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The SHORES Institute


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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The SHORES Institute

  1. 1. "THE SHORES INSTITUTE" Creating Lasting Significance for Future Generations by Releasing Modern Day Apostles!Dr. Jean LaCour introduces Shores InstituteThe Shores Institute Website made its publiclaunch at the 2011 Evangelist’s Conference inMoscow, Russia. The Shores Institute multi-lingual training platform will allow ChristianAdventures (CAI) to train 24/7 around the globe.The Shores Institute name was birthed from adivinely inspired idea when in 1978 KevinMcNulty was standing in a field of wheat and heheard these words, “I am sending you fromshore to shore.” That was an odd thought for ayoung man living in central Michigan. Howwould a dream like this become a reality?
  2. 2. Kevin and Leslie McNulty after getting marriedIn 1988, Kevin met his future wife Leslie andlater that year they married and moved to theShores of DaytonaBeach.Planning for Shores InstituteNow through partnership with Dr. Jean LaCour,President of the NET Training Institute, we areable to bring to you an on-line educationalvehicle delivering the truths gleaned through thevarious Global Ministry Outreaches and trainingprograms of CAI.Global Ministry Outreaches and training programs of CAIin India.The NET Training Institute, is an international
  3. 3. training organization offering specialized trainingin addictions, professional counseling, programdevelopment and recovery support services.President Jean LaCour, PhD brings 20 years ofmultifaceted global experience in the addictionfield. read more...Christian Adventures International, led by Drs.Kevin & Leslie McNulty, brings over 25 years ofleadership in Global Missions with a specializedfocus in MiracleMassEvangelism & One on OneSoul-winning, Apostolic Church planting, andleadership development for both men andwomen. "GO-U" is the Eurasian trainingprogram developed by CAI for the primarypurpose of training laborers for the "100TentProject". read more...Dr. Jean LaCour, Drs. Leslie & Kevin McNultyThe Shores Institute is dedicated to: • Extending the standard of training excellence from Shore to Shore using contemporary online learning tools and technology. • Preparing you to understand and reach today’s global community with specialized knowledge of world religions & diverse cultural environments. • Equipping and empowering servant leaders to help the hurting masses through evangelism and practical works of service. • Revealing how the Biblical principles of Righteousness and Justice are essential to transforming the modern world. • Energizing your mission with an expectation for the supernatural.
  4. 4. Our ChristianAdventure continues! The Shores Institute is the next step in multiplying our efforts together! We have launched the new Shores website and currently we are compiling the on-line curriculum from our current training materials. Christian Adventures is grateful to theNet Training Institute and Tech Mission for making this new training platform available! Every gift to this ministry makes the Gospel available to thousands of individuals! Right now dozens of evangelism events are being conducted by CAI and our associate evangelists. Tents are being produced in Moscow. Renovation continues on multiple facilities. Plans are underway for new TVprograms, India December of 2011 and curriculum is being developed! Partners your monthly giving makes this dream a REALITY! Your Friends and Partners in a Global Quest, Kevin and LeslieTo unsubscribe, please click here.McNulty Ministries, 1918 S. Atlantic Ave, Daytona Bch, FL 32115