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Why Sakai? Durham Tech's LMS Transition


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Why Sakai? Durham Tech's LMS Transition

  1. 1. Why Sakai? Durham Tech’s LMS Transition September 30, 2013 NC3ADL
  2. 2. What is Sakai? • A learning management system created by and for higher education • Developed and maintained by a community of educational institutions • A non-profit foundation (Apereo) co-ordinates ongoing development Durham Technical Community College
  3. 3. Built by and for higher education Durham Technical Community College
  4. 4. Who is using it? • UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University have moved from Blackboard to Sakai • Other institutions using Sakai include: Durham Technical Community College
  5. 5. How did we choose Sakai? • In Fall 2009, Durham Tech formed an LMS team – Broad representation – 10 of 11 team members taught online and/or hybrid – Held open meetings • Evaluated Moodle, Sakai, and Blackboard 9 (which had not yet been released) • Piloted Sakai in Fall 2010; expanded pilot in 2011 • In 2011, revisited Moodle 2 • In late 2011, team made final report to the President, recommending Sakai • In Spring 2012, President announced decision to move to Sakai Durham Technical Community College
  6. 6. What do we like about Sakai? • Lots of tools! Durham Technical Community College
  7. 7. Durham Technical Community College
  8. 8. Durham Technical Community College
  9. 9. What do we like about Sakai? • Lots of tools! • Nifty “group” features • Nice calendar tool (that students like!) • Grading enhancements • Project sites • Off-site hosting with the vendor of our choice • Meetings tool (BigBlueButton) Durham Technical Community College
  10. 10. Sakai Transition Time Line Durham Technical Community College 18-month implementation plan • To train 350 instructors: 290 credit / 60 non-credit Goal: Everyone trained and ready to use Sakai by Dec 2013 As of today: 331 trained
  11. 11. Sakai Training • Minimum requirement to use Sakai: • Completion of Intro to Sakai workshop • Or prior experience using Sakai as an instructor • Optional workshops on selected tools: • Gradebook • Lessons • Tests & Quizzes • Intro to Sakai offered online • 77 completers since June 2013 Durham Technical Community College
  12. 12. Sakai Support • Sakaigers: 8 faculty served as super users during the transition. Received stipend to provide assistance to their peers. • We maintain a wiki with Help resources for students and instructors • • Starting January 2014, Blackboard Student Services will provide 24/7 support for our Sakai users Durham Technical Community College
  13. 13. Demos • Intro to Sakai • ACA-122 (Kerry Cantwell) • CIS-110 (Charlene West) • WEB-110 (Becky Roehrs) Durham Technical Community College