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Npc force weekly 29 april 3 may 2013


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This NPC Force Weekly discusses September 2013 Navy-Wide Advancement Examination Dates, SDAP Recertification Guidelines, and PASS Transfer Update.

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Npc force weekly 29 april 3 may 2013

  1. 1. NPC FORCM WEEKLY29 April – 3 May 2013Career progression, community management, personnel matters, and general information from the desk ofthe Navy Personnel Command Force Master Chief, FORCM(SW/AW/EXW) Leland E. MooreTODAY IN NAVAL HISTORYApril 29th1944 - Fast carrier task force (12 carriers) commence two day bombing of Truk.April 30th1798 - Congress established Department of the Navy.May 1st1898 - Battle of Manila Bay, Admiral Dewey defeats Spanish at Manila, Philippines.May 2nd1975 – U.S. Navy departs Vietnamese waters at end of evacuation.May 3rd1949 - First Navy firing of a high altitude Viking rocket at White Sands, NM.“He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander.”~ AristotleQUOTE OF THE WEEKNAVADMIN 116/13 announced the Cycle 220, September 2013 Navy Wide Advancement Exam dates. TheE-6 exam will be held on 5 September, E-5 exam will be held on 12 September, and the E-4 exam will beheld on 19 September. Take a look at the NAVADMIN to review the ratings that require a securityclearance and review the guidelines for ordering exams. If you have Sailors who will require a securityclearance for the exam, ensure they start the process now. Additionally, encourage your Sailors to startstudying early and be prepared for the exam. Points of Contact are NPC Customer Service Center1-866-U-ASK-NPC, SCI examinations,Examination orders, Examination, General examination questions, Generaladvancement questions 2013 NWAE DATES ANNOUNCEDNAVADMIN 114/13 outlines the annual recertification process for SDAP for FY13. Sailors must be servingin an authorized billet designated for SDAP to be eligible for SDAP. Any changes to SDAP recipients in yourcommands must be annotated on section SP of the EDVR; furthermore, the CO’s signature must be onsection SP and the endorsement must read the following “I have reviewed and certify all members of theCommand are receiving the correct SDAP entitlement and are eligible for SDAP."Forward the CO certified SP section to via encrypted email. To effect Sailors’ paychanges, commands must coordinate with the local PSD to ensure the Sailor’s records are updated toreflect SDAP. Commands are strongly encouraged to forward their EDVR no later than 31 July to ensure itis processed before the deadline of 31 August. Point of contact is PSC Marie Bates, (901) 874-3260 (DSN882), RECERTIFICATION GUIDELINESPASS TRANSFER UPDATEActivities are well underway and close coordination continues between the staffs of the Navy PersonnelCommand and the Navy Installations Command to transfer day-to-day operating responsibilities for thePay/Personnel Administrative Support System (PASS) program effective 1 October 2013. The PASSprogram delivers pay, personnel and passenger transportation services through a worldwide network of 67PSD/CSDs. Aligning the PSD/CSDs under NPC is designed to reduce fragmentation across policy, processand execution of Navys pay and personnel service delivery and build on CNICs management successes ofthe PASS program. Additional goals of the functional transfer are to continue improving the accuracy ofservice records and enhance the quality of pay and personnel services to Sailors and their families.