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W10 | Work Order Preferences (MCUI)


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Work Order Preferences

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W10 | Work Order Preferences (MCUI)

  1. 1. MC University W10|Work Order Preferences
  2. 2. MC University Agenda Basic Preferences Complete / Close Preferences Work Order Report Printout List and Custom Filters
  3. 3. MC University Basic Preferences Preferences Overview Defaults Settings Barcode Work Order Rapid Entry Work Order Survey
  4. 4. MC University Preferences Overview Tailor the user interface and behavior of MC Set at Repair Center or My Preferences level
  5. 5. MC University Preferences Overview (cont’d) Available controls include: • Field and content displayed • Default values • List display options • General system behavior
  6. 6. MC University Preferences Overview (cont’d) Description available by clicking on Preference
  7. 7. MC University Defaults Set Default values for fields on Work Order Details tab Other Defaults include: • Survey • Problem (PM Work Orders) • Authorization (PM Work Orders)
  8. 8. MC University Settings Indicators and toggles that impact behavior of the module Examples of Settings available: • Repair Center used as prefix for Work Order ID • Assets brought down by default • Approve / Issue on Work Order Assignment
  9. 9. MC University Barcode Barcode format can be set for Work Order numbers
  10. 10. MC University Barcode (cont’d) Determines if barcodes should be printed on Work Orders
  11. 11. MC University Work Order Rapid Entry Extensive set of preferences for Work Order Rapid Entry Tool Determines fields that appear and default values
  12. 12. MC University Work Order Survey Preferences set for Survey Manager Tool Determines: • How often emails are sent • Rule used for recipients • Email content
  13. 13. MC University Work Order Survey (cont’d) Other Survey options: • Enable Surveys from Service Requester • Modify Survey content • View Survey results • Generate proactive Survey emails
  14. 14. MC University Interactive Example 1 Let’s practice the skill you just learned! Check out the following interactive example, located under the MCU course slides: • W10 – Adjusting Work Order Default Preferences
  15. 15. MC University Complete / Close Dialog Complete / Close Preferences Complete / Close Enhanced Preferences
  16. 16. MC University Complete / Close Preferences Affect behavior and default values displayed for Complete / Close Dialog Examples of preferences available: • All tasks default to complete • Assets returned to service by default • Default values for Labor Report, Chargeable, etc.
  17. 17. MC University Complete / Close Enhanced Options available for: • Section placement • Order in which sections are shown • Hide or show sections • Required field entry
  18. 18. MC University Work Order Report Printout Report Printout Preferences Overview Report Printout Sections
  19. 19. MC University Report Printout Preferences Overview Determines information displayed on Work Order Report Options include: • Sections displayed dependent on data • Number of “fill in” columns • Show or hide fields
  20. 20. MC University Report Printout Sections Maintenance Details displays data directly from Work Order details
  21. 21. MC University Printout Sections (cont’d) Tasks and Labor transfer details from Tasks and Labor tab
  22. 22. MC University Printout Sections (cont’d) Parts and Other Costs will define cost information to be displayed
  23. 23. MC University Printout Sections (cont’d) Document info can be displayed (ID, Name, etc.) Labor Report text displayed with option to include signature section
  24. 24. MC University Printout Sections (cont’d) Approval preference displays data in relation to approvals on Work Order (name, approval date, etc.)
  25. 25. MC University Interactive Example 2 Let’s practice the skill you just learned! Check out the following interactive example, located under the MCU course slides: • W10 – Manipulating Work Order Printout Preferences
  26. 26. MC University List and Custom Filters List Preferences Overview Conditional Formatting Custom Filters
  27. 27. MC University List Preferences Overview Refresh preferences for Work Order List Records per page can be set Zone colors can be displayed
  28. 28. MC University Conditional Formatting Alter and customize appearance of records in List view Style Editor defines font, color, etc. 3 Repair Center and 3 My Preference options
  29. 29. MC University Conditional Formatting (cont’d) Select Format Criteria to define Criteria for when to use formatting:
  30. 30. MC University Conditional Formatting (cont’d) Define Style to set appearance of records:
  31. 31. MC University Conditional Formatting (cont’d) Records in List will update per Criteria and Style selections:
  32. 32. MC University Custom Filters 10 filters available for Repair Center and My Preferences Define custom criteria for new filters to be added to Filter list Unique for organization and business process
  33. 33. MC University Custom Filters (cont’d) Select Custom Filter Name to name the filter that will be displayed:
  34. 34. MC University Custom Filters (cont’d) Select Custom Filter and Edit to define Criteria to apply:
  35. 35. MC University Custom Filters (cont’d) Custom Filter appears on Home page Accessible via Work Order List filter
  36. 36. MC University Interactive Example 3 Let’s practice the skill you just learned! Check out the following interactive example, located under the MCU course slides: • W10 – Custom Work Order Filters
  37. 37. Thank You for Watching!