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Local Digital Marketing - More Than A Pin - AMA Cincinnati - October 2017


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When marketers talk about Local Digital Marketing, conversations almost always focus on Local Search. Are our location pins visible in the maps channel? Is our information correct? How do our reviews look? These are important questions to answer, and have a huge impact on business, but the truth is, Local Digital Marketing encompasses so much more. As technology, marketing capabilities, and user needs scale, so does our ability to engage with audiences in locally relevant ways across all digital channels.

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Local Digital Marketing - More Than A Pin - AMA Cincinnati - October 2017

  1. 1. LOCAL DIGITAL MARKETING MORE THAN A PIN Presented by: Mike Corak @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  2. 2. So, You’re Probably Wondering…
  3. 3. Who is this Mike guy and why is he here?
  4. 4. Well, here’s some background… Digital strategist and GM at DAC Group Won a few industry and client awards Lots of program design and execution for folks like… VP/GM (LOU)
  5. 5. But Really, We’ve Already Had Some Fun ”It’s been an interesting 24 hours” @mikecorak #DigitalTrends2016 First, Ann’s personal assistant and family friend is celebrating her b-day in LOU at our house #bourbon Next, our mutual friend Ann gets crazy sick Then someone had a bright idea And here I am! “Hey, didn’t you do a keynote last week? Maybe…”
  6. 6. @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  7. 7. She Lives! @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  8. 8. @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  9. 9. What’s Ba-ack? @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  10. 10. @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  11. 11. @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  12. 12. @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  13. 13. Let’s Do it Again! @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  15. 15. Release I, (insert your name), swear that I will not burn anyone’s eyes out with my laser, especially Mike’s I Accept These Small Print Terms of Laser Usage @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  16. 16. Quick Poll: What size company do you represent? Enterprise SMB @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  17. 17. Agenda Local Digital Marketing Opportunities For Large and Small Organizations We’ll try to have some fun along the way! @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  18. 18. What is Local Digital Marketing?
  19. 19. Local Digital Marketing = Listings?
  20. 20. Local Digital Marketing For Many = Listings @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  21. 21. Local Search, Briefly (Workshop)
  22. 22. 81% of consumers go online to search for products and services to make local buying decisions. Nearly a third then purchase. Source: Bank%E2%80%99s-Annual-Shopper-Study#.Vh1fDWTBzGf Why Local Listing Management Matters 22
  23. 23. Source: 73% of people lose trust in a brand when their listings are incorrect 24 Why Local Listing Management Matters
  24. 24. You Need To Be Found Here… 25@mikecorak #LocalDigital
  25. 25. Yet This Is What We Still See @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  26. 26. Being Found in Maps Isn’t Just About NAP (Name Address Phone #) Anymore @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  27. 27. Local Search Ranking Factors Sounds a little like SEO 6-8 years ago, right?
  28. 28. Basic Local Search Ranking Guide • Claim your listings on all relevant sites • Choose your categories wisely • Manage and distribute your data • Link them to your site store pages • Have an active presence where applicable • Test and refine @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  29. 29. How Much Does the Right Local Search Tool Matter A Lot Not Much @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  30. 30. Insider Info: Tools Don’t Differentiate Enough to Matter Much in Results. Effort and Know How, Not Tech, Ultimately Moves the Needle. @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  31. 31. Local Search: Who Has the Edge?
  32. 32. Budgets Moving to Local Digital @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  33. 33. Where Do You Most Need to Localize Your Digital Efforts? Search Media Assets Data
  34. 34. Local Digital Marketing is a Lens, Not a Listing
  35. 35. Local Digital Marketing Hierarchy Direct Media Social Assets Listings Data
  36. 36. It All Starts with Your Data @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  37. 37. Data Anywhere Local Presence Management Locator API API API Custom Feeds Content Content Content Content @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  38. 38. Localized Assets (Website and Beyond)
  39. 39. Do You Have a Responsive Website? Yes No I Don’t Know M-Dot / Adaptive @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  40. 40. Mobile Maturity Checklist • Mobile first experiences (content, design, email, site, landing pages, apps, etc.) matching mobile need and intent • Mobile friendly media • Local aware SEO efforts • Local marketing integration • Mobile analytics and optimization @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  41. 41. • If visitors allow their location to be tracked, they should automatically have the closest locations populated on the store locator map • Click and zoom capabilities on Map view or locations easily searchable based on: • City • State • Zip Code Store Locator
  42. 42. Store Results • Unique store image and details for all of the nearest locations ensure visitors can easily find the information they’re looking for • Map view features the stores within geographical area and pins numerically correspond with correct store information
  43. 43. NAME Name Address Address2 Phone Number Hours Map Contac t Form Calls To Action Site Nav About Events Revie ws News Servic es Content Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec rutrum malesuada turpis, nec porta lacus interdum vestibulum. Donec a odio aliquet, aliquet ante non, mollis risus. Donec fermentum felis et est luctus sodales. Mauris non nunc tempus, malesuada nulla sit amet, accumsan risus. Praesent sit amet purus nec magna maximus rutrum. Quisque quis pulvinar lectus. Pellentesque libero quam, rhoncus sed commodo vitae, semper quis turpis. Nunc pharetra Lectus in tincidunt accumsan, purus quam congue magna, a dapibus diam felis ut metus. Vivamus et libero ornare, fermentum massa id, egestas ante. Duis eleifend elit lectus, eget cursus libero sodales nec. ImageLinks to location product pages for more relevant, keyword-rich information Important location information and reviews. Includes Schema Markup. Reviews to include 1st party reviews solicited at Point of Sale. Content, optimized with locally-relevant keywords Optimized Titles and Meta Descriptions Additional information about specific products, events, or features available at this location Interactive, clickable Map Unique image, preferable of storefront or neighbourhood. Proper use of heading tags to designate importance and emphasis Clear calls to action to drive conversions Basic Location Page Anatomy
  44. 44. Store Pages • Locally relevant store pages • Conversion opportunity (both e-commerce or buy online, pick-up in store) with store products displayed and searchable • “In This Store and Local Events” section / scroll provides multiple touch- points related to that community and specific store features
  45. 45. Responsive CTA • Responsive design for mobile Store Locator, Results and Pages are a direct extension of ecommerce mobile site • Map view and store photos are easily viewable, along with local content (hours, brands, about section) • Strong CTAs based on business priorities for mobile conversion
  46. 46. Local Schema Markup
  47. 47. Localized Content @mikecorak #LocalDigital Where Do I start? • What are the top questions your customers ask? • User keyword research and social listening to help • Pay attention to dialect and language • Do any have geographic elements? • If so answer on the brand and local level • Examples: Proximity, events, attractions, guides, tips, directions, etc.
  48. 48. Other Localized Content Opportunities • Custom store information – custom directions, employee images, local phone numbers, local inventory • Local community information and participation examples • Local employment opportunities • Posting to local content hubs • Engaging with local influencers @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  49. 49. Localized Assets: Who Has the Edge?
  50. 50. Local Social @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  51. 51. Social: Review Stats 92% of people regularly read reviews 90% say reviews influence their purchase 88% of people trust online reviews from stranger as much as their friends It only takes one to three negative reviews for most people to decide not to buy @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  52. 52. Social: Reviews are Hard to Come By @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  53. 53. Social: Review Solicitation Tools • Review Solicitation tools help garner reviews on profile pages like Google, Yelp & Facebook. • These are automated solutions to help customers leave feedback when they would normally forget and move on. • Most allow for filtering @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  54. 54. Local Social Opportunities • Manage reviews and offer local contacts as applicable • Make sure to look at all possible review and feedback outposts • Post locally relevant content on local outposts as much as possible • Publicize community involvement, engage with local influencers, and build reputation • Target locally and amplify with paid social @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  55. 55. Localized Social: Who Has the Edge?
  56. 56. Laser Break: What Number Am I Thinking Of? One of These? Or These? Maybe These? Could It Be? I Don’t Know… 1 11 21 31 41 2 12 22 32 42 3 13 23 33 43 4 14 24 34 44 5 15 25 35 45 6 16 26 36 46 7 17 27 37 47 8 18 28 38 48 9 19 29 39 49 10 20 30 40 50
  57. 57. YOU WIN THE BOURBON!!! @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  58. 58. Local Digital Media
  59. 59. Local Paid Search Opportunities Map Ads Promoted Pins Other Upcoming Opportunities: In-store promotions, business pages with local inventory, and who knows what else? @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  60. 60. Local Paid Media Opportunities + mobile ads + all display platforms targeted locally + programmatic Etc. @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  61. 61. • Connect with your local audience with the most locally relevant ad format. • This ad format not only allows people to understand the unique value your business offers, but it also allows them to get more local context like proximity to your store. • Map card to share more locally relevant details about your business. • The card includes a map pin for your business location, distance to business, hours of operation and a direction link. • Call to action button: Connect with your local audience to help drive offline sales. Choose from Get Directions, Call Now, Learn More, and Send Message. Local Social Ads
  62. 62. ● drive location awareness to stores while providing increased presence on the map and higher visibility over competitors. ● Pins are tap-to-expand where stores can feature additional creative messaging around grocery locations, ultimately driving awareness, calls, visits, and purchase consideration. ● Users can opt to ‘Save for Later’ or ‘Drive There’ providing grocers with an opportunity to inform promotions, embed a Youtube video, as well as link out to the desired landing page. Directional Ads
  63. 63. Online to Offline Tracking/Reporting Beacons Ad Platform Tracking Examples All present challenges but getting better by the day
  64. 64. Localized Digital Media: Who Has the Edge?
  65. 65. Localized Direct Marketing
  66. 66. Customer Information + Local Data • True Personalization • Experience Building • All Using Your Local Data in New Ways @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  67. 67. What % of Emails are Opened via Mobile 10% 54% 25% 85%
  68. 68. 54% and Growing
  69. 69. Local Relevant Emails
  70. 70. Where Else Can We Personalize and Add Local Relevance? • Email • Text • Direct Mail • Coupons • Etc.
  71. 71. Localized Direct Marketing: Who Has the Edge?
  72. 72. Now Where Do You Most Need to Localize Your Digital Efforts? Search Media Assets Data
  73. 73. EXTRA CREDIT DISCUSSION I was at a charity fishing tournament last week. The event had a hashtag, but other than that, there was very little happening online. How could the hotel that hosted the event capitalized on the buzz and built its brand using Local Digital Marketing? @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  74. 74. Laser Break: What Number Am I Thinking Of? One of These? Or These? Maybe These? Could It Be? I Don’t Know… 1 11 21 31 41 2 12 22 32 42 3 13 23 33 43 4 14 24 34 44 5 15 25 35 45 6 16 26 36 46 7 17 27 37 47 8 18 28 38 48 9 19 29 39 49 10 20 30 40 50
  75. 75. YOU WIN A ………!!! @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  76. 76. YOU WIN A FISHING HAT!!! @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  77. 77. SEO Questions? ? Direct Media Content Assets Data @mikecorak #LocalDigital
  78. 78. Thank You For Having Us @mikecorak #LocalDigital Mike Corak VPGM DAC Group @mikecorak