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MC02 - Getting the Most Out of the MC User Connect (MCU)


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See why MC User Connect (MCUC) is an invaluable resource. We'll show you how to get the most out of MCUC with demonstrations of online ticket submissions, universal search functionality, product suggestions, and more.

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MC02 - Getting the Most Out of the MC User Connect (MCU)

  1. 1. MC University MC02|Getting the Most Out of the MC User Connect
  2. 2. MC University Getting Started with MC User Connect Basic Navigation Managing Ticket Submission Getting Involved Agenda
  3. 3. MC University Sign Up Log In Forgot Password? Home Page Getting Started with MC User Connect
  4. 4. MC University Direct users to to access home screen • Please login to view more content! Sign Up
  5. 5. MC University Follow sign up process to access registration page Fill out form to receive welcome email and verify email address Sign Up (cont’d)
  6. 6. MC University Select “Sign In” button from Home Page: Log In
  7. 7. MC University Enter Email and Password to access MC User Connect features! Log In (cont’d)
  8. 8. MC University Select “Forgot my password” from Sign In page: Forgot Password?
  9. 9. MC University Submit email address to receive new password: Forgot Password? (cont’d)
  10. 10. MC University Action buttons at top of Home Page offer options to: • View requests submitted • Schedule time with MC Support Staff • Submit a new request • Edit profile, change password, or sign off Home Page
  11. 11. MC University MC Customer Alerts link to new or important articles and updates Home Page (cont’d)
  12. 12. MC University Recent Activity displays Product Suggestions and request activity Home Page (cont’d)
  13. 13. MC University Popular Questions based on user votes Home Page (cont’d)
  14. 14. MC University Feature Highlight is interactive and displays new and exciting opportunities Home Page (cont’d)
  15. 15. MC University Main Menu Helpful Navigation Tips Keyword Search Basic Navigation
  16. 16. MC University MC User Connect provides many different navigation and interactive options Main Menu
  17. 17. MC University News and Updates keeps you up-to- date Main Menu (cont’d)
  18. 18. MC University Library provides access to reference articles Main Menu (cont’d)
  19. 19. MC University MC University provides on-demand, online flexible learning • Subscription based – please contact Main Menu (cont’d)
  20. 20. MC University Location “breadcrumbs” ensures you know where you are navigating! Helpful Navigation Tips
  21. 21. MC University Click on MC User Connect menu button at any time to return to Home Page Helpful Navigation Tips (cont’d)
  22. 22. MC University Having a problem with the website? Helpful Navigation Tips (cont’d)
  23. 23. MC University Search function is designed to be easy to use! Search box available in upper right hand corner Keyword Search
  24. 24. MC University Global Search • Library (tutorials, videos, and articles) • Community (forum, product suggestions) Keyword Search (cont’d)
  25. 25. MC University Submit a Request Online Schedule Call My Activities Managing Ticket Submission
  26. 26. MC University Benefits of submitting request through MC User Connect: • Single click access • Route to appropriate department • Automatically searches for relevant posts • Attach screenshots and record screencast Submitting a Request Online
  27. 27. MC University Important request details are filled in and directed to Support Staff Submitting a Request Online (cont’d)
  28. 28. MC University Did you know you can schedule a time that works for you to meet with our Support Staff? Schedule time up to two weeks in advance! Schedule Call
  29. 29. MC University Pick a day that works for you and choose from a time slot available Schedule Call (cont’d)
  30. 30. MC University Enter your information and request details to be discussed • A Support Staff member will follow up with an Outlook meeting invite Schedule Call (cont’d)
  31. 31. MC University My Activities section provides a quick way to: • View your requests and statuses • See tickets from other users in your company (if enabled) My Activities
  32. 32. MC University • View your contributions • See what areas of MCUC currently following My Activities (cont’d)
  33. 33. MC University Product Suggestions Community Voting Following Getting Involved
  34. 34. MC University Product Suggestions are designed to make your voice heard! Collaborate with others users and their ideas Product Suggestions
  35. 35. MC University Vote on ideas that you support Product Suggestions (cont’d)
  36. 36. MC University Leave comments or answers Product Suggestions (cont’d)
  37. 37. MC University Follow ideas you want to be updated about Product Suggestions (cont’d)
  38. 38. MC University How do I submit a Product Suggestion? • Click “Post question or idea” • Ensure concise description for title • Broad description with use case, business process, or scenario to support idea • Ensure topic is set to “Product Suggestion” • Share your idea with the MC world Product Suggestions (cont’d)
  39. 39. MC University The Community allows you to get involved with other users of MC • Post a question or idea • Comment and assist other users Community
  40. 40. MC University Not just for Product Suggestions! • Other Community Posts • Library articles, tutorials, and videos • MC University Vote UP if the information was helpful to you Voting
  41. 41. MC University Follow to receive notifications of activity Following
  42. 42. MC University How do I unfollow something I am no longer interested in? Following (cont’d)
  43. 43. Thank You for Watching!