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Csadd newsletter

  1. 1. March CSADD - AROUND OUR NAVY 2011 Monthly Topics for 2011Sailors Challenged to Lead January – Operational UnplannedShipmates, CSADD was a vision Pregnancy Preventionthat started in 2008 in Mid- February – Fleet and Family SupportAtlantic Region. A group of CentersSailors was challenged todevelop an idea that could March – Physical Health Readinesstackle the growing numbers ofDUI’s. This group decided April – Sexual Assault Awarenessthat the way to tackle thisissue was to tackle the source May – Suicide Awarenessof the problem which was the June – Driving Safetybasic decision making of our (Texting/Speed/Seatbelts)Sailors. They were empoweredto name the group, develop July – Off Duty Recreationcommunication messages andprograms that could be August - New Age Drug Awarenessimplemented and performed to September - CSADD Volunteer Outreachinfluence their shipmates and Monthhelp them to make gooddecisions vice destructive October – Domestic Violencedecision. They alsoencouraged Shipmate November - Great American Smoke-outintervention, Sailors taking December – Drunk and Drugged Drivingaction to assist otherSailors. CSADD Facebook: 2,042 Fans so far. http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Coali Due to the positive actions tion-of-Sailors-Against-Destructive-of this group of Sailors, Decisions-CSADD/299642495316CSADD is a Navy-wide programwith almost 200 chaptersaround our Navy. OPNAVINST1500.80 empowers our 18-25 2010 Chapters of the Yearyear Sailors to take aleadership role in the success Sea – USS SAN JACINTOof our Shipmates whilecontributing to the overallsuccess of our Navy team. Shore – Naval Submarine Base New London,This is the first newsletterthat celebrates the success of Groton, CTSailors around the world. I Congratulations to our 2010 Sea and Shoream so extremely proud of how chapters of the year for growing greatall of you have grown success success and being the first ever chaptersand I look forward to watching to receive this prestigious recognition.you grow. 1-----FLTCM Benning, MPT&E
  2. 2. March CSADD - AROUND OUR NAVY 2011 -Sub-Chapters Peer Mentoring Program at Base Installations (Naval Base Kitsap, Naval Station Everett and Naval Air Station Whidbey Island) continues to grow and positively affect the conduct of Sailors around the Installations by providing training in the CSADD topics. Myths Vs Truth Session (Conducted for sailors to dispel the myths and educate them on the realities of Drug use and alcohol abuse). All Base installations Sub-ChaptersAround our Navy Updates continue their CSADD meetings on a quarterly basis and incorporate allNorthwest Region the training areas during their monthly/quarterly GMTs.CNRNW CSADD MAIN CHAPTER In addition for CSADD, All Region NW Sub-Chapters work hand in handThe CNRNW Coalition of Sailors Against with Base Installation DAPAs andDestructive Decisions Main Chapter currently have programs in placecontinues to provide Region NW Base in their respective Installationsinstallations Sub-chapters coordinator with a monthly CSADD trainingand military members the best topic conducted, the programs areprevention and intervention tools as follows:possible dealing with the issues ofdrinking, reckless driving, and other CSADD NASWI: SAFE ride program, Rightdestructive decisions while Spirit Campaign committee and themaintaining good order and discipline. IDIPIC panel, monthly/quarterly GMTs, quarterly NDAAC. Additionally, they-Continued assisting sailors in making continue to educate young Sailors onlife decisions that will maintain their monthly CSADD meeting with apositive lifestyles in keeping with topic conducted for this month onthe Navy’s core values, to guide motorcycle safety and seat belt laws.sailors away from making poor and CSADD NBK: Quarterly YOU Decidedestructive decisions by providing program, GMTs and Right Spirit fairthem with positive and dynamic committee, quarterly NDAAC. This monthtraining and to show sailors how to CSADD training was conducted duringmake quick positive decisions and put the COMMAND INDOC with a topics oftheir training to use in moments of “THINK: Is this right or wrong” andhigh stress and peer pressure. Driving while texting. 2
  3. 3. March CSADD - AROUND OUR NAVY 2011CSADD NSE: Command continues to have watching a movie, 6th Sailor sittinga Safe ride program onboard and on bed trying to figure out whateducating young Sailors about CSADD happened.in their twice a month AlcoholAwareness class with a topic 3. Poster with trusted designatedconducted about recreational safety. driver bringing Sailor back home.They continue to hold quarterly NDAAC (Know your designated driver)meetings with senior leadership. 4. Barracks poster. Female Sailor answering the door to a Male Sailor,Mid-Atlantic Region with big writing, “Not all Nice FacesCSADD CNRMA (Norfolk) have good intentions!” or “A friendlyRegion Coordinator: CTTCS William face doesn’t always have goodQuina William.quina@navy.mil intentions” “STOP AND THINK” Put the # of Sexual assaults.Established new CSADD team to coverhot topics covered in NAVADMIN 377/10 5. Barracks poster. Hall way(Sexual Assault) to include Sexual placard, erase rooms listed and putHarassment and Fraternization the time 1800-0600 to represent thethroughout the Navy. CSADD CNRMA is time when the majority of SA haveworking on the design of new posters, happened. Each door in the hall wayto include the production of a few has a message, to include two Sailorsimpact videos. One poster will have a walking in the middle of the hall waycracked barracks room door with the holding hands.number of Sexual Assaults that have 6. Barracks poster. Large peep hole,happened through the 2010 year as the with the # of SA as the room numberroom number, the door is cracked just below the peep hole with big writingenough for you to see a Sailor crying, “Sailors that have been assaulted,in big writing at the top you will see take the appropriate actions to“AN OPEN DOOR DOES NOT MEAN YES!” The prevent destructive decisions”team met and came up with 12 creativeposters that are to the point! Some 7. Additional Quotes provided by NOSCadditional ideas were as follows: Earle reservist PS1 Epperson were also discussed. The Navy Team is built on1. What is the difference between mutual trust to accomplish thethese two? (one side of the page a mission; we are always accountable forSailor reenlisting, the other side each other whether on or off duty, andCourt Martial Discharge for Cause) online or offline; There is no half-Maybe make it split face (half squared way point to accomplishaway happy, the other side sad/jail accountability.coveralls) Appointment has been set for 2nd week2. A step series of posters telling a March to take photos in barracks atstory. 1st poster check in, 2nd mentor Naval Station Norfolk. We expect tointroduction, 3rd barracks have posters ready to send to DAPS forconversation, 4th smoke pit, 5th 3
  4. 4. March CSADD - AROUND OUR NAVY 2011printing the 3rd week. The posters Morey; Team members consist of DC2will be posted via CNRMA CSADD and Maerker, EM2 Mitchell, DC2 Vaughn, GM2CSADD Main face book page to allow for Steele, AM2 Moore, GSM2 Bedding, anddistribution Navy wide. DC3 Ruiz. The CSADD team presents a brief daily during TransientCNRMA CSADD assisted with the creation Indoctrination. Future planningof 31 additional CSADD chapters Navy includes having a stand down that willWide, to include the mail out of CSADD involve setting up booths with eachpromotional items to each Chapter. topic represented. Booths will include the most recent laws/policiesWe recommend compiling all vides governing that topic, e.g. latest lawscreated to one disc to be distributed governing texting and driving. Also,Navy wide, would allow for those plan on continuing relationshipcommands not allowed to access social established with Norfolk Policenetworking sites the opportunity to Department to discuss personal safetybenefit from other CSADD chapters along with the interaction withwork. Sailors that involve such topics asForwarded “Spice” and “Bath Salt” drinking and driving, distractiveupdates to all CSADD chapters Navy driving, and so forth.wide. Everyone is aware that these CSADD TPU is excited and constantlydesigner drugs are against the Navy trying to make it more conducive to“Zero Tolerance” Policy! This included meeting our Sailor’s needs, whileposting on CSADD pages about the new maintaining mission readiness.Marijuana Sodas with 2.5 grams inthem. CSADD VAW-121 (Norfolk)We ordered “That Guy” playing cards, POC: PS1 Howard Williamskey chains, posters, and table toppers howard.d.williams@navy.milto distribute to local chapters. We just created designation letters inWe also ordered more items from the place for sponsors, and advocate.“Right Spirit” for distribution to new Next week will have a ceremonyCSADD Chapters (picked up 1MAR11) announcing the beginning of our program. The name of the CSADDCSADD has been added to the Command chapter for VAW-121 will be calledCheck in sheet to approach Sailors “Open M.I.N.D.S” (Mission in Navyabout becoming members. Doesn’t Stop) Great things to follow.CSADD NAVSTA Norfolk TPU CSADD USS BARRY (DDG 52) (Norfolk)POC: SHC Allisia Christie POC: NC1 Kelly Carrallisia.christie@navy.mil carrk@ddg52.navy.milTPU Norfolk established a new CSADD BARRY actively promotes CSADD eachteam as of 1FEB11. Managers consist port visit by giving out playing cardsof MM1 Davis, AO1 Thomas, and OS1 and key chains. We also have the pop 4
  5. 5. March CSADD - AROUND OUR NAVY 2011up placement cards on each table on those in need of someone to talk to orthe mess decks. a safe ride home!)CSADD FLEET ANTI-SUBMARINE WARFARE We are in the process of puttingTRAINING CENTER (Norfolk) together some skits for our Wednesday training days.POC: STGC Chris Salisburychris.salisbury@navy.mil We have formed a core group and also have put out the message in our POWWe elected our new CSADD Officers. We that we are in full effect. Everycurrently have the following positions member of our Chapter (we have 10 plusheld by students: President, VP, our CMC) is very enthusiastic aboutSecretary, Treasurer, VP of the CSADD cause and all theCommunications, Fundraising Chair, potentially positive things we can doTraining Chair, Social Event Chair, by spreading the message.and Community Chair. CSADD VQ-3 DET TRAVISJanuary: CSADD members met at a localpark and played games and ate pizza POC: AM1 Patrick O’Brynethen did a Beach Clean-up at Sunset brennon.baker@navy.milCliffs. An obstacle we have run into is theFebruary: Held a pizza sale. Profits type of schedule we run makes havingwill be used to purchase T-shirts for larger more effective meetingsCSADD members. Still need a few more difficult, the only time we have asales before they can be ordered. great audience is during our safety stand downs.We are currently conducting monthlytraining for anyone who attends. In Other training we conduct besides thethe future we plan on doing training monthly prescribed goes on a case byat our monthly student’s GMT’s. case basis in relation to current events. For example, during theWe are planning on monthly movie night holiday season we posted safe holidayon base sponsored by CSADD. driving tips for the weather.We are also planning on having another We also speak to other things for ourvolleyball tournament to promote CSADD Sailors to do in the local area:awareness. Scuba, site seeing, parks, etc. WeCSADD VFA-143 (NAS Oceana) provide anything that gives them another option other than sitting inPOC: AO2 Stephanie Spade their barracks room or drinking. Westephiespade@yahoo.com try to raise awareness of the richness of different activities in our area.New chapter created and seekingposters to promote. CSADD VFA-143 has We did receive the CSADD posters frommade up CSADD notification cards (for CNRMA, and would like to suggest one that bears the CSADD logo-meaning. 5
  6. 6. March CSADD - AROUND OUR NAVY 2011CNRMA responded and has developed this and the CSADD Face book page for theirposter. trainings. Each member of our command is encouraged to become fans of theCSADD Portsmouth Naval Shipyard CSADD Face book page.POC: MM1 Douglas Painter NRD NEW YORK has its own Face bookdouglas.painter@navy.mil page and a fan of the CSADD page.Since we are a small command (about 80 Since we are so spread out and wesailors total) spread over shift work typically do not have junior personneland various areas of the shipyard at our command the dynamic of CSADDparticipation in the program is low. had to shift a little. We have encouraged everyone in our command toPromoting awareness: We make entries become a part of CSADD and get to knowin the Plan of the week. CSADD it.participates in safety stand downs andother safety events like the save a The main challenge our chapter haslife tour we had here last year. encountered is that the operation tempo of recruiting and the locationAn anti-DUI car for the long holiday of each member of the command makes itweekend is planned. difficult to interact like at a normalMonthly training topics are command.implemented in the POW, due to the The posters sent from CNRMA wereuniqueness of the environment of the received and passed out to becommand. displayed in all recruiting stationsCSADD NRD NEW YORK throughout the New York/New Jersey area.POC: AT1 Brian Lugaverebrian.k.lugavere@navy.mil The main thing that NRD NEW YORK CSADD Chapter has done to promote awarenessNRD New York has just implemented the of CSADD is post the videos that theCSADD chapter by incorporating the CSADD Face book page comes out with onmonthly training topics during our my personal page so that my FutureDivision Trainings each month. During Sailors and fellow Sailors can bethis training the representatives for abreast of what is going on witheach recruiting zone gives his/her CSADD.presentation on the topic at hand. Weencourage each member to open the CSADD FRC NORFOLKfloor to any life story that they have POC: AZ1 Bookerencountered to create a better Lisa.Booker@navy.milenvironment for learning from eachother. CSADD FRC Norfolk just stood up.The CSADD reps utilize the CSADDwebsite, Naval Safety Center website 6
  7. 7. March CSADD - AROUND OUR NAVY 2011We are interested in ways to make an We are in the process of developingimpact on our fellow Sailors at the our CSADD team member’s positions andcommand and have done the following: responsibilities to have a more successful team as a whole.Become part of the command INDOC/check in process I would say the main obstacle we have faced is the times in which to conductAdded weekly notes in the POW the CSADD class. We are going through our training cycle right now andPromoted the St. Paddy’s Day 5K run on finding the time to conduct ourNOB for Physical Health Month! classes is difficult. To overcomeWe received posters, playing cards, this obstacle we have three CSADDkey chains, “right Spirit” and “That members which can run the class in theGuy” items from CNRMA. event that one or two cannot attend.CSADD USS DONALD COOK (DDG75) We plan on having a CSADD meeting with all Sailors who would like to be aPOC: FC1 Vanderhenst part of the team and dictate each andvanderhh@ddg75.navy.mil every one of their responsibilities and in that way create a moreOur CSADD chapter is moving forward efficient and active team.slowly but surely. We startedimplementing the program several weeks CSADD USS KEARSARGEago and are still in the process ofmaking it more efficient. POC: MM2 Carl Braxton braxtonc@lhd3.navy.milCSADD USS Donald Cook has held one totwo CSADD classes every week and we The door ads will be very effectivetarget each department 18-25 year that CNRMA sent out to all.olds. The crowds are smaller and We recommend that the “first 72hrs”because of that we are able to target video is updated. It is still veryeach sailor with a more personalized true, but very much out dated.message and keep their attention forlonger periods of time without boring CSADD does not get the press that itthem with information that gets put should, but with more effort from us,out constantly. (Round table we can change that Navy wide. Thankdiscussion showing pictures, personal you for your time and effort.experiences, and topics listed forCSADD to cover) CSADD NWS EARLE, NJSo far CSADD has received a lot of POC: MA2 Ben Wrightsupport from the Command and its wrightb@eu.navy.milleaders and that is why it has beensuccessful since the day it first CSADD is doing great however we had astarted. set back with two Sailors being discharged for Spice. Awareness and 7
  8. 8. March CSADD - AROUND OUR NAVY 2011training have been drilled into our cancer, an older brother protectingheads. It is very disappointing the younger from arguing parents, andknowing that you can’t help everyone, another person dealing withbut the ones we do help make up for depression.it. NAVY REGION MIDWESTWe have worked with FFSC whenquestions/issues are brought up that I CSADD RESERVE COMPONENT COMMANDor my team can’t handle ourselves. POC: ITC Anna DouglasIt’s been working well. In fact I (anna.douglas@navy.mil)have handed out about 25 Chill Drillaudiotapes, from Military one source. Health Promotions Committee and CSADDThis was initially used to send out to will be teaming up to observeour troops overseas. I took one and Nutrition Month, which is the entirelistened to it and was satisfied that month of March. All were invited tothe Junior Sailors here on base could join on 16Mar11 to share andbenefit from this tape. I have not foods/fruit under 500 calories perreceived any negative feedback as of serving. The Health promotionsyet, in fact one E3 got back to me and provided training on eating healthysaid thank you because it made him and CSADD will discuss ways tosleep better, without his mind racing. healthier eating and living. Each person/department was asked to bringI have a connection with the local in a special dish (500 calories orhigh school in my town. They also below per serving) so that they mayhave their own version of CSADD and it all share.has been a good info and learningsession for me. I am putting together CSADD GREAT LAKESa local training packet to help get myteam up to speed.Some recommendations:Where are the “That Girl” posters?FFSC has a suicide Awareness TrainingCD, not sure if this is from Region orBig Navy but in it is a band thatpromotes a message through a musicvideo. The message is good, but theviewing is dark, loud, and sometimesnot understandable. I know aboutpermissions, licenses, etc..but a POC: YNCS Todd Kingbetter video in my view would be Kate todd.king@navy.milPerry’s “Firework.” There is We created video for Anger Managementdefinitely a clear message and in the referencing FFSC for help. Greatvideo it shows a boy dealing with 8
  9. 9. March CSADD - AROUND OUR NAVY 2011short take posted on their face book We sent out all the “Spice” and “Bathpage. Salt” updates. Everyone is aware that these designer drugs are against theDrafted Poster, simple with thumbs up USN “Zero Tolerance” Policy.that CSADD GRLK - Always here! CSADDemblem bottom left, very creative. CFAY reestablished their CSADD and started having meetings again. TheyGLK CSADD participated in the Polar held an ALL HANDS call with their CMCPlunge and has actively engaged new to promote CSADD and discuss theSailors to assist in making new mission of CSADD.videos. Most of the CSADD’s in CNRJ haveCSADD COMNAVREG SE started to use SITREP’S (with personal info blocked out) in their trainingPOC: QMC Jeffrey Brebner plans. They are learning from othersjeffrey.brebner@navy.mil mistakes and discuss how this personWe are creating chapters throughout or persons could have prevented it.the Region, and actively soliciting CSADD CNFJ is working on a commercialSailors to become members. we hope to put on Armed Forces NetworkMonthly trainings have been on-going to train/deter on how to be ain accordance with the NAVADMIN; “Shipmate on and off duty” when ithowever we have not seen anything like comes to dealing with sexual assault.the videos coming out of the Mid- CSADD USS GEORGE WASHINGTON is workingAtlantic Region. We are taking the with CSADD CNFJ to get their CSADDcreative ideas as they are great Chapter established. Motivatedexamples for us to use and getting our Sailors ready to help shipmates.creative minds going. CSADD Atsugi’s had another “That Guy”Recommend that we get other CSADD campaign. They handed out that guychapters to get their videos on merchandise and discussed how CSADD isYouTube. On some of the smaller here to help make the right decision.installations, CSADD is not as strongas the bigger bases; so they can use CSADD USS LASSEN made CSADD Cards.those videos for training value. These cards were printed on base andCNFJ/CNRJ REGION have all the vital numbers at the command on them i.e. DAPA, SAPR,POC: CS1 Chad Shiflett Quarter Deck, Taxi, CDO…chad.shiflett@fe.navy.mil CSADD AFRICOMCSADD USNH Yokosuka established a POC: IS3 Kevin MullinsChapter and had their first meeting. Kevin.mullins@africom.milThey are ready to do big things andare developing great ideas. 9
  10. 10. March CSADD - AROUND OUR NAVY 2011We created a Business Plan to help We also forward additional briefs putvisualize goals/objectives and garner out by other CSADD chapters.support from the Chief’s mess. Distribute additional awarenessWe created an Attendance Tracker posters received.(numbers not 100% accurate) to helpfigure out where our members live and Monthly plans include:what branch they are in. Knowing this January was “Mafia Night” where weinformation will allow us to target cooked various pastas and Italian foodareas/places/branches that aren’t and watched mob moviesrepresented. We went bowling during “penny pin”We conducted quarterly officer bowling nightmeetings with Senior Enlisted Leadersfrom all branches to discuss We just finished our Gladiator nightgoals/objectives/problems. with pot luck with time appropriate food (grapes, olives, meat andWe are assigned to a COCOM, there are potatoes, etc.)very few junior enlisted and becauseof this we must try to recruit a high We are having a “Mustache Marchpercentage of the few here to get a Madness” where we are putting out thedecent turnout for events. grooming regulations for facial hair and whoever can grow the best mustacheWithout funding, and not wanting to in the month of March while complyingfundraise as it strays from our with regulations will win a new razorpurpose, most of our events must be and shaving crème.well thought-out to be cost effective,usually pot lucks/movie nights. We want to sponsor a similar “fun run”Lately, we’ve suggested to members like the other CSADD Chapter I readtaking advantage of monthly USO trips about (Hawaii), but will probably waitthat are free for single/unaccompanied for spring when it is warmer.military. Last month several memberswent to Nurnberg with the USO program. We’d like to take a trip to the Newschweinstein Castle. It is aboutPromoting awareness: We created an hour away so we could probablymonthly safety briefs using the arrange a carpool. This is the castleprovided schedule. Also provided that looks like the Disney Castle.additional briefs relevant to what’sgoing on (i.e. tax season, holiday For one of our monthly safety topics,shopping tips, etc.) All briefs are we’d like to create a short video thatthen distributed to all AFRICOM we could send out via email andenlisted via e-mail. CSADD also through the AFRICOM website.provides all Navy safety stand-downbriefs and will provide those forother services as requested. 10
  11. 11. March CSADD - AROUND OUR NAVY 2011CSADD DESRON THREE ONE NAVSURFGRU CSADD PENTAGON (NDW)MIDDLE PACIFICPOC: RP2 L. E. DcDadelonnie.mcdade@navy.milRP2 DcDade is the president and IT3Sourivong is the vice president. Asof right now we have held two events.The first was a safety stand down weheld at the base auditorium in Novwith over 500 military members ofdifferent branches (mostly Navy) werein attendance. POC: IT1 SimmonsTraining was conducted on the CSADD Pentagon has assisted in helpingfollowing topics: over 8 chapters start their chapters.DAPA, NEX shoplifting, spice (Sailors Completed safety stand downs at theare using it because they believe it Navy headquarters. Set up severalis legal), nutrition, and MWR. safety booths throughout the Pentagon to promote safety and awareness.The second event was early in themonth of Feb we had a 2 mile Fun run. Some obstacles were those who did notThis was to encourage Sailors to know of CSADD. Quarterly walkexercise as part of our military throughs are accomplished to ensuretraining, and promote a healthy awareness at the Pentagon.lifestyle. Our team meets twice a month toLink PAO did on CSADD chapter. schedule events and special tasking.http://www.navy.mil/search/display.asp?story_id=58605 We highlighted our event for March which is ST. Patrick’s Day and aWe discussed possible events for the Videotaping.future such as: Spice Safety stand-down, Base Clean-up, Blood Drive, and CSADD Naval Support Activity-have Fleet & Family come to our Washingtoncommand and hold Million Dollar Sailor CSADD Sponsor:training. GSCS Mahendra Soogrim CSADD Leaders/Advocates: EMC Noli Manaloto CS1 Tanya Johnson BM1 James Mason MA2 Dominic Outlaw 11
  12. 12. March CSADD - AROUND OUR NAVY 2011MC2 Kiona Miller implement an Individual ForceLS2 Edward Regonini Protection Plan (IFPP) and familiarize themselves and families withInitial meeting for NSA-W CSADD Operational Risk Management.Chapter is scheduled on 15Mar2011 at1230. CSADD NSA BAHRAIN POC: CTNC Cliff BrownNSA Aegis Training and Readiness Clifford.Brown@me.navy.milCenter, Dahlgren First we would like to thank CNRMA forCommand Sponsors:LSCS Marvin Hayden the assistance in getting CSADDOSC Earl Harris Bahrain off the ground. Since then our numbers have grown exponentially.Command Advocates:FC2 Terrence Williams We first noticed there was a need forFC2 Jeremy Wilcox an organized team. Along with our command, there are 89 tenant commandsFirst official meeting for ATRC and we needed representation toDahlgren CSADD chapter was 11Mar2011. properly spread the CSADD message. ToSouthwest Region do this we began having weekly meetings and once the group was largeWebsite/Facebook/Region Team are up enough, elected officers. Since thenand running! Our CSADD team here at our program has blossomed into what wethe Region is staying pretty busy with have today.inquiries by email and phone calls.We need to work on our PA plan and get CSADD NSA Bahrain has promotedmore "friends" on Facebook and awareness by the use of the POW. Eachcontinue to spread the word. We will month we post up posters, the onesalso beat the drumbeat as I go toother installations. CMDCM Torchia CNRMA sent and we also ordered a kitfrom the Naval Safety Center conducted from “That Guy” website. Thea CSADD event. We had 352 Sailors in materials were sent free of charge.the metro area attend a CSADD brief The kit included; videos, playinggiven by RADM Johnson, SAFECEN. The cards, posters, key rings, andbrief included video clips from stickers. At every event, we handSailors and Marines that had been these out to promote the program.impacted by a DUI, Fatigue, andDistracted Driving. All the videos Also, each month the teams comeproduced a great deal of discussion together to host an installation wideand honest answers. event to promote the monthly topic.EURAFSWA Region So far the chapter has participated in the Great American Smoke out;CSADD CNREURAFSWA: Staff Chapter conducted safety briefs for topic ofconducts meetings on every Friday. DEC; conducted an open forum for topicWith recent world events, the Sailors of JAN; setup a table for the Superhave identified some possible risk and bowl to distribute “That Guy”recommended that each Sailor should 12
  13. 13. March CSADD - AROUND OUR NAVY 2011items/promote for CSADD and FEB had a CSADD NSA SIGONELLA: Working closelyjob fair like setup to promote FFSC. with the newly formed Task Force DUI.We are utilizing the MCs on base to This has been a great combination andtake photos and video, to write expect some great synergy from thesearticles for the base paper and two working together.hopefully, get a spot on the ArmedForces Network. We are also, doing CSADD NSA SOUDA BAY: Registered andsafety videos to cover topics that are initiated their chapter. SSgt Alazarlocal to the command. is the designated Team Leader. The chapter is currently working on aLastly we have designed t-shirts and Facebook page and put it as a link onhave plans on designing a command Command web page. The program iscoin. From our first event, the shirt picking up rapidly, however due tois going over well, with orders being current situations it has slowed downplaced for purchase. for the month.We are developing our Face book page CSADD NCTCS: Met the first time on 7and will use it to promote our topics March 2011. We are meeting withas well as display videos and pictures Naples Local Area CSADD chapters.from our events. Also, we willpromote our other topics throughout Next month, we will be running a videothe month, alongside the monthly on Regional Webpage promoting CSADD intopics. The plan is to promote and EURAFSWA Region. We are working withrecruit for future events. Naples Local Area CSADD Chapters to put together a Symposium together forWe are working on an idea called this area. Some discussion were“Flash mob.” The idea is to have a conducted on topics that includedgroup enter an area, on cue; they will bringing in Local law enforcementpop up, come together and put out a agencies, Fire, FFSC, Medical, SARP,message, then run out. The impact is Regional Legal, and MWR.to draw attention to a group, whileputting out a message. Region HawaiiThe Sailors of NSA Bahrain have taken We had a telephone conference with CMDCM Torchia at COMNAVSAFECEN.ownership of the program and are Overall he likes our program here inmaking a huge impact all over the Hawaii:installation. UPDATES:CSADD NSA NAPLES: Team Leader turnedover to MA1 Owens; Naples has put - Had a Fun Run (2 mi.) last month ontogether a commercial for AFN. In base to promote staying in shape. Weaddition, Naples will be advertising had a banner made and displayed, andtheir CSADD Chapter on their PAO was there to do a story. Last week we had a phone conference withinstallation electronic Board. COMNAVSAFECEN CMC for 45 min. about CSADD program. We plan to have a Spice safety stand down in the base 13
  14. 14. March CSADD - AROUND OUR NAVY 2011auditorium. The Chief Mess will havelimited participation, because theidea of CSADD is for junior sailors tolook out for junior sailors.- For the Fun Run we had 20 runnerscome out to support that event. Forthe spice safety stand-down we hope tohave between 500-1000 Navy servicemembers from all over the island inattendance as we had for our lastsafety stand down last year.*************************************This concludes the updates for thisquarter. Use this as an opportunityto learn from each other and grow yourinputs for the next quarter to yourregional coordinators. We would verymuch like to have pictures of Sailorsin action through CSADD to include infuture events. Send your pictures toFleet Master Chief Benning atscott.benning@navy.milCoalition of Leaders Enabling SailorsSuccess (COLESS) is the governing bodyfor the CSADD program and will provide Shipmates helping Shipmates! Each of you arestrategic guidance and oversight of showing that your personal actions in helpingresources in direct support of the others can have a positive impact and ensureprogram. change that enables us to strengthen our Navy. You should all be extremely proud of your efforts and I encourage you to continue toIntroducing your Coalition of Leaders encourage others to join your team. We areEnabling Sailors Success “America’s Navy – A Global Force for Good”Representatives: and you have shown all that this good starts with each one of us and the fact that we are living up to our commitment to serve othersProgram Coordinator: FLTCM Benning with Honor, Courage, and Commitment. Have aProgram Administrator: YN1 Long Great Navy Day Shipmates and thank you forNaval Safety Center: CMDCM Torchia your leadership Around Our Navy! Please seeN135: Mrs. Lanorfeia Holder the note from CMDCM Torchia from the NavalCNIC: FORCM Engles Safety Center on the last page.—FLTCM BenningBUMED: FORCM Martinez 14
  15. 15. March CSADD - AROUND OUR NAVY 2011 The Way Ahead As we look to the future of CSADD, we cannot forget the trueconcept of this program: junior Sailors leading other junior Sailors.During the course of the last year, I have visited several differentregions, and the initiatives and accomplishments junior Sailors havemade to our great Navy are remarkable. I ask that our junior Sailors be allowed to maintain thisprogram as designed. We risk losing so much if this initiativebecomes just another mandated Navy program that is required ratherthan voluntary, and taken out of the hands of the junior Sailor.Its important that we remember the concept of this great program,which is peer-to-peer mentorship and influence. It allows juniorSailors to lead within their own peer groups knowing they have thefull support and respect of senior Naval Leadership. Our Sailors prove everyday that they have the abilities tomake a difference in our organization. Part of this comes from thetrust and confidence we as senior leaders show them by giving themthe opportunity to shape and mold their own futures. The CSADD slogan, which is embedded in the ships wheel logo,states maintaining "our" course. The orders to the helm are there,and the junior Sailors have taken this program, embraced it, and aresteaming ahead to face challenges head on with a renewed spirit andsense of self accomplishment. This will no doubt bring a greaterpride and kindred spirit within our organization and strengthen ourability to meet our mission and continue to project our global forcefor good. Keep the press on and stay safe.~ CMDCM (AW/SW) D. Torchia/Naval Safety Center 15