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Coutinho IIex sp2013

Some points for discussion with Terra, Wal Mart, Coca-Cola and BAT in the panel: How Understanding Consumers Drives Business Growth at the Insight Innovation Exchange in Brazil

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Coutinho IIex sp2013

  1. 1. Business  Growth,  Big  Data  and   Digital  Media   @mcou8nho  
  2. 2. For  a  media  company,  relevance  is  the   answer  for  the  informa8on  explosion  
  3. 3. Source:  Nielsen  (US)  
  4. 4. The  Business  Func8on  of  Informa8on   Minimise  risks   Add  value   (market,   (clients  and   financial,  legal)   prospects)   Create  new   Reduce  Costs   reality/change   (transac8ons   (social,  poli8cal,   and  process)   organiza8onal)   Source:  Marchand,  Compe8ng  with  Informa8on  
  5. 5. The  challenge  
  6. 6. History  repeats  itself:  the  produc8vity   paradox  and  business  informa8on  
  7. 7. The  “source  filter”:  from  data  to  knowledge   Data   (structure)  Environment   Seman8c   (physical)   (content)   Instruc8onal   Factual   False   True   Knowledge   in   the   business   Inten8onal   Non-­‐inten8onal   context:   the   capacity   to   (lie)   (mistake)   iden8fy   lies,   mistakes   and   INFORMATION   informa8on   Source:  Floridi,  2010  
  8. 8. Applying Knowledge to the value chain Value chain Production Value Client Value Product Consumer/ Retail Suppliers Project Supply Manuf. Deliver Market Planning Operations Mng. Intracompany operations (trad.)A   company   is   the   combina8on   between   capital,   goods,  services,   and   informa8on   to   produce   and   deliver   products  and  services  to  the  market   Source:  HBS,  Strategic  Management  Course  
  9. 9. The  relevance  filter:  More  informa8on  =  less  a[en8on  (this  is  true  at  board  level  as  well)       “In   an   informa8on-­‐rich   world,   the   wealth   of   informa8on   means   a   dearth   of   something   else:   a   scarcity   of   whatever   it   is   that   informa8on   consumes.     What   informa8on   consumes   is   rather   obvious:   it   consumes   the   a[en8on   of   its   recipients.     Hence   a   wealth   of   informa8on   creates   a   poverty   of   a[en8on”.     Herbert  Simon,  1971     Nobel  Prize  Economics,  1978  
  10. 10. It  is  an  old  problem   “Printers  fill  the  world  with   pamphlets  and  books  that   are  foolish,  ignorant,   malignant,  libelous,  mad,   impious  and  subversive;   and  such  is  the  flood  that   even  things  that  might   have  done  some  good  lose   all  their  goodness”     Erasmo,  1518  
  11. 11. The  challenge  is  cultural,  not   technological.     Marke8ng   Shopping   KPIs   Commercial   Product  KPIs   Sonora   KPIs   Terra   Mobile   Corporate   Terra  TV   KPIs   Clients  Out  of   Plaeorm   (Adver8sers)  Home   KPIs   KPIs   Advanced   Media   Portal/ Technology   Content  KPIs  
  12. 12. Close  encounters  of  the  third  kind:  sales  team,   clients,  prospects  and  former  clients  
  13. 13. And  don’t  forget  the  CEO  and  the  CFO  •  “The   Marke8ng   Director   waxes   lyrical   about   the   intangible   asset   of   the   brand   –   and   I   agree   in   the   importance   of   brand   as   a   founda8on   for   growth.   But   we   all   have   to   clearly   demonstrate   what   that   investment   produces   in   terms   of   building   value   in   the   business”   -­‐   CEO,   Services   Company  •  “Marke8ng   have   constantly   hidden   behind   a   fog   of   measures   that   are   based   purely   on   tac8cal   marke8ng   ac8vity,   rather   than   solid   financial   metrics   that   are   relevant   to   the   investors.   This   hasn’t   done   them   any   favours   in   improving   my   percep8on   of   them,   but   has   also   been   to   their   detriment   in   not   learning   or   understanding   how   to   best   apply   financial   discipline  to  their  func8on”  -­‐  CFO,    Fast  Consumer  Goods  Company  •  Our   focus   must   be   to   develop   a   standard   set   of   auditable   metrics   that   both  the  Marke8ng  Director  and  I  understand.  Without  these,  Marke8ng   should  realise  that  I  will  con8nue  to  challenge  their  budgets.  Also,  un8l  I’m   confident   that   marke8ng   metrics,   both   financial   and   non-­‐financial,   will   accurately   reflect   our   business,   I   will   not   be   accountable   for   including   these  in  my  repor8ng  to  the  shareholders”  -­‐  CFO,  Financial  Company   Source:  Deloi[e,  Marke8ng  in  3D  
  14. 14. IT  is  a  server.  Informa8on  for  increase   profits  or  reduce  costs  is  the  master  
  15. 15. From  Gutenberg  to  Zuckerberg,  the  produc8on  of  relevant   content,  with  adequate  costs  is  s8ll  the  key  for  survival   It   is   not   the   strongest   of   the   species   that   survives,   nor   the   most   intelligent,   but   rather   t h e   o n e   m o s t   adaptable  to  change.  
  16. 16. Business  Growth,  Big  Data  and   Digital  Media   @mcou8nho