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Power point the_winter_olympics_games_


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Power point the_winter_olympics_games_

  1. 1. Miriam Santiago Ruiz, Arnau González Roca i Cristina Reyes Castaño
  2. 2. Index What are they? Timeline Which games are there?
  3. 3. What games are there? The Winter  are one of two types of realization of the Olympic sporting events in the world, next summer Olympics. The Winter Olympics take place every four years and gatherings of winter sports.
  4. 4. TimelineYEAR SITE YEAR SITE 1924 Chamonix 1972 Sapporo 1928 Sankt Moritz 1976 Innsbruck 1932 Lake Pacid 1980 Lake Placid 1936 Garmisch- 1984 Sarajevo Partenkirchen 1940 Garmisch- 1988 Calgary Partenkirchen 1992 Albertville 1944 Cortina d’Ampezzo 1994 Lillehammer 1948 Sankt Moritz 1998 Nagaro1952 Oslo 2002 Salt Lake City 1956 Cortina d’Ampezzo 2006 Tori 1960 Squaw Valley 2010 Vamcoure 1964 Innsbruck 2014 Sotxi 1968 Grenoble
  5. 5. What game there s are ?ich
  6. 6. THE ALPINE SKIING The Alpine skiing is a type of skiins, which involves sliding on snow covered ski slopes long and wine tied to each foot as the centre of the resort is just below the knee.
  7. 7. THE LUGE The Luge is a winter Olympic sport. Part of the sports of downhillsleigh ride together with the bobsleigh and skeleton.  Luge meanssled lighter..
  8. 8. THE SPEED SKATING The speed skating on ice a winer Olympic soprt What games are there? consisting favorious in races on track ice oval.
  9. 9. THE SKELETON The skeleton és un esport dhivern, que forma part de la família desports de descens What games are there? en trineu, juntament amb el bob i el luge. El tobogan és la modalitat més antiga de totes tres.
  10. 10. THE NOWBOARDING The nowboardins is a soprt taht uses a snowboard and usually sharespaace with alpine skiing. You can practice outside court, but there are specialized courts where there are railing, pipes, etc. Inorder to do complicated moves and jumps o complicated moves and jumps.
  11. 11. BiathlonThe biathlon in a  Winter Olympic sport that combin es skiing and target shooting.  
  12. 12. Bobsleigh The Bobsleigh is a  winter Olympic sport. Part of the sports of downhill sleigh ride together with the luge and  skeleton.
  13. 13. Curling Curling is a precision sport similar to bowls or bocce Engli sh,practiced in an ice rink, two teams fightin g each other fourparticipants  each. The goal is to launch a quarry of granite wei ghing20 kg on the sliding surfac e through a corridor.
  14. 14. Acrobatic Skiing The acroesquí acrobatic sk iing or ski this is a form of the Winter Olympics. It is a form of artistic and acrobatic sk iing competition thatis a decrease by a track along which a series of steps needed,somersaults  and pirouettes along with other acrobatic movementswith harmonize d music.
  15. 15. Ice Hockey The Ice Hockey is played on an ice rink between two teams, whereboth players  and referees wear ice skates. Players move on the iceskating, getting What games are there? to achieve high speeds, which makes the sport in avery fast and spectacular sport.  They use sticks to move and switch to a disc. The goal is to place the disc into the opposing teams goal
  16. 16. Nordic Skiing The cross- country skiing is a discipline that enco mpasses all types o f skiing is not set in your heels.
  17. 17. Figure skating The Winter Olympics were contested four test figure skating, in amens, women s category in another categor y and two in mixed pairs.