Ncf newsletter summer 2012 final


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Navy Cyber Forces summer 2012 newsletter.

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Ncf newsletter summer 2012 final

  1. 1. Summer 2012 NAVY CYBER FORCES valuable insights on understanding the threat, Announcements establishing an effective program to counter cyber Commander’s Corner security threats, and in employing shipboard CND/IA RDML GRETCHEN S. HERBERT tools. It also provides ship leaders with the questions they should be asking their IA workforce and program checks they should conduct to ensure their teams are knowledgeable and effective in network administration and security. CDR Guzzo and LT This past quarter has been busy for Team Hackney led the first training briefs to 20 attendeesCYBERFOR and I’m pleased to highlight a few of our from CSG-2 and ESG-2 ships and staffs, and receivednotable accomplishments, thanks to your dedication positive feedback and kudos for their trainingand commitment to the Fleet! material. BZ on a job well done! First, our DGSIT team provided their peerless Another major effort this past quarter has beensupport in readying the Eisenhower Carrier Strike in readying USS PONCE for a new mission.Group (IKECSG) for her 9-month deployment. Originally scheduled for decommissioning, the USSConcurrent with IKECSG’s Composite Training Unit PONCE was selected for rapid refurbishment in orderExercise (COMPTUEX), DGSIT final integration to deploy as an Afloat Forward Staging Base-Interimtesting was instrumental in identifying and resolving (AFSB(I)-15). In her new role, PONCE will be amultiple C5I reliability and interoperability issues. staging platform for countermine repair services, andDuring the DGSIT visit, our team identified 75 special missions in the CENTCOM AOR. In order tointegration/interoperability issues and, working “be ready,” PONCE needed some improvements, andhand-in-hand with system experts and ship’s our modernization and sustainment team assisted incompany, the NCF team helped resolve 38 issues upgrading and retrofitting multiple C5I systems. LTduring integration testing. Our team remains engaged Jason Weil spent three months TAD to the shipyard aswith IKECSG personnel, and will continue to do so PONCE’s C5I Ship’s Maintenance Managementthroughout her deployment, to ensure our deployed Officer (SMMO), where he was responsible forshipmates have the support they need to be Mission coordinating and tracking installation and testingReady, every day. BZ to DGSIT for resolving all ~150 pieces of C5I equipment and components tocritical interoperability issues and ensuring a frontline make the ship mission ready. His efforts were criticalCSG is able to meet our Navy tenets of Warfighting to success, and were recognized by the Commander,First, Operate Forward, and Be Ready! U.S. Fleet Forces Command, as LT Weil overcame Earlier this year, CYBERFOR issued a CO’s many challenges to “send PONCE back to the fight onHandbook on Network Security and Information a very tight timeline.”Assurance. While providing a significant resource to And finally, I‘d like to personally thank ourour waterfront commanders, the handbook has also MWR team for organizing our annual commandrevealed some gaps and challenges in running a picnic. Many of you participated in the events andcomprehensive and effective IA program. To respond know that the food and festivities were first class, andto the increasing demand for training, N7 and N4 a good time was “had by all,” despite the brutal heat!have teamed to develop and deliver Waterfront Cyber Congratulations to our outstanding MWR team led byIA Training for CO/XO/DHs. The training provides IT1 Rayford. Keep up the great work team! Mission Statement Navy Cyber Forces provides relevant, resilient, and effective C5I capabilities and a highly trained cyber workforce to maximize Fleet readiness and support all missions through cyberspace. Navy Cyber Forces Public Affairs Office – 492-8738 1
  2. 2. Summer 2012 Announcements Welcome Aboard LCDR Seth Taylor, N00 LCDR Corey Bummett, N4 Force’s Corner LCDR Chris Weech, N4 LT Kayleigh Biven, N00 LT Matthew Fecteau, N7 LT Craig Gilkey, N4 FORCM(IDW/AW/SW) JAY POWERS LT Jay Spencer, N6 Ms. Ruth Langlois, N1 Mr. Arthuro Luhia, N6 Mr. Michael Malone, N4Ms. Julie McDermott, N4 Ms. D’Ann Sherwood, N4 Ms. Charisse Trim, N4 Ms. Marilyn Wilkenson, N4 Retirements A CALL TO ARMS CAPT Raymond Ginnetti CAPT Kevin Hooley CAPT Victor Malone CTTCM Gregory Villagomez Shipmates, some of you are sleeping on the CTMCS Samantha Blackwell ISC Christopher Hollomanhood of humvee’s at 7,000 feet, sailing beneath the ITC Harold Howard ITC Troy Thomasoceans of the world, on the watch floors across theglobe, circling the skies at 30,000 feet or serving the Shipmates, this is a Call to Arms. A Call tocountry in austere places like Sugar Grove, Alice Arms for each of you! Whether you are in your BEQ,Springs or Yakima. You are wearing the cloth of our out on liberty, in a formation or standing the watch,nation honorably, and in my 30 plus years of service I you must carry yourself in a manner respective ofhave never been more proud of a group of Sailors than your country and your family. We must eradicateI am of the Information Dominance Corps. I am this type of behavior from our ranks and from ourthrilled to be your Force Master Chief and as I enter Navy!the winter months of my own career and you enjoy the Two key contributing factors in many ofspring time of yours, I am more than confident you sexual assaults are the irresponsible use of alcoholwill continue to leave your mark in the history books and the total absence of bystander intervention. Ifof our great nation. you have made the conscious decision to include I’ll take this opportunity to speak with each of alcohol as a part of your liberty plan, then do so inyou on a subject you should be aware of and that is moderation, ensuring you have your own plan tosexual assault and the impact this vile conduct has on end your liberty safely and without incident.our shipmates, our mission and our families. I’ll Remember, you also have an unwrittenpurposely refrain from a long drawn out dissertation covenant with each member of your liberty party toon the definition of sexual assault because we all know have the moral courage to pull up a fender and gowhat it is; we’ve held training on it, our chain of alongside someone who is unable to make soundcommand continues to speak about it and odds are decisions on their own. Have the courage toeach of us knows someone whose life has been intervene if you see a situation entering into a deathpermanently marred by this cowardly act. spiral and most importantly, treat each other with Victims of sexual assault are our shipmates, the same amount of respect you yourself expect to bebrothers or sisters, our parents, a close relative or shown.perhaps a stranger we have never had the pleasure of Shipmates - sexual assault is a game changermeeting. These people all aspire to do the things with for everyone; a game changer for the victim,their lives that each of us aspire to do in ours, and that absolutely a game changer for the perpetrator and ais simply to be prosperous in endeavors of their own game changer for the shipmate who could havechoosing, free of harassment, bullying, oppression or prevented it but did not have the courage.the selfish act of sexual assault. Each of us are Warriors, keep doing the great things you are“endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable doing day in and day out for this great country ofrights, that among these are, Life, Liberty and the ours. I am amazed by your conduct, grateful forpursuit of Happiness”. But when a person imposes your service and excited about your futures.their will on another by conducting the cowardly/selfgratifying act of sexual assault, those unalienablerights are stripped away. Navy Cyber Forces Public Affairs Office – 492-8738 2
  3. 3. Summer 2012 Projects in the Spotlight As the C5I TYCOM, we provide relevant, resilient and effective C5I capabilities to the Fleet. Each quarter we highlight a few projects to spotlight the services we are providing. Cyber Security Inspection and Certification Program (CSICP) In January 2011 FCC, in conjunction with USFF and CPF, put forth a plan to execute a three stageCyber Security Inspection and Certification Program (CSICP). CSICP is the Navy’s effort to conduct USCyber Command directed Cyber Security Inspections (CSI). The three stages include an administrativereview conducted by the command’s ISIC (Stage I), a training and assessment visit conducted by the EchelonII (Stage II), and finally, the CSI conducted by FCC on behalf of US Cyber Command (Stage III). The CSICP aims to create a Navy culture where network security is practiced as regularly androutinely as damage control and fire fighting because in today’s Navy, defending our networks is damagecontrol. If we can’t fight a fire or stop flooding, we can’t fight the war. If we can’t defend our networks, wecan’t win the war! As the executive agent for USFF’s C5I and through an MOA with CPF, NCF executes all stage IItraining and assessment visits for naval afloat units. NCF has three CSICP teams that conduct week-longassist visits, helping commands in assessing and implementing a robust network security policy. Duringthese visits, the NCF CSICP team, augmented by the NIOC Navy Blue Team, evaluate performance ofshipboard software applications, IAVA patch analysis, Computer Tasking Order (CTO) compliance, networkand traditional physical security, Cyber Security Work Force (CSWF), command reinforcement of networkoperational behavior, network vulnerability assessments and configuration/operation of the Host-BasedSecurity System (HBSS). These week-long visits help commands make their networks more secure andprepare them for the CSI. Over the past year and a half, our CSICP teams have been out two of every fourweeks and conducted 45 ship visits. IT Procurement Request Process (ITPR) The Navy IT Procurement Request (ITPR) process became operational for the USFFC domain on 7May following successful Fleet configuration and testing of the new enterprise IT procurement approval tool,the Navy Information Dominance Approval System (NAV-IDAS). The ITPR process, managed by theDeputy DON CIO (DDCIO (N)) and executed in NAV-IDAS, provides a Navy-wide approach and decisionstructure for the submission, review and approval of IT purchase requirements. When fully implementedacross all Navy commands, this web-based process will standardize IT procurement approvals, capture allrelevant data, and provide full visibility of Navy IT spending approvals. USFF is the first Fleet organization to go operational in NAV-IDAS. This implementation effort wasspearheaded by NCF N62 over a four-month period, led by a core team consisting of Stephanie Butts, MarkMerrill, Trina Burkett, Ryan Hogan and Tom Bosse. In the first month of NAV-IDAS operations, more than120 ITPRs requesting in excess of $28M in IT spending have been submitted for processing. Navy Cyber Forces Public Affairs Office – 492-8738 3
  4. 4. Summer 2012 Profile in Professionalism We have many talented people at Navy Cyber Forces. Each quarter we highlight our stellar Sailors and civilians and some of the unique expertise, skills and services they provide to the Fleet. IT3 Carmel Jean-Michel Hank Pitts N7, Afloat Unit Level Training N4, Cruiser-Destroyer (CRUDES) Program Analyst C5I Modernization LeadHometown: Port-au-Prince, Haiti Hometown: Chesapeake, VAYears of military service: 2 years. Years of military and civilian service: 30 year Navy service /Briefly describe your job: I update Fleet Unit Training 5 years DON Contractor / 5 years civil requirements and readiness levels and ensure Briefly describe your job: Responsible for all CRUDES C5Iassignment strike groups meet all mission objectives for baselines and C5I installations in U.S. Atlantic and PacificAtlantic and Pacific units. Fleets. Responsible for processing all SECNAV waivers for theWhat has been one of your greatest achievements during installation of C5I systems on Atlantic Fleet ships within fiveyour service? Advancing to Petty Officer Third Class. years of decommissioning.Who has been the most-influential person in your career? What has been one of your greatest achievements duringThus far, my chain of command. They always help guide your service? Commissioned as a 6180 Elect Tech Limitedme down the right paths, and with their advice and Duty Officer in April 1982 and retiring as the Combat Systemsassistance, I know I can reach any goal. I am very thankful Officer in USS Enterprise (CVN 65).to have the opportunity to work for such a professional and Who has been the most-influential person in your career?reliable group of people. Retired Navy CDR Gary Geithmann. I had the pleasure ofWhat is one vision you have for your mission within the serving with CDR Geithmann twice in my Navy career. First Icommand? To always strive for excellence and help the was a Navy computer instructor and then on my initial seacommand accomplish its mission. tour as a new LDO ensign. CDR Geithmann remains a veryWhat’s the most interesting experience you’ve had in your long term positive influence in my career and personal The most interesting experience I have had in my What is one vision you have for your mission within theshort career was to check on board as a seaman recruit at a command? My vision has been and remains providing ourcommand predominately staffed with Chiefs and officers. Sailors and our ships with the best possible C5I systems andWhere has your career taken you? Recruit Training tools they need to always ensure mission success.Command, Great Lakes, IL and Navy Cyber Forces. Most interesting experience you’ve had in your career? AsWhat do you like to do in your spare time? I volunteer at the Combat System Officer on Enterprise my department setthe food bank, helping to feed the homeless. I also attend up the GCCS-M Common Operational Picture (COP) for fourTidewater Community College. I enjoy watching sports, Carrier Strike Groups and two Amphibious Readiness Groupsespecially the New England Patriots and the Boston Celtics. in the opening days of Operation Enduring FreedomWhat is one of your personal philosophies? One of my immediately following the events of September 11, 2001. I waspersonal philosophies is that no matter where you are extremely pleased with and very proud of the operationalgoing, you have to always remember where you came from. professionalism and technical expertise displayed by my Sailors. Their training was put to the test and they performed superbly. For me, it was the finest time in my career. Achievements Where has your career taken you? During my active duty EIDWS Qualified career, I participated in more than 11 extended Navy ETC Pete Reniere LS1 Noghayin Idele deployments. I made two around the world deployments, the IT1 Binal Jones CS1 John Miranda first on USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) and the second on IT1 Bernard Rayford Enterprise. I have visited numerous countries in the Persian Outstanding PFAs Gulf and various Pacific Rim countries. RDML Gretchen Herbert CDR John Bandy What do you like to do in your spare time? Spare time CDR Kristin Barnes CDR Shawn Roberts activities consist of: sailing, golf, running and visiting every LCDR Corey Politino CWO4 Gregory Stone Virginia winery possible. CTICM Michael Kraft ETC Jeremy Carriker What is one of your personal philosophies? Personal honor, CS1 John Miranda LS1 Noghayin Idele integrity, diligence and hard work have always served me well IT3 Scot Bruyette throughout my 40 years of service. Navy Cyber Forces Public Affairs Office – 492-8738 4