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  1. 1. Media Music Project Part A /15 1. Who is your musician and why did you choose him/her/them? (3) 2. How has this band influenced you? For example, have they changed the way that you look at music, life, poetry, adulthood, teenage life etc.)? (4) 3. What do you like about the band’s lyrics? What in general do they write about? Is it love, life, love and life, politics, family, spirituality, life and death, etc? What draws you to these themes and ideas? (4) 4.What do you like about the band’s musical sound? Is it the beat, the guitars, the rhythm, the mood? Explain. (4)
  2. 2. Part B Band History / Biography For the personal questions below focus on one member in the band. Otherwise answer for the band – if they are a band. Answer the following questions: • Where was he/she born and when? • Where do they live now? • What instrument(s) do they play? What role do they play in the band? • How long has the band been together for? • How did they get interested in music? Who are their influences and inspirations? • What is their genre of music? Is there a reason why they chose their particular style/genre? What genre of music is this genre connected to or based upon? Explain. • Name at least five other bands that are connected to this genre of music. • Does your focus band member write the music? If not who does? • What/Who is their fan base? Age, culture, country etc. • Are they on a record label? Which one? How many copies of their latest CD did they sell? • Are they touring right now? Where? Have they toured in the past year? Where? Do they have a tour planned? Where? • What is this band’s opinion on downloading? • Write down 5 or more interesting points about your focus member or your band. Discography List the discography including record labels Project Design • You will neatly and creatively put the above Band History and Discography on a poster board. • You will also include visuals of your band or singer. • Your poster will convey the mood and essence of their style and raison d’etre. (Reason for being). For example, If they are a hard rocking band then that image should be conveyed in the font, colour, popular culture symbols or material objects visuals.
  3. 3. • In the bottom right hand corner you will list all of your internet sources Rubric for Part B Thinking and Inquiry /20 • You thoroughly and thoughtfully research at least 10 questions from the above list. • You thoroughly and thoughtfully research at least 5 of your own points about the band • You follow the MLA format for referencing all of your internet sites Communication - /20 • Thought and effort has gone into creating a neat, colourful, and interesting poster • Your visuals and design successfully convey the mood or essence of your band