, products, and equipment for their businesses? • What is the current unemployment rate, and how likely is it that I will find employment? • What training, education, and volunteer opportunities exist on and off base? • Where are overseas federal jobs posted? (Appropriated Fund [AF] positions and Non- Appropriated Fund [NAF] positions) – Check out the web portal. • Are there separate employment offices on base for NAF Jobs? • Why do I have to contact each hiring office on each job vacancy announcement? • What additional links do I need to check out besides the ones listed below? ◦ Army Employment Readiness Program (ERP) ◦ Marine Corps Family Member Employment Assistance Program (FMEAP) ◦ Navy Spouse Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) ◦ Air Force Spouse Employment Program (SEP) • How can I become a more competitive job seeker for overseas employment? ◦ Do I have to speak a foreign language to get a job overseas? ◦ Do I have to have a foreign driver’s license to work overseas? ◦ Do I have to have a security clearance to get a job overseas? ◦ Do I have to have postsecondary education or vocational/occupational licenses or credentials to get a job overseas? ◦ How do I request Military Spouse Employment Preference or Hiring Authorities that will help me compete or eliminate competition with other qualified applicants? ◦ Do I have "return rights" to federal employment opportunities when coming back to the United States from overseas? • Do the exchange, commissary, Child Development Program, MWR, or other on-installation NAF federal employers have Military Spouse Employment Continuity Programs in place? If so, who should I contact to find out how I can participate? Page 6 of 10
  7. 7. MC&FP Weekly (September 30,2011) 9/30/2011 • Is affordable child care available at this location? • Should I use Standard DoD Forms or a specially written résumé that uses key buzz words from job vacancy announcements when applying for a federal job overseas? • Which additional forms do I need to submit as part of my employment package?Note: Follow specific guidance provided on each job vacancy announcement. • Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Forms ◦ United States Government Application Cover Page ◦ U.S. Office of Personnel Management Optional Forms • Occupational Questionnaire • Applicant Fax Cover Page (Use with faxed documents so they can be matched with your job application) • Declaration for Federal Employment (Optional Form 306)Note: You may upload completed forms to your USAJOBS or Application Manager account if youapply online. Then you can use the uploaded forms again and again when applying for future federaljob vacancies.Relocation Tip of the Week - Relocation Budget PlannerOne of the best ways to minimize your out-of-pocket or additional expenses is to set up a budget foryour move. Planning a relocation budget is the secret to staying in financial control throughout yourmove. The Relocation Budget Planner is an Excel spreadsheet that you can save to and use on yourcomputer, or you can print it out and keep a running tab on a paper copy. Follow the easy instructions atthe top of the spreadsheet to guide you through the process. Page 7 of 10
  8. 8. MC&FP Weekly (September 30,2011) 9/30/2011In the NewsWeve captured the latest Quality of Life (QOL) information, as well as recent additions to the MilitaryCommunity & Family Policy (MC&FP) collection of websites, including MilitaryHOMEFRONT. Allin one location! For a complete listing of QoL topic areas and information, please return to theMilitaryHOMEFRONT homepage.In the NewsNotable Quality of Life developments and Department of Defense announcements and alerts.DoD Appoints Chief Operating Officer at the Armed Forces Retirement HomeMr. Steve McManus officially assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO), Armed ForcesRetirement Home on Sept. 25. McManus has served as Acting COO since January 16th.MOH Recipient Issues Scholarship ChallangeMedal of Honor recipient Marine Corps Sgt. Dakota Meyer plans to raise $1 million in scholarshipmoney for the children of wounded Marines and Navy corpsmen, and challenges the American public tomatch it.Suicide Prevention Awareness: Perspectives from the Undersecretary of Defense (Personnel andReadiness)Dr. Stanley, the Undersecretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness) discusses his perspectives onsuicide prevention and resources he has found on the topic.First Lady Michelle Obama: Joining Forces Is About Everyone Stepping Up to Give SomethingMeaningful BackLike so many of our veterans, Barbara Marshall’s service to this country didn’t stop when her 15-yearNavy career ended. Through Steps N Stages Jubilee House, she is working to combat homelessnessamong female veterans in the Fayetteville area. She’s doing it in an unconventional way: by welcomingthese struggling women and their families into her own home.Honoring Gold Star Mothers, FamiliesEach year the last Sunday of September is marked as Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day in honor ofthose who have lost a son or daughter serving in the military.Bureau Works to Protect Troops Pursuing EducationA number of for-profit schools target troops with aggressive, misleading marketing tactics followed by alack of administrative or counseling support -- which can lead to roadblocks for service membersseeking to advance their education, said Holly Petraeus, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’sassistant director for service member affairs.FOOD RECALL: Tyson Fresh Meats Inc. Ground BeefTyson Fresh Meats Inc. notified the Defense Commissary Agency that three of its stores have receivedproducts listed in the company’s recall of ground beef due to possible E. coli 0157:H7 contamination,according to the commissary agency’s public health and safety directorate.DOD Offers Help to Prevent Domestic ViolenceHelping military couples and families build healthy relationships can help to prevent domestic violence.When domestic does occur the department offers a range of support resources for victims, beginning Page 8 of 10
  9. 9. MC&FP Weekly (September 30,2011) 9/30/2011with reporting options.MyPlate Fruits and Veggies Video ChallengeThe U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) MyPlate Fruits and Veggies Video Challenge invites youto create short videos (approximately 30 seconds) showing how youre adding fruits and vegetables toyour diet without spending a lot of money.Team Mullen Highlights Troops Service, SacrificesAs "Team Mullen," Navy Adm. Mike Mullen and his wife, Deborah, have championed the needs ofservice members and their families during the admiral’s four years as chairman of the Joint Chiefs ofStaff. Page 9 of 10
  10. 10. MC&FP Weekly (September 30,2011) 9/30/2011Guard and ReserveImage description. Two National Guard service members End of image description.Oct. 6-8 - Guard and Reserve - North Little Rock, AROct. 7-9 - Guard and Reserve - Redmond, OROct. 8 - Guard and Reserve - Caribou, MEOct. 14-16 - Guard and Reserve - Hilo, HIOct. 14-16 - Guard and Reserve - Kalispell, MTOct. 15-16 - Guard and Reserve - Rome, NYOct. 15-16 - Texam Military Forces - Temple, TXOct. 21-22 - Guard and Reserve - Kearney, NEOct. 21-22 - Guard and Reserve - Yakima, WAOct. 22 - Guard and Reserve - San Pedro, CAOct. 23 - Guard and Reserve - Coleville, CA Page 10 of 10