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Living and non living things powerpoint 1


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Living and non-living things classification

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Living and non living things powerpoint 1

  1. 1. Characteristics ofLiving and Non-living Things Activities
  2. 2. Which of these things are living? Which are non-living? Living Non-livingmushroom teddy zebra fish crocodileskateboard tree dragon fly chair ball doll flower cloud frog Answer bird next
  3. 3. Living Non-livingmushroom teddy ball zebra flower fish doll chair dragon fly tree frog cloud skateboard crocodile Discuss why... bird
  4. 4. Natural Artificial- Man made The Moonstone mountain chair skateboard storm The winddoll cloud teddy ball Discuss why...
  5. 5. Natural Artificial- Man made stone storm doll ball teddy cloud mountainThe Moon The wind skateboard chair Discuss why...
  6. 6. In your discussion, did you include:They all need food, water, and air to live.Living things have systems that help themgrow and change.All living things are either plants oranimals.All living things reproduce things likethemselves.Did you have anything else on your list?Share with your classmates.
  7. 7. Draw a picture of another plantand animal.Give two reasons why they areliving things.Share your answers with a partner. End of Activity