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SA04 - Managing KPIs and Dashboards (MCU)


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Explore Dashboard functionality and learn about more advanced features of key performance indicators like sharing and cloning.

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SA04 - Managing KPIs and Dashboards (MCU)

  1. 1. MC University SA04|Managing KPIs and Dashboards
  2. 2. MC University KPI and Dashboard Defined Dashboard Functionality KPI Editing Advanced KPI Features Agenda
  3. 3. MC University What is a KPI? What is the Dashboard? KPI and Dashboard Defined
  4. 4. MC University Key Performance Indicator (KPI) evaluates performance on measurements What is a KPI?
  5. 5. MC University Examples of use cases: • Average WO Completion • Average Response Time • Mean Time Between Failures • Count of Overdue WOs / PMs What is a KPI? (cont’d)
  6. 6. MC University Organization and business practice specific Create New, Clone, Trend, and Print SQL knowledge is required What is a KPI? (cont’d)
  7. 7. MC University Special presentation view of KPIs defined by organization What is the Dashboard?
  8. 8. MC University Displays important information about KPI: • Description • Current value • Target • Variance What is the Dashboard? (cont’d)
  9. 9. MC University Use Dashboard to: • Group like KPIs • Specify display order • Determine thresholds and graphic format • Determine which KPIs to trend What is the Dashboard? (cont’d)
  10. 10. MC University Accessed from: • Dashboard Icon on toolbar • Applications Menu What is the Dashboard? (cont’d)
  11. 11. MC University Multiple KPI Dashboard Groups Reports and Charts Filter and Compare Action Bar Options Dashboard Functionality
  12. 12. MC University Group KPIs by common features (such as Work Orders, Purchasing, etc.) Create as many KPI Dashboard Groups as needed Multiple KPI Dashboard Groups
  13. 13. MC University Create new KPI Groups by defining: • Managed By • Display Order • Module ID • KPI Group Name • Active? Multiple KPI Dashboard Groups (cont’d)
  14. 14. MC University Reports and Charts can be run from Dashboard Easy navigation via tabs Reports and charts are listed in left- hand column for selection to display Reports and Charts
  15. 15. MC University Example of Report selection: Reports and Charts (cont’d)
  16. 16. MC University Example of Chart selection: Reports and Charts (cont’d)
  17. 17. MC University Valuable for analyzing KPI data from different perspectives Controls to limit, define, and compare data Filter and Compare
  18. 18. MC University Filter By and Compare By (multiple options) Multiple Selections Clear All control resets filters Filter and Compare (cont’d)
  19. 19. MC University Options from Action Bar to Create New, Clone, Refresh, Trend, or Print Action Bar Options
  20. 20. MC University KPI Editing Overview Edit Window KPI Queries KPI Editing
  21. 21. MC University Editing is only for advanced users and MC Staff! Preferences available to limit access Access via Edit button under KPI KPI Editing Overview
  22. 22. MC University Displays fields to adjust: • KPI Name and Description • Managed By • Display Order Edit Window
  23. 23. MC University • Range • Critical, Alert, and Optimal values • Default Format Edit Window (cont’d)
  24. 24. MC University Example of Edit Window for Work Orders Overdue: Edit Window (cont’d)
  25. 25. MC University Store the SQL used to drive the data displayed Multiple KPI Queries available for calculations KPI Queries
  26. 26. MC University Example of KPI Query for Work Orders Overdue: KPI Queries (cont’d)
  27. 27. MC University Example of advanced multiple KPI Queries for percentage of non-PM Follow-Up Work Orders : KPI Queries (cont’d)
  28. 28. MC University Clone Trend Share Home Page Summary Tab Advanced KPI Functionality
  29. 29. MC University Feature will copy existing KPI to use as starting point for new KPI Clone KPI Dialog requires: • Selection of KPI to Clone • New KPI name • Group to place new KPI Clone
  30. 30. MC University Track and trend results over time Trend
  31. 31. MC University Measurement dropdown allows users to select KPI for data to display Date range must be selected Trend (cont’d)
  32. 32. MC University KPIs that are beneficial to other organizations can be shared Displayed in Smart Share Application Select Share button under KPI Share
  33. 33. MC University Enter a description to inform members of the benefit or value of KPI Select the Share KPI button to instantly share Share (cont’d)
  34. 34. MC University Two KPIs displayed for each Home Page Summary Tab KPIs displayed can be modified through Start Up Preferences Home Page Summary Tab
  35. 35. Thank You for Watching!