8 Hospitality Social Media Tips - SMAZ Feb 2011 - ethology, mike corak, content marketing, content strategy


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8 social media marketing tips for the hospitality industry
- common challenges, best practices, content marketing, hotel marketing, social media, reputation management
- references: brian solis, jeremiah owyang, altimeter group, facebook, twitter, yelp, trip advisor, expedia, hotels.com

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  • Thank the people who came – didn’t think anyone would show up! – quick 2 minutes about ethology -
  • Altimiter , Jeremiah Owyang
  • There’s more than Facebook and twitter?
  • …now, let’s look at some best practices fro responding to reviews (read through list)(Thank you) This is great way to encourage other people to write reviews, at Revinate we feel that reviews really are the next generation of guest satisfaction. So its essential you are thanking them for helping you improve your operations(Personality) The goal is to personalize your response to emphasize that it is coming from a person and not a canned response from a corporation(Apologize) Let them know that what they experienced is “atypical” and you will personally make sure that your feedback will make it to the right department(Just the fact you are responding show you are a customer focused organization, secondly studies show that management responses are read more carefully than the actual review
  • Bookings, Revenue, and Average Value are all increased very significantly. This is for the four months following the launch of our social media campaign vs. the previous four months…and not just because of seasonality, in fact this is despite seasonality….Even more impressive is that all other traffic sources numbers where down the previous time period and the same period the year prior. For Example:For All Traffic Sources previous four months: Rev down 24%, Total Bookings down 18% and Ave Value down 7%, Visits Up only 31%For All Traffic Sources same four month previous year: Rev Up 1%, Total Bookings up 11% and Ave Value (not surprisingly with discounting) down 10%, Visits down 10%An Asset we had from the client was 50 $25 off Coupons…all were claimed, an area for improvement is to know how many were actually used…this is a great example of where a direct ROI isn’t measured, but we know it has a significant impact on the bottom line.We’ve built pretty impressive fanbase, etc., but what is really impressive in the amount of interaction those fans have.Facebook fans growth an average of 40% increase each month and during active promotion times over seven interactions per day…comments, likes, posts, photos, etc. and average 4/day.While growth of fans/followers, etc is good, as I’m sure you all know it is not the be all end all. A good barometer of how you are doing is see where posts are coming from…if they are all from your administrators, you are not interacting, but pushing info. It tells you that you are not hitting the mark with your audience.Most of the reviews on TripAdvisor were focused on one specific lodging option (some of which were negative and it was the least expensive area to stay at the resort). Of course addressing the concerns raised is part of the job, the other part is somehow encouraging folks that had a good experience to share that info too. This is where the coupon came in to play…we didn’t require folks to leave positive reviews or post, etc. we simply posted things like Have you been to Callaway Gardens lately? The next 10 people who review us on Trip Advisor will receive a $25 Coupon! (link)We think of our social media fans as an army troupe…we can really use them to accomplish other initiatives. When you post a video on YouTube, you can direct your fans to view it, Google local reviews, identify fans with blogs.
  • 8 Hospitality Social Media Tips - SMAZ Feb 2011 - ethology, mike corak, content marketing, content strategy

    1. February 2011<br />Social Media Best Practices for Hospitality<br />Social Media AZ<br />
    2. Agenda<br /><ul><li> State of the Nation
    3. Common Challenges
    4. How to Solve Them
    5. What’s Possible?</li></ul>Mike Corak<br />VP of Strategy<br />@mikecorak<br />
    6. Hospitality and Social Media<br />State of the nation<br />
    7. Social = Hospitality<br />Online mirrors inherent off-line day-to-day:<br /> Touch-points throughout the customer lifecycle<br /> Pre, during, and post visit<br /> High value, high trust<br /> Vacations, important business trips, etc.<br /> Customer service and reputation management<br /> Advocacy<br /> Building buzz and community<br /> Collecting and analyzing feedback to improve satisfaction<br />
    8. Facebook Page Marketing <br />http://www.slideshare.net/jeremiah_owyang/the-8-success-criteria-for-facebook-page-marketing?from=embed<br />
    9. http://www.slideshare.net/jeremiah_owyang/the-8-success-criteria-for-facebook-page-marketing?from=embed<br />
    10. Common Hotel Facebook Activity<br />x<br />x<br />x<br />x<br />
    11. http://www.mrchrishill.com/2009/12/be-hospitable.html<br />
    12. So if Social is all about Hospitality, Why Then Is It So Challenging for Hospitality Organizations to Implement Social?<br />
    13. Hospitality and Social Media<br />Common challenges<br />
    14. Operational Anarchy (Where’s the Plan?)<br />
    15. Content Marketing – Who’s Doing It?<br />
    16. Grasping the Blogosphere Beyond FB &TW<br />
    17. Other Challenges<br /> Defining the opportunity <br /> Resourcing against the opportunity<br /> Training<br /> Tools <br />
    18. 7 Best Practices to Improve Your Hospitality Social Media Efforts<br />How do we solve them?<br />
    19. 1. Understand Content Demand In Relation to Your Business<br /> Beyond brand, develop a keyword target list to guide your content planning:<br /> Search<br /> What keywords perform best beyond brand phrases?<br /> What phrases are you targeting?<br /> What content is of interest to the public?<br /> Website<br /> What content is most highly consumed?<br /> Offline/Brand<br /> What are you known for?<br />
    20. 2. Identify, Quantify, and Examine the Opportunity Around Topical Points of Interest<br />
    21. Social Isn’t Only About Participating in Conversations, It’s About Starting Them<br /> Distribute Content to Relevant Outposts With A Defined Purpose<br /> Prioritize Topical Interest<br /> Create & Optimize Content<br />
    22. 3. Organize Internally for Success<br /><ul><li> Roles and Responsibilities (Hire a Community Manager!)
    23. Empower Subject Matter Experts With Training and a Plan
    24. Armed with Content Demand Insights
    25. With Measurable Goals and Frequent Check-ins</li></ul>http://www.slideshare.net/jeremiah_owyang/keynote-social-business-forecast-2011-the-year-of-integration<br />
    26. 4. Be Hospitable! Reputation Management Offense and Defense<br />Twitter and Facebook allow for great public customer service and advocacy<br />Review sites that allow responses<br /><ul><li> TripAdvisor
    27. Expedia
    28. Hotels.com
    29. Yelp</li></ul>Trip Advisor and Yelp allow private messages<br />What drives bookings?<br /><ul><li>51% Reputation, recommendations and online reviews
    30. 48% hotel location</li></ul>-42% Price<br />Market Metrix, Jan 2010<br />
    31. Reputation Management Benefits: Woodside Hotels<br /><ul><li> 4 of their 5 hotels are number 1 on TripAdvisor
    32. With strong focus on review management, Revinate alerts allow executive team, as well as property team to see all</li></ul>new reviews across the leading review sites and OTAs<br /><ul><li>Uses Revinate to better understand competition and get constructive ideas for improvement</li></li></ul><li>Best Practices for Responding to Negative Hospitality Reviews<br /><ul><li> Thank reviewer for taking the time to write a review and share their experiences
    33. Thank the reviewer for any positives in the review
    34. Apologize for an atypical experience and assure them that you will personally make sure that the feedback is used to improve operations
    35. Turn a negative into a positive - Tell the reviewer that customer satisfaction is number 1 and you know your property can do better and you would love the opportunity to prove it.</li></li></ul><li>5. Encourage the Behavior You Desire<br />Include calls to action in all relevant outposts and messages<br />Set user expectations<br />Cross promote interaction across platforms based on purpose (sites, social outposts, email integration, drive paid advertising to social outposts as applicable)<br />Run Facebook Ads! <br />
    36. 6. Social Location/Mobile Opportunities<br /> Own accounts across various location based services<br />Facebook Places and Foursquare<br /> Consider messaging and up-sell upon check-in<br /> Create a mobile friendly version of the site addressing mobile needs<br /> Check your analytics to view the percentage of visitors from mobile devices<br /> Review most commonly viewed content<br /> Point users towards social location outposts<br />
    37. 7. Get the Right Kind of Help<br />In-House Resources<br /><ul><li> Day-to-Day Account Management
    38. Conversation Participation
    39. Content Creation (Input)
    40. Scheduled Distribution
    41. Daily Measurement and Adjustment
    42. Reputation Management</li></ul>Agency Resources<br /><ul><li> Internal Buy-off
    43. Demand Research
    44. Social and Content Planning
    45. Periodic Consultation and Recommendations
    46. Web/App Development
    47. Outpost Adjustments
    48. Latest and Greatest
    49. PR Related Tasks (influencer outreach, relationship building, etc)
    50. Display advertising
    51. Tool selection (and licensing)</li></li></ul><li>Callaway Gardens: Social Success<br />Callaway Gardens Social Media Program launch – 1st Quarter Results Tactics:<br />- No paid advertising, fueled by content demand understanding, content distribution, cross platform and effort promotion<br />Bookings Directly Attributed to Social Media<br /><ul><li>Revenue Up Over 1,000%
    52. Total Bookings Up 600%
    53. Average Value Up 82%
    54. Visits Up 95%</li></ul>Social Media Interactions<br /><ul><li>3,000+ Facebook Fans
    55. Seven+ Interactions per Day
    56. 10 Positive TripAdvisor Reviews</li></li></ul><li>