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Dean of students


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Dean of students

  1. 1. “ Dean of Students”: Thoughts, Ideas, Concepts ******Accountability, Support, Consequences, Engaging Connections, Relevant Education, Understanding, Purpose, Exploring, Opportunity, Caring, Self-esteem and Thinking outside the box are the main ingredients that are in my mind’s eye. Attendance is KING!! --Well, I wonder where the “Dean of Student’s” office/classroom will be?? ???? --Meet/work with Key Middle to identify students with attendance issues. Start with 9th graders, possibly 10th , but not juniors and seniors for the most part. Thoughts on that??? --Have an actual class (2nd period if possible, as that way we can see if they are here and on time and get their day started with lots of support) where identified students meet with the “Dean” to discuss performance, attendance, and any other issues that are obstacles/blockades to success. We could give them credit for the class and call it something positive like “Skills for Success”. (open for ideas!) Pass/fail or grade??? Group setting in order to develop a relationship and educate them. Guest speakers, field trips, working closely with the career center taking interest/personality/ strengths/needs assessments, opportunities to set them up with mentors, tutors, pseudo-grandparents, etc. Keeping tabs/holding them accountable in general on performance and attendance. Contests for best attendance. Engaging the students so they will want to attend!! Discuss social media issues and possible domestic issues. Meet with a team of supporting adults ie administrators, liaisons, attendance officer, SRO, security, volunteers, other teachers who are assisting (Mr. Sullivan is going to have a role in this) --Utilize as many outside resources as possible: Greenspring, George Mason, NVCC, Family Services, Military recruiters, private industry, Workforce Investment Act Youth Program, churches, social workers, mental health professionals, drug and alcohol abuse counselors. --Home/work visits (whenever needed) to obtain parent buy in and to develop a trustful relationship. This is a very significant piece!! Coordinate with Mike Spradlin (or whoever is our attendance officer might be), and others (SRO, liaisons) for home visits. --Parenting classes and parent mentors. Get parents to volunteer in the school. Extremely important. --Contracts with students/parents re attendance and consequences. --Intense Career/Higher Education Counseling/recreational classes through the county --Get a job!!!! Have purpose, be productive, and BUSY!! Very busy!! --Community Service (meaningful) --Support of mentor, tutor, club, sports, some kind of engaging connection to the school where they feel good about themselves and their surroundings. Learn to enjoy attending school.
  2. 2. --Discipline: immediate and something that will matter to them. Example: taking their phone, no outside of school suspensions but working with someone in the school (custodian, teacher, other staff member), or working on assignments. Taking their lunch period (although they will be able to eat!!) and having them volunteering in the library, or with autistic classes, or helping someone someway somehow. Open for ideas on this. --Collaboration with administrators, security, Spanish speakers, attendance office and officer, family services, and police, court, JDC (Might need to utilize all the Spanish speaking Staff in the building from time to time as our Parent Liaisons are VERY busy most of the time. I think there are quite a few actually) --Take academy classes earlier, maybe even freshman year. --Lancer Academy/school within a school concept or teams of teachers for identified students for more structure, relationship building and accountability. For keeping close tabs on these students who cant handle the freedom. --Celebrity wake up calls and other means to show that the school cares and supports good attendance. Any tactic that would help or work!!!! --Morning Lobby Meet and Greet. ---Open for any and all ideas/thoughts/creativity/thinking outside the box.