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Seven sins of Jira administration


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Some lessons learnt from 7 years of Jira administration and how to avoid some of the mistakes I made. With a little help from spongebob!

Published in: Technology, Education
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Seven sins of Jira administration

  1. 1. Seven Sins of JiraAdministrationHow not to destroy your JiraMatthew Cobby1Thursday, 16 May 13
  2. 2. How to represent the sins?2Thursday, 16 May 13
  3. 3. Source: Vices by Brueghel (1558)3Thursday, 16 May 13
  4. 4. Dante’s InfernoSource:, 16 May 13
  5. 5. There must be another way...Modern, loved by millions, colourful?5Thursday, 16 May 13
  6. 6. SpongeBob Squarepants!Ref:, 16 May 13
  7. 7. LustLust (or Lechery) is seen as sexualwants but it’s original form wasdesire, desire of money, fame,power.Spongebob“Life is as extreme asyou wanna make it”7Thursday, 16 May 13
  8. 8. Marketplace is brilliant!but ask yourself...Is the plugin maintained?How widely used is it?Does it have a good reputation?How well does it perform?Do support questions go answered?Check Atlassian AnswersDo you really need it?How many users will benefit?Is it worth its cost?Consider federating your Jira instances to save costs.I want, I want, I want!Lust8Thursday, 16 May 13
  9. 9. Press Release upgradesBeware the BetaRelease early, release often can have drawbacksRemember you’re there to service a businessLust Premature Upgrading9Thursday, 16 May 13
  10. 10. WrathWrath, also known as rage may bedescribed as inordinate anduncontrolled feelings of hatred andanger. In its purest form, presentswith self-destructiveness, violence,and hate that may provoke feuds.Squidward“That’s not what Imeant barnaclehead!”10Thursday, 16 May 13
  11. 11. Wrath What do you mean, “it’s slow”?Be proactive with performance measurementKnow your JiraListen to the users (anecdotal)but get evidence (empirical)Know your cache & pool sizesUnderstand the basic of the JVMConsider a reverse proxy with Apache11Thursday, 16 May 13
  12. 12. SlothSloth is sometimes defined asphysical laziness, spiritual lazinessand a failure to do things that oneshould do and so evil exists whengood men fail to act.Patrick“To Do List: nothing!”12Thursday, 16 May 13
  13. 13. Don’t run with the default schemesDecouple your configUse strong naming conventionsMyIssueTypeScheme,MyIssueTypeScreenSchemeSet up 4-6 standard project typesNew project request workflowHave 80% of projects on a standard configurationsCustomizations by exceptionSloth Not setting standards13Thursday, 16 May 13
  14. 14. Slow death of complexityConfiguration easy to add, hard to take awayNot cleaning up old projectsDo you still need that custom field?How do you know?Manage user churnSubscriptions, Filters, Dashboards,WatchersForgotten XML backupsSloth Silent Killers14Thursday, 16 May 13
  15. 15. GreedGreed, like lust and gluttony, a sinof excess is an inordinate desire toacquire or possess more than oneneeds, especially with respect tomaterial wealth.Mr Krabs“Hello, I like money!”15Thursday, 16 May 13
  16. 16. Too many administratorsDeveloper administratorsDecentralized administrators & centralizedconfigurationDelegate via rolesLack of documentation!Have a deployment methodologyChange management processApprove & document changesSource ControlGreed Can I just have..?16Thursday, 16 May 13
  17. 17. EnvyLike greed and lust, is characterized by aninsatiable desire. Envy is similar to jealousyin that they both feel discontent towardssomeones traits, status, abilities, orrewards. The difference is the envious alsodesire the entity and covet it.Plankton“I will rule the world!”17Thursday, 16 May 13
  18. 18. One Jira to rule them all!EnvyKnow Jira’s limitationsJira will grow & grow fast!Maintain service levelsBe wary of taking on too much too fast18Thursday, 16 May 13
  19. 19. PridePride (or hubris in greek) is the original andmost serious of the seven deadly sins, andthe source of the others. It is identified as adesire to be more important or attractive thanothers, failing to acknowledge the good workof others, and excessive love of selfSandy“I’m hotter than ahickory smokedsausage!”19Thursday, 16 May 13
  20. 20. Practising in productionIf the worst happens:Do you know your backups work?Database,Attachments & customizationsRun the integrity checker, mistakes do happen...and who put the delete project button next to the browse?Nothing can go wrong!Pride20Thursday, 16 May 13
  21. 21. GluttonyGluttony is the over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point ofwaste. It can be be interpreted asessentially placing concern with ones owninterests above the well-being or interestsof othersGary“meow”21Thursday, 16 May 13
  22. 22. Custom fieldsPush back & reuseBeware field configuration schemesDont overload the existing core field behaviourJira Field Helper is availableSimple workflows are bestDo you really need..?GluttonyJust because you can...22Thursday, 16 May 13
  23. 23. @mcobbyMatthew Cobbymcobby@gmail.commcobbymatt@andamooka.commatthew-cobbyThank you!23Thursday, 16 May 13
  24. 24. 24Thursday, 16 May 13