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MGT 462 Group Project

  1. 1. Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola
  2. 2. ProPepsi Coca-Cola• Employment • Employment• PepsiCo Foundation • Coca Cola Foundation – Feed the Children – Pushcart• Pepsi Concerned Citizen Program/Community Investment Program Business Fund and Poverty Reduction • PAC Match Program
  3. 3. ConPepsi Coca-Cola• Health Conscious Society • Health Conscious Society• Madonna Controversy • Killer Coke
  4. 4. Pepsi• $25.9 million to charitable causes• Not has focused on support back from communities• Quick response to natural disasters• Focuses on empowerment
  5. 5. Coca Cola• $355 million to community initiatives• Own foundation to make change happen• Capitalization of products• High expectations for community support
  6. 6. Environmental - Pepsi• “PepsiCo’s responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate – environment, social and economic – creating a better tomorrow than today” (PepsiCo, 2006).• PepsiCo prides itself on being environmentally responsible and uses ten different Environmental policies that show this dedication• PepsiCo has even gone far enough to provide customers with global sustainable packaging.
  7. 7. Environmental – Coca-Cola• Coca Cola has taken the initiative to design healthy watersheds and sustainable programs that contribute to keeping the environment clean.• New ways to make a difference in the communities, where Coca Cola operates, is why we recognize them as one of the leading Environment protectors.
  8. 8. • Coca-Cola and Pepsi have always beensimilar in their “fun and young” personalities, the two companies have consistently stayed on separate paths over the decades. On the whole, Pepsi has stuck with its high energy, music and comedy-driven strategy while Coke can be seenconstantly gravitating towards the emotional side of branding
  9. 9. Pepsi• They have historically gone through an immense amount of change when it comes to their logo evolution and brand recognition.• From the early 1900’s to the 1960’s Pepsi’s logo was extremely similar to that of Coca Cola.• • It wasn’t till 1962 that they incorporated a unique logo that identified them as a competitor to Coca Cola, rather than a subordinate.
  10. 10. Pepsi• Many of their ads were historically targeted at teens and even pre-teens and are injected with fun, sports and most often, music.• This strategy was important for the individuality of Pepsi because it separated them from the same market as Coca Cola.• However, Pepsi refined its image so many times throughout the decade that it often created hatred from the consumer.
  11. 11. Coca Cola• Coca Cola may be the most prominent soft drink in the entire world.• Long before global branding was the trend it is today, Coca- Cola was embracing diversity• “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” series of ads, depicting people from all over the globe joining together in Coke and song.
  12. 12. Coca Cola• • Pepsi always stayed aimed right at children but Coke seems to know that Mom does the shopping and to get her you have to use an emotional appeal that makes Coca-Cola not only something that the whole family desires, but something that is literally an integral part of the family’s life experiences.
  13. 13. Coca Cola• However the most significant and beneficial change that Coca Cola made was to simplify their image
  14. 14. Recommendations (Pepsi)• keep their ideas simple• image of high energy, musical, and comedic relief stayed intact• adopt aspects of Coca Cola’s family oriented aspects they could easily appeal to a larger market• increase their brand recognition and sales internationally
  15. 15. Recommendations (Coca Cola)• to keep doing what they are already doing• simplistic design and emphasis and being a “classic” household soft drink that reflects family, love, and diversity• Keep it simple