Npc force weekly 14 18 october 2013


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This NPC Force Weekly discusses FY14 GMT requirements and operational stress control training requirements.

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Npc force weekly 14 18 october 2013

  1. 1. NPC FORCM WEEKLY 14 - 18 October 2013 Career progression, community management, personnel matters, and general information from the desk of the Navy Personnel Command Force Master Chief, FORCM(SW/AW/EXW) Leland E. Moore Fiscal Year 14 General Military Training Schedule Per NAVADMIN 264/13 all commands are required to provide face-to-face GMT training on Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Control, Equal Opportunity and Grievance Procedures, Hazing Policy and Prevention, Personal Financial Management, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Awareness, Sexual Harassment and Grievance Procedures, Stress Management, and Suicide Awareness and Prevention. Commands shall utilize Senior Leadership, Command Training Teams, or Collateral Duty Officers/Chief Petty Officers to administer the required GMT training. Standardized training materials are provided as downloadable files from the Personal Development GMT page on NKO. Anger Management, Antiterrorism/Force Protection, Combating Trafficking in Persons, Counterintelligence Awareness and Reporting, Domestic Violence Prevention and Reporting, Drug Abuse Prevention and Control, Fraternization Awareness and Prevention, Information Assurance, Operational Risk Management, Operational Security, Physical Readiness, Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information Awareness, Records Management, Sexual Health and Responsibility, and Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Standardized can be completed via NKO or through face-to-face. While an online Counterintelligence course is available, the preferred completion method is face-to-face training from a local NCIS agent. In order to allow sufficient time to complete the GMT program review, formulate program change proposals, and implement the approved changes, completion of Category Two GMT topics are waived for FY-14 except for Antiterrorism/Force Protection, Combating Trafficking in Persons, Counterintelligence Awareness and Reporting, Information Assurance, Operational Security, and Records Management. Training completion shall be documented by all commands via FLTMPS. Individually-completed web-based training is automatically tracked. Point of contact is Mr. Lyman Watts, GMT Program Manager at (757) 492-0763/DSN 492. Operational Stress Control Training Required NAVADMIN 262/13 announced mandatory OSC training within six months of deploying for all units. This training is provided by Mobile Training Teams (MTT). Effective 1 January 2014, Commanders and Commanding Officers are directed to schedule specific OSC training for Officers, Chiefs, and Petty Officers. Commands will document completion of NAVOSC-lead and DPL-OSC training via FLTMPS prior to deployment. Commanders and Commanding Officer’s will ensure maximum participation with at least 75 Percent of Officers, Chiefs, and Petty Officers completing training within a six-month window prior to deploying. Class sizes for both courses should be limited to 35-50 participants. Commands are encouraged to schedule multiple sessions of both courses as necessary to ensure that the required number of personnel receive training. Points of contact for scheduling and programming are: MTT west offices at (619) 556-6640, or via email at MTT east offices at (757) 445-7353 ext 1062, or via email at COMNECC units will accomplish requirements via point of contact: CAPT Lori Laraway (757) 462-4316 ext 143, or via email at QUOTE OF THE WEEK “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ~ Confucius