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Npc force weekly 15 19 april 2013


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This NPC Force Weekly discusses placement notes, changes to the BAH entitlements, and release of the advancement exam readiness review schedule.

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Npc force weekly 15 19 april 2013

  1. 1. NPC FORCM WEEKLY15-19 April 2013Career progression, community management, personnel matters, and general information from the desk ofthe Navy Personnel Command Force Master Chief, FORCM(SW/AW/EXW) Leland E. MooreTODAY IN NAVAL HISTORYApril 15th1912 - USS CHESTER (CA 27) and USS SALEM (CA 139) sailed from MA to assist RMS Titanicsurvivors.April 16th1947 - Act of Congress gives Navy Nurse Corps members commissioned rank.April 17th1778 - Sloop-in-war RANGER (CV 4) captures British brig.April 18th1942 - USS HORNET launches Doolittles Army bombers for first attack on Japan.April 19th1861 - President Lincoln orders blockade of Southern ports from SC to Texas.“If you think you can do a thing or think you cant do a thing, youre right.”~ Henry FordQUOTE OF THE WEEKCHANGE TO BAH ENTITLEMENTNAVADMIN 099/13 announced changes to Basic Allowance for Housing entitlement for dual militarycouples when one or both are on sea duty. A service member married to another service member inpaygrade E-5 or below, while assigned to permanent sea duty is authorized BAH. This change is for amember on sea duty only and does not affect Sailors on shore duty or new accessions. Point of contact isyour local PSD or LT Emily Klossner, (703) 604-5477, EXAM READINESS REVIEW SCHEDULE RELEASEDPers-4013 is Enlisted Placement which is different from Enlisted Detailers. Detailers often receivequestions regarding Placement concerns. There are major differences between Placement and Detailing.Placement is the commands’ advocate and the Manning Control Authorities agent. Placement can takeaction on TYCOM and MCA requests to attain personnel readiness levels, place requisitions on CMS/ID forSailor to apply; add or delete NECs from your EDVR, and process Enlisted manning inquiry reports (EMIRs)helping commands get the Sailors you need. Remember that Placement is your command’s advocate forgetting Sailors with the right NEC, on time, to meet your manning requirements!PLACEMENT NOTENAVADMIN 095/13 announced additional dates for the Advancement Exam Readiness Review. NETC isseeking nominations for Subject Matter Experts (SME) that meet the following criteria: Chief, Senior Chief,and Master Chief Petty Officers on active duty, full time support(FTS), and reservists on active duty forspecial work (ADSW) who do not have any relatives eligible for advancement in the rating for which theyare applying. They need an MP or higher on the last three years of Chief evals; are within BCA and PFArequirements; don’t have a Fleet Reserve, Retirement, or HYT date within one year of AERR adjourning,and no financial problems. If selected for the AERR, attendance is not optional. The following are AERRdate by rating: CM, MR, FC, ETV: 28 APR 13 - 04 MAY 13; RP: 05 MAY 13 - 11 MAY 13; BM, ETN: 12 MAY13 - 18 MAY 13; PS: 02 JUN 13 - 08 JUN 13; LN, LS, ET, EA, EMN: 09 JUN 13 - 15 JUN 13; MN: 16 JUN13 - 22 JUN 13; SW: 23 JUN 13 - 29 JUN 13; CS: 07 JUL 13 - 13 JUL 13; MME, SH: 14 JUL 13 - 20 JUL13; EM, STG: 21 JUL 13 - 27 JUL 13; AS, PR: 28 JUL 13 - 03 AUG 13; EN, UT: 04 AUG 13 - 10 AUG 13;HT: 18 AUG 13 - 24 AUG 13; IC: 25 AUG 13 - 31 AUG 13; GM: 22 SEP 13 - 28 SEP 13. Point of contactis Peter Pappas, (850) 452-1001 (DSN 459),