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4 3 and 4.4(2)


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4 3 and 4.4(2)

  1. 1. 4.3Gregor Mendel experimented with pea plants to discover the passing down ofgenes; he planned the passing through a punnett square. He used the term “factor”instead of “gene”The Punnett Square shows all possible combinations of genetic info for a certaintrait. It does this by Using the parents genotypes to determine the gametes theparents could produceMonohybrid cross is when a single trait crossesCodominance is when some genes have more than two alleles and they are bothexpressed.Two possible alleles, dominant and recessive BUT sometimes there are 3 or moretypes of alleles for gene23 pair of chromosomes determines if the person is a male or femaleAny genetic trait whose allele has a locus on the X or Y chromosome is sex-linkedPedigree charts are diagrams that are constructed to show biological relationships
  2. 2. 4.4 Polymerase Chain reaction copies DNA by taking a small amount of DNA and copies the nucelicacids to make millions of copies of the DNA Gel Electrophoresis separates fragments of DNA to find the origin DNA profiling is matching an unknown sample of DNA with a known sample to see if they correspond, it is used on the show Muary in paternity suits The human genome project is a catalogue of all the bases an organism has to determine the order of the bases ATCG in humans; it can find beneficial molecules and to find out which gene controls synthesize Gene transfer is a technique of taking one gene out of an organism and placing it in another organism Genetically motified organism is one that has had an artificial gene change Transgenetic plants take out an undesirable gene A group of genetically identical organisms artificially derived from a single parent are clones Dolly the sheep was the first clone