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Attendance dean


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Attendance dean

  1. 1. - Attendance Dean – Donna keeps her office - Meeting with key MS is a critical component – we can meet these kids before they begin their negative attendance practices. - Lancer Time for freshman and sophomores with attendance issue – they are not allowed to leave this lancer time – computers provided – teachers contacted and any missing material is provided – similar to ISS – no bathroom breaks, no locker trips, unless escorted by adult – have this LT teamed 2nd period class “personal finance perhaps” Key MS Outside Resources Home visits Parenting classes/mentors Contracts PBIS/good standing Donna Hogan Guidance peeps Michelle Quarles Already exist and need to be modified later time Michelle, May  Shadow a DOS (Hogan) “Get a JOB!” or Community Service, career counseling Assisted membership in club, sport, etc Collaboration Meet and Greet Wake up calls Teacher teams School within a school concept Newbold Newbold, May ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ Jen ~~~~ How are we going to communicate our school wide approach to the faculty? - Newbold, Patch How are we going to sell this idea to the faculty? - Hogan production of data - LT agreement What will it look like for forms? - Referrals? Develop the process flowchart and decision tree that will be shared with the staff - Quarles and Hogan type up what we have