Unit 2


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Unit 2

  1. 1. UNIT 2
  2. 2. TRUE TRUE False. People with ….. September aren’t False. ……………. Are usually happy False. People with a pearl birthstone never fell guilty
  3. 3. May September November December August
  4. 4. present symbol pure optimistic rich
  5. 5. Don’t go like Don’t have Doesn’t like have makes sits opens
  6. 6. eat buy give Do Do Do bake Does
  7. 7. Are dancing Is preparing Aren’t making Are talking Is eating Isn’t eating Is playing Are cutting Aren’t complaining
  8. 8. love Am walking Don’t belive watch
  9. 9. 2. Is your friend wearing jeans today? Yes, my friend is waring jeans today. No, My friend isn’t wearing jeans today.. 3. Do you usually sit near the window? Yes, I usually sit near the window.+ No, I don’t usually sit near the window. 4. Are you writing in English now? Yes, I’m writing in English now. 5. Do your parents like pop music? Yes, My parents like pop music.
  10. 10. Tom usually rides a bike to school, but now he is walking to school. Jill usually plays computer games, but now she is palying Monpoly Bob and Jan usually rea magazines, but now they are reading books Fred usually wears a jacket, but now he is wearing a coat.
  11. 11. Are planning arrange make choose decorate Are waiting
  12. 12. first finnaly
  13. 14. <ul><li>WORKBOOK </li></ul>
  14. 16. jealous nervous brave guilty calm excited
  15. 17. present optimistic symbol rich pure
  16. 18. Do you think No, I don’t Yes, I do I don’t agree Don’t ask me
  17. 19. Frances, Do you think I’m brave? No, I don’t Do you think I’m intelligent Yes, I do I agree with you Frances
  18. 20. read ask doesn’t eat bakes buys don’t think
  19. 21. Do your parents wear a birthstones? Yes, they do // No, they don’t Does your best friend live near you? Yes, He/she does, .. Does your name begin with an n? No. It doesn’t Do you watch TV every day? Yes I do /// No, I don’t
  20. 22. are shopping aren’t buying are looking Are you doing Am baking Am not joking Am paying
  21. 23. are cooking hate Are crying want tastes Are planning looks
  22. 24. She is feeding the horse now She usually rides the horse She is teaching English now She usually studies Japones They are dancing now They usually play basketball
  23. 25. are sitting are planning celebrate want doesn’t like loves Do think
  24. 26. What are you doing now? Where does Paul live? Sam and John doesn’t like the party Do you watch TV every day? Janet isn’t playing tennis at the moment
  25. 27. Yes ON QUÈ, QUIN.. PER QUÈ QUAN QUI Questions start with the question words. Who? Qui? Where? On? We don’t use any auxiliary words like DO DID WILL…
  26. 28. 3 4 1 5 2
  27. 29. A leap year baby is someone who was born on 29th February , something that happens every four years More than 70 leap year babies and thousands of tourists take part in the festival There is abirthday dinner with a huge cake One year, the birthday cake was the size of the two long tables
  28. 30. Four days Anthony, Texas ridng in a hot air ballon Playing golf Having a barbecue Watching a carnival
  29. 31. Dani is excited because it’s his birthday. He usually goe to a restaurant with his family, but today he is celbrating with his friends. They are opening the presents and eating delicious pizza. Dan always enjoys his birthday.
  30. 32. because First Then Finally and but
  31. 33. Enfadat/da valent tranquil fastigos Tenir vergonya emocionat espantat frustat culpable envejos nervios sorpres
  32. 34. Brillant, genial comú dliciós decepcionat fantastic Magnific, fantastic original extrany terrible Inusual, rar
  33. 35. Newspaper Present Chocolates party Make Celebrate Find enjoy Unusual Calm excited
  34. 36. celebrate verb chocolates noun excited verb trendy adjective present noun
  35. 37. celebrate verb chocolates noun excited verb trendy adjective present noun
  36. 38. celebrate verb chocolates noun excited verb trendy adjective present noun
  37. 39. celebrate verb chocolates noun excited verb trendy adjective present noun
  38. 40. celebrate verb chocolates noun excited verb trendy adjective present noun
  39. 41. <ul><li>WORKSHEETS </li></ul>
  40. 42. angry brave surprised frightened calm
  41. 45. are putting Isn`t sitting Are baking are waiting
  42. 46. celebrate gives Isn’t writing chooses
  43. 47. guilty common embarassed brilliant frightened unusual excited
  44. 48. frightened unusual guilty brilliant
  45. 49. nervous fantastic disappointing jealous delicious
  46. 50. buy don’t know discuss thinks agree
  47. 51. Am sitting are eating drinking Is telling are laughing are having
  48. 52. Do think Is driving eat likes Do take
  49. 54. <ul><li>SONG </li></ul><ul><li>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu1dMgQY-rM&mode=related&search = </li></ul>