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Are you still using desktop tools to track mobile apps? Do you know the ROI your mobile media is generating? How much visibility do you have in the attribution of your media?

The mobile media ecosystem is complicated. It’s rare to find someone who actually knows how mobile app tracking works, what KPIs to use to properly measure mobile, and how to empower media partners in real-time.

After this webinar, you’ll be one step closer to more successful mobile advertising campaigns. You’ll learn:
1) The challenges of tracking apps
2) Different mobile tracking methodologies
3) How to leverage your data

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May 1, 2014

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  • Ed ( is a master of in-app measurement and advertising. This pres. is fantastic! You can see the recording of the webinar we did with Ed on May 1 at
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  • Tracking provides the data to optimize
  • Challenges in mobile are still a concern for marketers – especially when it comes to tracking and measurement. Marketers are blind to their audience and remain challenged on how to attribute ad spend. Being able to recognize and attribute clicks to installs is a challenge that marketing community experiences first hand.
  • There is a tradeoff of accuracy vs. reach vs privacy
  • Mobile Media Tracking Unveiled

    1. 1. Somo Copyright & ConfidentialSomo Copyright & Confidential May 2014 Tweet us at @somoglobal #SomoWeb MOBILE MEDIA TRACKING UNVEILED Ed Chater, VP of Media Operations Moderated by: Michael Becker, Strategic and Market Development Advisor
    2. 2. Somo Copyright & Confidential WHO ARE WE? 2 Ed Chater, VP of Media Operations Michael Becker, Strategic and Market Development Advisor Ed has headed up Somo’s media operations since 2010, overseeing the management of all Somo’s media campaigns and working to drive efficiencies, constantly improve results, and define best practices. He is an expert in app distribution strategy and a specialist in mobile search. Ed was one of the fist people in the world to develop tracking solutions for mobile apps and pioneered the use of data in app marketing. Ed was recognized as one of MediaWeek’s 30 under 30 along with being a Revolution Awards Finalist. Michael J. Becker is a recognized mobile marketing pioneer, with 20+ years industry expertise. He is the co-founder, Managing Partner & CEO North America of mCordis, a leading provider of professional mobile marketing education and advisory services. Michael is an author, educator and industry volunteer. He is on the boards of Marketing EDGE and the Mobile Marketing Assocation (MMA) in North American and on the advisory boards for Assurant, Funmobility and Privowny. He is also an adjunct professor of mobile marketing at National University. Prior to forming mCordis Michael was the Managing Director North America for the Mobile Marketing Associations and co-founder of Archer, a leading mobile messaging solutions provider.
    3. 3. Somo Copyright & Confidential Learning Objectives  Understand the challenges of tracking apps  Different mobile tracking methodologies  How to leverage your data 3
    4. 4. Somo Copyright & Confidential AGENDA  Understanding Mobile Consumer Behavior  The Benefits of Tracking Apps  The Challenges of Tracking Apps  Different Mobile Tracking Methodologies 1. R.A.P. Mix 2. Attribution Methods a. Device ids b. Device recognition c. Referrer  How to Leverage Your Data 1. Measuring in app events 2. LTV and cohort analysis 3. Data pass back for optimization 4. Put mobile results in cross device context 5. Targeting audiences cross device 4
    5. 5. Somo Copyright & Confidential Objectives • KPI’s • Audience Media Mix •Paid •Owned •Earned Creative •Messaging •Formats Tracking •Tagging •Reporting Optimization •Analysis •Segmentation •Pricing WHAT MAKES UP AN ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN? 5 Today we are focusing here
    6. 6. Somo Copyright & Confidential Poll 6 How familiar are you with mobile media tracking? 1) I’m a superstar. 2) I’m comfortable, but always looking to learn more. 3) Sort of familiar. 4) Help, I’m new to mobile media tracking!
    7. 7. Somo Copyright & Confidential Poll 7 Are you currently tracking in-app media campaigns? 1) Yes, we are. 2) Yes, I think we are. 3) No. 4) I’m not sure.
    8. 8. Somo Copyright & Confidential JARGON BUSTER: WHAT DO WE MEAN BY TRACKING? 8 Tracking Analytics All terms used to describe technology that can generate & analyze advertising data Mobile Attribution Platforms Primary Focus: Matching ad clicks to conversions, and calculating ad ROI Onsite/In-App Platforms Primary Focus: Measuring the overall performance of a site or app Audience Platforms Primary Focus: Measuring the audience profile of a user Measurement In mobile (unlike desktop) solutions are fragmented into the following platforms:
    9. 9. Somo Copyright & Confidential MEASURING APPS IS DIFFERENT TO MEASURING MOBILE WEB  This presentation will focus on Advertising Apps  Mobile web is more simple to track 9 Advertising Apps Advertising Mobile Web Sites  In mobile there is a new dimension to advertising on mobile:
    10. 10. Somo Copyright & ConfidentialSomo Copyright & Confidential CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR 10
    11. 11. Somo Copyright & Confidential PEOPLE ARE SPENDING MORE TIME IN APPS THAN MOBILE WEB Source: Flurry April 2014 11
    12. 12. Somo Copyright & Confidential MORE TIME IS SPENT IN APPS THAN ON DESKTOP 12 Source: ComScore Feb 2014
    13. 13. Somo Copyright & ConfidentialSomo Copyright & Confidential THE BENEFITS OF TRACKING APP ADVERTISING 13
    14. 14. Somo Copyright & Confidential WHY DO WE WANT TO TRACK APP ADVERTISING 14 “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half” – John Wannamaker Tracking provides the data to optimize. It’s not MadMen, it’s MathMen.
    15. 15. Somo Copyright & Confidential WITH TRACKING YOU ARE ARMED WITH RICHER DATA 15 DATA WITHOUT AD TRACKING •Impressions •Clicks •CTR •CPC •Spend DATA WITH AD TRACKING •Impressions •Clicks •CTR •CPC •Spend •Conversions •Conversion Rates •Conversion Value •Average Conversion Value •Return on Investment •Life Time Value These metrics at Campaign, Creative & Media Partner powers optimization
    16. 16. Somo Copyright & Confidential MARKETERS SEE THE PROBLEM 16 48% of marketers surveyed state that Tracking & Measurement is their greatest mobile advertising concern. Source: MMA Survey, July 2012 What is your greater concern when it comes to mobile advertising? 48% Tracking and measurement 21% Cost and complexity 15% Privacy 13% Ability to scale 3% Brand safety
    17. 17. Somo Copyright & ConfidentialSomo Copyright & Confidential THE CHALLENGE WITH TRACKING ADVERTISING APPS 17
    18. 18. Somo Copyright & Confidential WHY IS MOBILE TRACKING SO HARD? 18 3rd party cookies don’t work OS App Store is a walled garden Traditional tools are broken Fragmented ecosystem with a lack of standards
    19. 19. Somo Copyright & Confidential THE GOOD NEWS: IT IS POSSIBLE 19 User clicks ad User downloads app User opens app User completes in-app event Unique ID is created at click Device: 1234 Unique ID is created at install Device: 1234 In-App Events Matched to device ID Device: 1234
    20. 20. Somo Copyright & ConfidentialSomo Copyright & Confidential HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY TRACK ADVERTISING MOBILE APPS 20
    21. 21. Somo Copyright & Confidential THREE PRIMARY METHODS OF TRACKING APP ADVERTISING Attribution is the method of matching a conversion event to an ad click  Device IDs A unique ID provided by the device’s OS  Method 2: Device Recognition Statistical estimation on probable matches  Method 3: Referrers Passing data through the HTTP web call 21 ATTRIBUTION Click Conversion None are perfect
    22. 22. Somo Copyright & Confidential THE R.A.P. MIX 22 Privacy Accuracy Reach
    23. 23. Somo Copyright & Confidential ATTRIBUTION METHOD 1: DEVICE IDS 23 Different Types: • Apple’s Device Identifier For Advertisers • Android Advertiser ID • Android ID, IMEI, MAC 68753A44-4D6F-1226-9C60-0050E4C00067 Example of Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers: What is it? Reach AccuracyPrivacy R.A.P. Mix:
    24. 24. Somo Copyright & Confidential ATTRIBUTION METHOD 2: DEVICE RECOGNITION 24 What is it? Reach AccuracyPrivacy R.A.P. Mix: AT CLICK Device: iPhone 5C OS: iOS 7 IP: Time Zone: GMT Plus over 100 parameters AT INSTALL Device: iPhone 5C OS: iOS 7 IP: Time Zone: GMT Plus over 100 parameters Method of profiling devices to create probabilistic matches • The industry lacks a standard • Insist on transparency
    25. 25. Somo Copyright & Confidential ATTRIBUTION METHOD 3: REFERRERS 25 What is it? Reach AccuracyPrivacy R.A.P. Mix: It is possible to pass referrer information through the Google Play store s?id=com.somo&referrer=tracking_id% 3D12345 This install came from: tracking_id%3D12 345
    26. 26. Somo Copyright & Confidential IMPLEMENT TECHNOLOGY THAT CAN COMBINE METHODS 26 Reach AccuracyPrivacy Device IDs Device Recognition Referrers
    27. 27. Somo Copyright & ConfidentialSomo Copyright & Confidential HOW TO LEVERAGE THE DATA 27
    28. 28. Somo Copyright & Confidential GO BEYOND INSTALL & ALIGN KPI’S TO BUSINESS GOALS 28 GAMING • In-App Purchases • Loyal Users • Level completion • Lifetime Value (LTV) RETAIL • Registration • Purchases & LTV • Funnel Analysis • Cross Channel Purchases FINANCE • Registration • Form completes • Funnel Analysis • Calls to call center • Cross Device Users Banners QR Codes Owned Media SMSSocial
    29. 29. Somo Copyright & Confidential $0 $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 Day 1 7 Days 14 Days 30 Days 60 Days 90 Days 120 Days RevenuePerInstall Days From Original Install Banner 1 Banner 2 UNDERSTAND THE ROI OF YOUR CAMPAIGNS 29 $0 $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 Banner 1 Banner 2 Cost Per Install Revenue Per Install ROI Analysis LTV Analysis
    30. 30. Somo Copyright & Confidential SHARE DATA WITH MEDIA PARTNERS 30 Tracking Solution Ad Networks DSP’s Publishers Desktop Analytics Enable real-time optimization and retarget based on 1st party data
    31. 31. Somo Copyright & Confidential PUT MOBILE IN CONTEXT & ANALYZE CROSS DEVICE 31 Customer ID  Sync customer ID’s cross device Examples of customer ID: - email address - username - account number  Respect User Privacy  Integrate mobile attribution into customer analytics
    32. 32. Somo Copyright & Confidential YOU CAN ALSO TARGET CROSS DEVICE 32 DETERMINISTIC PROBABALISTIC Concrete evidence users devices are connected: customer ID Statistical graphs making inferred models on which devices are connected Current Leading Vendors Be Pragmatic! Very Early Technology
    33. 33. Somo Copyright & Confidential HOW TO LEVERAGE YOUR DATA 33  Go beyond install & align KPIs to your business goals  Understand the ROI of your campaign with detailed analytics  Share data in real-time with your media partners  Cross device insights and targeting complete the picture
    34. 34. Somo Copyright & Confidential MOBILE TRACKING IN THE FUTURE 34 • More fragmentation • Lots more consumer insights • Watches & TVs will be biggest areas for advertising • Appliances will prevent new promotional models
    35. 35. Somo Copyright & ConfidentialSomo Copyright & Confidential A GAMING CASE STUDY 35
    36. 36. Somo Copyright & Confidential THE CHALLENGE 36 • A major gaming publisher was buying ads on mobile but couldn’t measure the ROI of individual campaigns $0 $50,000 $100,000 $150,000 $200,000 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Ad Spend Revenue • All they could do was measure performance at the app level
    37. 37. Somo Copyright & Confidential THE SOLUTION 37 1) Identify the business KPI’s they needed to measure 2) Implement Lithient App Tracker SDK into their app 3) Tag up their campaigns with tracking links 4) Integrate Lithient data into their internal marketing data warehouse 5) Review performance daily and optimize according to business KPIs
    38. 38. Somo Copyright & Confidential THE RESULTS: 120% INCREASE IN ROI 38 • Creative optimization could take place for the first time after 1 week of data • Identified DSP buys were under indexing along the conversion path and was able to adjust DSP targets to increase volume Within 1 month the ad campaign saw an improved ROI of 120%
    39. 39. Somo Copyright & Confidential LITHIENT APP TRACKER 39 • Understand your media buy Pioneering technology that makes it easy for marketers to measure and optimize mobile ads • Know your consumer behavior • Improve campaign performance
    40. 40. Somo Copyright & ConfidentialSomo Copyright & Confidential Q&A 40
    41. 41. Somo Copyright & Confidential LONDON Epworth House 25 City Road EC1Y 1AA +44 (0)20 3397 3550 MAKING SENSE OF MOBILE @somoglobal SAN FRANCISCO 180 Sansome Street San Francisco, CA 94104 +1 (415) 230 2756 LOS ANGELES 1530 7th St, Suite 100 Santa Monica, CA 90401 +1 (310) 752 7656 NEW YORK 821 Broadway New York, NY 10003 +1 (347) 709 7666 SINGAPORE 50 Raffles Place, Level 30 Singapore Land Tower Singapore 048623 +65 66323551 GET IN TOUCH. Somo Copyright & Confidential BERLIN Friedelstrasse 27 D-12047 Berlin +49 176 709 84780