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Decorating a cake_with_fondant_miranda_offill


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This is a PowerPoint video on How to decorate a cake with Fondant Icing!

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Decorating a cake_with_fondant_miranda_offill

  1. 1. By Miranda Offill
  2. 2. Getting StartedTools you may Need Spatulas Rolling Pin Sifter Pizza Cutter Piping Bags Piping Tips Trimming Knife Mixing Bowl Gum Paste decorating Tools
  3. 3. Traditional Flavors(white, chocolate, marble)Fruit Flavors(strawberry, banana, orange, pineapple,coconut, lemon, etc.)Nut Flavors(almond, amaretto, hazelnut, peanut butter,butter pecan, etc.)Cake Flavors
  4. 4. Bake a CakeStep one Step twoFollow directions on back of cakemix; Mix ingredients together.Place cake in oven and bakeat the temperature specified inthe directions.
  5. 5.  Chocolate mousse Chocolate Ganache Chocolate Fudge Bavarian cream Custard cream Cannoli cream Hazelnut cream Coconut cream Vanilla cream Cream cheese Lemon French cream Strawberry jam Raspberry jam Apricot jam Pineapple jam Lemon curdFilling
  6. 6. Trim and ShapeTrim off the top layer for aflat, smooth surface Shape and Design
  7. 7. Preparing the Cake Before rolling on the Fondant youneed to give your cake a “crumbcoating” with Buttercream Icing This helps the Fondant stick to thecake
  8. 8. Ingredients for MarshmallowFondant• 1 lb. bag ofMarshmallows• ½ cup Crisco• 2 lb. bag PowderedSugar• 4 Tbs. Water
  9. 9. Making the FondantStep 1 Melt Marshmallows Step 2 Pour in SugarStep 3 Pour onto mound of sugar Step 4 Knead and Fold
  10. 10. Coloring your FondantUse coloredMarshmallowsUse liquid Food Coloring
  11. 11. Icing on the CakeRoll out FondantStretch over CakeSmooth out surface
  12. 12. DecorationsMolding Ingredients Gum Paste Fondant Modeling ChocolateTools Used Sculpting tools Edible paint & Glitter Molding trays Cookie cutters
  13. 13. The Final Touch• Detail• Ribbons and Bows• Message• Alterations
  14. 14. A Piece of Cake