Improving the Mobile Coupon Experience


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It is pre­dicted that in 2013, 10 bil­lion mobile coupons will be redeemed. And yet, 40.7% of mobile cus­tomers say that their coupon redemp­tion varies on a merchant-by-merchant basis, indi­cating that it isn’t always easy to figure out how to redeem them. This presentation examines ways to suc­cess­fully deliver coupons via mobile apps, mobile browsers or through SMS based ser­vices so that they are not only deliv­ered to the right cus­tomer at the right time, but that they are effec­tively redeemed, as well.

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Improving the Mobile Coupon Experience

  1. 1. Improving the Mobile CouponShopping ExperienceMarisa PeacockSr. Reporter/CommunityManagerCMSWire.comThursday, April 25, 2013#ACP13image credit:
  2. 2. #ACP13About is a popular web magazine publishedby Simpler Media Group, Inc. Our daily updates keepyou in the know about Customer ExperienceManagement, Digital Marketing, Social Business andEnterprise Information
  3. 3. Where Print Isn’t Required• More than 1 Billion activesmartphone users• 47% of smartphone users arewomen• 62% of smartphone users are25 - 34 years old• Brick and Mortar shops vyingfor relevancy in onlinemarketplaceImage credit: Anchor Mobile sources: Strategy Analytics, 2012;, 2012Why Digital Coupons ?
  4. 4. #ACP13In December 2012, Latitude 42s surveyed 900 smartphone-enabled shoppers across the world about mobile shoppingImage credit: Latitude 42s
  5. 5. #ACP13How would you like to shop in the futureusing your mobile device?The survey found that:– 92% want to be alerted when stores are havingsales– 92% want tap “smart” posters for coupons– 95% want self-scan items for check-out– 96% want to be able to keep a virtual loyalty card
  6. 6. Radium One SurveyImproving the Performanceof Mobile Coupons• In February 2013, RadiumOne released a surveycalled "Improving the Performance of MobileCoupons."• The survey analyzed how women between the ages of35 and 54 interface with coupons on their mobiledevices for household purchases.
  7. 7. We Have Some Good News.. And Some Bad News• 61.9% of femalerespondents haveredeemed grocery andconsumer goods retailcoupons• 40.7% said thatcoupon redemptionvaries on a merchant-by-merchant basisImage credit:
  8. 8. The Technology Isn’t BrokenThe number of friction pointsin the redemption processgreatly reduces the practical useof mobile based offers.
  9. 9. #ACP13There are at least 4 different ways by which ashopper can redeem a mobile coupon.Image courtesy of radiumone
  10. 10. Digital Coupon Preferences• 51.5% prefer to display the coupon to a cashier• 23.8% prefer scanning based methods• 42.3% prefer SMS based couponsIn the RadiumOne survey:• 28.1% prefer barcode-scan mobile coupon• 36.4% find pushnotifications of mobilecoupon offers usefulImage courtesy of Neo Media Technologies
  11. 11. Humans Make it Hard to Redeem Coupons• Cashiers and checkoutmanagers not informed• No clear signage abouthow to redeem mobilecoupons• Access to good in-storeWiFi can be spotty• Hard to use multiplecoupons at onceBarriers to Mobile Coupon Redemption
  12. 12. Optimize the Mobile Customer ExperienceBest Practices• Employ quick access display and scan based couponoffers• Avoid multi-step redemption processes• Tailor mobile coupon offers specifically to everydayconsumer based products (groceries, food & drink,retail goods)• Push relevant offers to mobile shoppers via SMS text• Leverage in-app loyalty programs that automaticallyredeem mobile coupon offers.
  13. 13. #ACP13• Educate staff about howto scan mobile coupons• Encourage mobilecoupon use – less waste,fewer opportunities foruse after expiration• Show examples of howto redeem mobilecoupons – in storesignage, commercials,online advertisementsMore Best Practicesimage via Flickr from waynesutton12
  14. 14. #ACP13The mobile customerexperience must encompassall touch points, fromdownloading an app,signing up for alerts toengaging with human-beings.A true complete experiencemeans a happy, loyalcustomer.
  15. 15. #ACP13Thank you.Marisa