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100 tent project factory vinyl report 2012

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  • Наше видение:100 палаток дляЕвразии
  • Как мы исполняем видение?Через подготовку новых евангелистовЕжегодные конференции и тренинг по подготовке евангелистов Практические обучения палаточному евангелизму2. Создавая палаточные фабрикиГотовятся к запуску палаточные фабрики в Эстонии, в Тольятти, на Урале
  • И винил для первой палатки
  • Герман и Виктор из Эстонии сразу после новогодних праздников приехали к нам
  • На очереди еще две!
  • 26-30 июля в г. Уяр пошла евангелизация, организованная церковью Новое Поколение, с участием Быховского Максима (г.Сосновоборск)
  • с жаждой принимали каждое слово евангелия.
  • Несколько дней проходили праздники для детей
  • 100TentReport2012

    1. 1. Tent Factory inMoscow Evangelism Training Center Making Tents for Eurasia The following presentation details the production of the first few tents in the Moscow Tent Factory. As of Fall 2012, 15 tents have now been built in the factory. We thank you for your participation in helping us to launch this factory!
    2. 2. The Vision: 100 Tents for Eurasia
    3. 3. How Do We Fulfill This Vision?1. By training evangelists through• Annual Evangelist Training Conference (16 Years)• Practical in-field tent ministry training.• On-line continuing education in ministry ethics, partnership and practical ministry tools.2. By building tents Tent Factories in Moscow and Estonia are launched.
    4. 4. Annual Evangelists Training & Planning Conference
    5. 5. GO-U Missions SchoolClassroom & Practical Training
    6. 6. Tent Factory begins Founders of the TENT 100 Project Kevin & Leslie McNulty
    7. 7. Checking and rechecking formulasDirector of the Tent Factory Kirill Kozorez
    8. 8. Here we go…
    9. 9. ВИНИЛ 152 рулона VINYL 152 rolls VINYL SUPPLIED BY FRIENDSHIPS Thank You for your partnership!
    10. 10. Estland Helping in NorwayHoused and Transferred the Vi from the USA to Eurasia! THANK YOU!
    11. 11. Finishing Touches on the First Tent
    12. 12. One-Two UP!!!
    13. 13. First prototype a 30’ X 30’ village tentwith one central pole seating 50 – 70
    14. 14. Evangelist German and Victor from Estonia beginconstructing the first 50’ tent
    15. 15. Time to pack
    16. 16. We are ready to go!
    17. 17. Tent delivered to Astrakhan where Evangelist German will work with Pastor Renat in his home town and reach out to the 350 Muslim villages in his region.
    18. 18. The tent is up and ready for ministry outreach!
    19. 19. Music and Games
    20. 20. Every child receives Back to school gifts
    21. 21. The Tent Festival is a special event for everyone!
    22. 22. Maxsim and Timur making a tent for their Siberian home front!Russian proverb says, “Measure seven times butcut just once.” So we are measuring carefully and only then are cutting pieces of vinyl Dr. Leslie McNulty & Dr. Jean LaCour join the team in the tent factory after concluding training meetings with the evangelists.
    23. 23. Finishing the Details
    24. 24. Preparing Ropes
    25. 25. Top of the Roof
    26. 26. MastInstallation
    27. 27. Creating tentsthat will last!
    28. 28. Great Job, Guys!
    29. 29. Packing upfor the longtrack across Russia to Siberia.
    30. 30. Hallelujah! It fits!
    31. 31. First Tent Festival in SIBERIAtent was held July 26-30, 2011 in a city of Uyar, Krasnoyarsk Region with evangelist Maksim Bykhovsky from Sosnovoborsk who took part in making this tent in Moscow
    32. 32. Welcome!Maxim in his first festival in Sosnovoborsk, Siberia
    33. 33. Receiving Christ for the First Time
    34. 34. 70 people received Jesus into their hearts
    35. 35. Many children came to the tent in this small village!
    36. 36. The Siberian team organizes abible class & provides study materials for the children.
    37. 37. Maxim continues on with tent and team to the unreached villages of Siberia
    38. 38. Children’s Tent Is Made in Eurasian Tent Factory This tent is now being used forChildren’s Festivals in the Far East
    39. 39. Evangelists from Mongolia & Abakanlearn the art of tent making
    40. 40. Welding pieces together
    41. 41. Lacing Curtains
    42. 42. Time to pack!
    43. 43. It is finished and ready to be shipped!
    44. 44. Each new tent is numbered Tent #4
    45. 45. Waiting to be loaded for Buryatia, in the Far East of Russia!
    46. 46. Thank you for supplying vinyl for the tents!Together with YOU we will fulfill the vision: 100 Tents for Eurasia!
    47. 47. See you at new Christian Adventure! For more live stories from the field go to: Facebook: McNulty Ministries; Twitter: Drs. Kevin or Leslie McNulty; YouTube: McNultyMinistries