Social Media Unleashed: How Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Can Maximize Social Media


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Social media basics for dog walkers and pet sitters. Presented at Pet Care Pros conference, October 5, 2013 in Boston, MA

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Social Media Unleashed: How Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Can Maximize Social Media

  1. 1. Social Media Unleashed. How Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Can Maximize Social Media / @marisacp51 / #PetConf
  2. 2. About Marisa Chief Strategist at The Strategic Peacock. I provide resources and information for small businesses, independent schools and other professionals seeking to advance their knowledge of digital media technologies and strategies. Owner of 6 year old Pit Bull named Sampson. / @marisacp51 / #PetConf
  3. 3. What is Social Media? Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks Examples: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram / @marisacp51 / #PetConf
  4. 4. Why Social Media? Reasons why people follow businesses on social media: • Get updates on product 38% • Stay informed about company activities 32% • Receive discounts & promotions 31% • Fun & entertainment 26% / @marisacp51 / #PetConf Source: Exact Target
  5. 5. Who Uses Social Media? Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram % of internet users 67% 16% 15% 13% Average Age, Demographic 18-29 Women 18-26 urban residents, African-Americans under 50 women college-educated 18-29 African-Americans, Latinos, women urban residents Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, The Demographics of Social Media Users — 2012, February 2013 / @marisacp51 / #PetConf
  6. 6. Pet Owners & Social Media • 90% of dog owners take more pictures of their pets than partners • 45% say they always use a picture of their pet as their social media profile • 10% of dogs have a profile on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube • 16% of pet owners believe that social media can improve their bond with their cats and dogs. • 17% of Millennial pet owners use apps designed to help them with pet care. Source: Direct Line Pet Insurance, 2013; AudienceSCAN / @marisacp51 / #PetConf
  7. 7. / @marisacp51 / #PetConf
  8. 8. Why Use Social Media • It’s an extension of your website • Tool for 2-way communication • Channel to deliver information directly to followers • Share & curate content • Promote philosophy, mission and values • Drive web traffic • Create new connections / @marisacp51 / #PetConf
  9. 9. I’m a Dog Walker. I Don’t Have a Desk. • Let mobile be your best friend. Your smartphone can be your mobile office. • Use Siri and mobile apps to post photos, status updates and check-in. Set up networks to connect appropriately. • Streamline your workflows. Explore for recipes. Set up alerts and notifications. / @marisacp51 / #PetConf
  10. 10. Get Started • Find your audience. Ask your members what social sites they use. • Repackage subscription content for outside messaging to showcase your leadership within your industry and encourage others to join. • Promote events on social media. • Promote social media engagement during events. Assign a #hashtag. • Start a conversation. Ask questions. Add value. / @marisacp51 / #PetConf
  11. 11. Pinterest / @marisacp51 / #PetConf
  12. 12. / @marisacp51 / #PetConf
  13. 13. / @marisacp51 / #PetConf Pinterest Example
  14. 14. Pinterest Best Practices / @marisacp51 / #PetConf • See what’s being pinned from your site. Go to source/ to see all the pins. • Learn more about your Pinners. What are the names they give to boards with you photos, information? Board names like “Things I love” or “Best companies” can give you insight. • Always upload pins from your website. When users click on pin they’ll be directed to your website. Track traffic from Pinterest within Google Analytics.
  15. 15. Instagram / @marisacp51 / #PetConf
  16. 16. Instagram Example / @marisacp51 / #PetConf
  17. 17. / @marisacp51 / #PetConf 6 Emotional Trends of Instagram Users • Sharing • Documentation • Seeing Source: Consumer Production in Social Media Networks: A Case Study of the “Instagram” iPhone App by Zachary McCune • Community • Creativity • Therapy
  18. 18. / @marisacp51 / #PetConf Instagram Best Practices • Keep content fresh, interactive, and aligned with the brand attributes you want your customers to notice • Post pictures that have meaning to your users and induce shares • Encourage users to get involved in your content creation. • Give followers a better understanding of what happens ‘behind the scenes’
  19. 19. Short Videos / @marisacp51 / #PetConf
  20. 20. / @marisacp51 / #PetConf Why Vines & Instagram Video Work • A branded Vine is 4X more likely to be seen than a branded video. • Dogs are a Vine favorite. • Since the launch of Instagram video, there has been a 37 percent increase in Instagram shares on Twitter. • Instagram videos are creating 2X more engagement than Instagram photos
  21. 21. / @marisacp51 / #PetConf Short Video Best Practices • Use #hashtags. • Create how-to videos that inform • Distribution is key to success. Link Twitter accounts to Vine accounts. Share Instagram videos on Twitter & Facebook. • Craft content to match call to action. • Be creative. Source: The 7th Chamber
  22. 22. Community Management / @marisacp51 / #PetConf
  23. 23. / @marisacp51 / #PetConf What is Community Management? • A community is a group of people with shared values, behaviors and artifacts. • A Community Manager fosters customer engagement and offers relevant and useful content to their constituencies.  • Working together, a community and social media manager can ensure that all voices are heard and brands are appropriately monitored to provide exceptional customer support and promote marketing campaigns.
  24. 24. / @marisacp51 / #PetConf Community Management Best Practices • It’s about the message, not the medium. Your message is not dependent on a specific platform. • It’s about organic engagement. Don’t force activities on an audience. Let it evolve organically. • Bigger isn’t always better. It’s not about how big your community is, but how effective it is. • It takes a village. Share knowledge, responsibility. • If you don’t care, neither will your community.
  25. 25. Thank you! / @marisacp51 / #PetConf