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Npc force weekly 7 11 october 2013


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This NPC Force weekly focuses on pay and bonuses and advancement and education.

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Npc force weekly 7 11 october 2013

  1. 1. NPC FORCM WEEKLY 7 – 11 October 2013 Career progression, community management, personnel matters, and general information from the desk of the Navy Personnel Command Force Master Chief, FORCM(SW/AW/EXW) Leland E. Moore PAY AND BONUSES • • • The “Pay our Military” Act will permit us to pay military personnel and civilian personnel on time and in full. o Bonuses, separation, travel claims on FY13 orders and many other types payments (including those missed over the last week) will be paid soon. o Sailors should check their direct deposit accounts over the next few days for their payments. If by early next week you haven’t received an owed payment, contact your command and personnel support detachment officials. Submission of SRB requests should continue and will be processed for eligibility and prescreening per OPNAVINST 1160.8A and NAVADMIN 077/13. Sailors with pending reenlistment requests for October shall move their SRB request via Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) or Officer Personnel Information System (OPINS) to November 2013 unless they meet one of the exceptions below. Members will not lose their quota because of the move to November. Reenlistments for SRB before 1 November will only be approved for the following exceptions: o Sailors who must reenlist to obtain sufficient obligated service for PCS orders to excepted duty stations o Sailors with a hard EAOS in October o Sailors who will cross retention zones before 1 November o Sailors who will reach 14 years of service before 1 November o Sailors who will be transiting from a tax free AOR If you have more questions you can contact your Command Career Counselor or EMCM Irish ( (901) 874-2526 or (901) 874-3215 if they are unavailable. ADVANCEMENTS AND EDUCATION • • • • • • • Navy Advancement Center (NAC) does not expect last week’s furlough period to result in any delays in the release of advancement results. NAC Call Center is fully operational and will process advancement discrepancy messages/emails in order of receipt. Command Education Services Officers should check their UIC advancement data on NEAS Web for candidate record updates. Cycle 220 late exam (substitute) ordering has been extended until Today, 11 October 2013. Navy College Offices are open for normal operations servicing Sailors. Virtual Education Center is open for normal operations servicing Sailors. Tuition Assistance: Service members can submit WebTA applications. However, until funds are appropriated by Congress and the President signs them into law, tuition assistance cannot be authorized. Where there were FY13 dollars available prior to 30 September, and where a Sailor submitted a command approved tuition assistance form, the Virtual Education Center approved the tuition assistance for courses starting in October and November. These approved tuition assistance requests should not be impacted. If, however, tuition assistance was submitted in FY13 for a FY14 course and the Sailor had reached their FY13 tuition assistance funds cap, those Sailors will have to wait for the budget/continuing resolution to be passed before their FY14 tuition assistance can be approved. All DANTES testing (CLEP, ACT/SAT, DSST) is on hold pending a budget or continuing resolution. QUOTE OF THE WEEK “Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons.” ~ Douglas MacArthur