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Unstoppable Me! Even You Can Create an Impossible Future


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Presentation by Robert Hargrove which gives 7 tips to help you on your journey to creating an Impossible Future.

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Unstoppable Me! Even You Can Create an Impossible Future

  1. 1. The Unstoppable Me! Even you can create an Impossible Future! Robert Hargrove, 2010 KoreaMasterful Coaching
  2. 2. The human condition is often one of hopelessness and resignation 2
  3. 3. When wefeel there isno hope, wetend to giveup and say..Whybother? 3Masterful Coaching © 2010
  4. 4. Yet….being human is aboutunleashing the human spirit into action and keeping hope alive Masterful Coaching © 2010 4
  5. 5. Even at those moments when the situation looks difficult or even impossibleMasterful Coaching © 2010
  6. 6. I want to talk to you about creating anIMPOSSIBLE FUTURE and changing your life
  7. 7. Impossible is not a fact… but an interpretation
  8. 8. Most everyday things were once thought of as “Impossible”
  9. 9. You create a Default Future bylooking at your circumstances and predicting that things are never going to be any different.
  10. 10. You create an IMPOSSIBLEFUTURE from yourself…by daring to dream andbeing unstoppablein realizing it
  11. 11. There are many people whohave realized the Impossible…which shows that…“IT CAN BE DONE!”
  12. 12. GandhiMasterful Coaching © 2010
  13. 13. Mandela Masterful Coaching © 2010 13
  14. 14. WalesaMasterful Coaching © 2010 14
  15. 15. Parks
  16. 16. Edison Masterful Coaching © 2010 16
  17. 17. Jobs Masterful Coaching © 2010 17
  18. 18. Tank Man
  19. 19. The ability to createan Impossible Future is not reserved for the few
  20. 20. Even you can create animpossible future, with…,passion,compassion,intention,imagination,determination,non-stop action
  21. 21. Seven Tipsto HelpYou on theJourney Masterful Coaching © 2010 21
  22. 22. Tip 1. Drive Out Resignation My Impossible Future is . . .
  23. 23. Start right nowFocus on the positive vs. negative 23
  24. 24. Stop indulging inconversations whereyou argue for yourlimitations or talkabout how bad thesituation is 24
  25. 25. Ask yourself: if I don’t change my direction, will my Default Future be the one I want? RELATIONSHIPS FINANACIAL JOB/ BUSINESS RETIREMENT HEALTH & WELLBEING
  26. 26. Remember Confucius….If you keep going inthe same direction,you are likely towind up whereyou are headed. 26
  27. 27. Envision An ImpossibleFuture Where is the pain in your life? What is your biggest frustration? What is your biggest hope? What is you big dream? What is your biggest concern?
  28. 28. Now articulate your ImpossibleFuture in one sentence:My Impossible Future is…
  29. 29. Tip 2. Get Some Feedback
  30. 30. Ask 3 to 5 people: What are my unique talents and gifts? How can I leverage them to create an extraordinary future? What weaknesses do I have that could throw me back into a default future?
  31. 31. Other Questions• What do you see as my possibilities?• What do you see as my greatest strengths?• Where might my strength become a weakness?• What do you see as my biggest blindspot?• What do you see as my next development steps?
  32. 32. Write down:▪ 1 strength you will build on,▪ 1 weakness you will work onto help you to reach yourImpossible Future
  33. 33. Tip 3. The Unstoppable MeExcuses Be Gone!
  34. 34. Excuses Be Gone! It’s impossible or just too difficult!
  35. 35. Excuses Be Gone! I don’t have the right education so I can’t change!
  36. 36. Excuses Be Gone! We can’t afford it!
  37. 37. Excuses Be Gone! I’m too busy!
  38. 38. Excuses Be Gone! No one will help me!
  39. 39. Excuses Be Gone! There’s too much competition!
  40. 40. Excuses Be Gone! That’s a crazy idea!
  41. 41. Excuses BE Gone! What will other people think?
  42. 42. Write down oneexcuse that hasbeen stoppingyou that you will let go of.
  43. 43. Tip 4. Build a Team of TalentedPeople to Help You
  44. 44. People willjoin your teamif they see anexciting goal orproblem they cansubordinate their ego to,as well as a big opportunity for themto learn, grow, make money
  45. 45. Write down on a piece of paper the kind of people you will need to realize your Impossible Future…For example, managers,scientists, engineers,bankers, artists, architects,HR people, students.Next go out and recruit them
  46. 46. Tip 5. Gather Outside Information;Keep Asking: “What’s missing fromthis picture?”
  47. 47. You can’t realize anImpossible Futurebased on what youalready think andknowGoogle, read, and talkto people to gatheroutside information to discover solutionsyou never knew existed
  48. 48. Whenever you run into a big problemor opportunity ask:What’s missing from this picture?This is the keyto coming upwith exciting,breakthroughsolutions
  49. 49. Tip 6. Bypassing ElaboratePlanning and PreparationsTake Action!
  50. 50. With an Impossible Future there is oftenno simple or obvious planYou discover the path forward in the process of taking some action—any action
  51. 51. Look at your Impossible Future…What’s missing that, if provided, canmake a difference?Now design a small, 90-day CATALYTICBREAKTHROUGH PROJECT that will takeyou to a different place
  52. 52. CatalyticBreakthroughProjectExisting readinessCompleted in 4 to 12 weeksHigh leverageDoableEnjoyableTakes you to another place
  53. 53. Catalytic Breakthrough Project Example If you want to start a new business… Build a new “micro-website” that will develop your brand, help define your business, and give you an address
  54. 54. Catalytic Breakthrough Project Example If you want to improve your marriage… Agree to go to a counselor every ten days for 90-days
  55. 55. Tip 7. Get a Coach to HelpYou to Keep on Track
  56. 56. A COACHKeeps the goal infront of youPicks you up whenyour spirits aredownDoesn’t let anythingfall through thecracks
  57. 57. Who can be acoach foryou?
  58. 58. In closing… Success isnt a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. ~Arnold H. Glasow
  59. 59. Robert HargroveMasterful Coaching+1 Masterful Coaching © 2010 all rights reserved