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  1. 1. EL S 2 O 1 Gr a p h i c N o v e l Sum m a ti v e Pr oj e c t Now that you have had the opportunity to read and discuss different aspects of a particular graphic novel within a group, you will now be required to respond creatively and critically to the novel you read individually. Thi s p r o j e c t i s p a r t of y o u r S u m m a t i v e a s s e s s m e n t a n d will m a k e up 1 0 % o f y o u r fi n a l m a r k . You will select from the list of activities attached. One task is m a n d a t o r y (must be completed) while the rest are o p t i o n a l . **Yo u w i l l c o m p l e t e o n e (1) m a n d a t o r y writin g ta s k a n d a n y # o f t h e o p t i o n a l a c t i v i t i e s * *: The mark you achieve on the project will be determined be the quality and quantity of the work submitted as follows: Level 4 (80-100) 1 mandatory and 4+optional tasks Level 3 (70-79) 1 mandatory and 3 optional tasks
  2. 2. Level 2 (60-69) 1 mandatory and 2 optional tasks Level 1 (50-59) 1 mandatory and 1 optional task N o t e : if the quality of the tasks is poor because you have rushed, it will be returned to you for revision. You must submit the assignments one at a time to ensure quality and to assist effective time management and ensure task completion. Du e dat e( s): Each Wednesday, for the duration of the semester, will be dedicated to the completion of the project. The following is a suggested time-line to stay on top of the tasks and achieve a high mark: • Wed. Dec. 5th - mandatory assignment #1 • Wed. Dec. 12th- first optional task • Wed. Dec. 19th - second optional task • Wed. Jan. 9th - third optional task • Wed. Jan. 16th - fourth optional task
  3. 3. (See attached for list of activities) In d e p e n d e n t Gr a p h i c Nov el Activiti e s : Mandatory Task: Choose e i t h e r A o r B A. Imagine you are a journalist in your novel. Write a news report about an exciting/significant event in the novel. Be sure to provide: w h o , what, wh er e, wh e n, why, ho w, and at least o n e qu o t a t i o n . OR B. In a series of paragraphs expressing an opinion format, state your opinion of the novel and focus on quality of: c h a r a c t e r s , pl o t li n e , and g r a p h i c s . Optional Tasks:
  4. 4. 1. Create a movie poster to promote the film version of your novel. Include novel title, author’s name, actors to play major characters, director, producer, featured performers on movie sound track, one or more critic’s comments, and a significant illustration relating to the novel’s themes or events to capture the audience’s attention. 2. Create a CD cover for the sound-track for the movie version of your novel. Include a visually attractive cover, a title, and on the back list 10 song titles that you feel would fit with themes or events in the novel. Provide a brief explanation of why you selected each song (what the song relates to: event, character, theme) 3. Create a collage of images that relate to themes, characters, and/or events in the novel. Include the novel’s title and on the back of the collage explain why you chose the images/pictures. 4. Create a “novel box ” for your graphic novel. Include 10 items or objects that relate to the novel’s themes, characters, or events. Be prepared to present your box to the class and explain each item’s relevance.
  5. 5. 5. Create a web site for your graphic novel. Include a brief summary of the novel, image(s) or pictures relating to the book, and at least 2 links to sites relating to the novel. VI. Create a word search of 15-20 words associated specifically with your novel. Provide fill in the blanks sentence clues and a word list. ie. Last name of author of The Last Man: ____________ (Vaughan) 7. Create a cross- word puzzle with 10 vertical (up and down) and 10 horizontal (side to side) clues relating to the novel. Provide a word list. 8. Research one of the following topics on the internet: the novel, the author, o r the illustrator. Write an expository paragraph providing 5 information details you have gathered on your selected topic. Identify the source(s)/cite(s) of the information. 9. Identify your graphic novel genre and, in a SEEEC paragraph , provide examples of how it meets the criteria. Fantasy: imaginary worlds/setting super natural monsters/creatures, magical weapons Science Fiction: futuristic setting advanced technology/vehicles/weapons
  6. 6. space travel post-apocalyptic/world catastrophe Historical: set in the past involves recognizable historical figures depicts famous historical events 10. Write a SEEEC paragraph identifying who you think was the most important character and explain why. 11. Write a letter to the author o r illustrator of the novel explaining what you liked/did not like about his or her work. Make some suggestions on how he or she could improve it. Provide an introduction, body, and concluding paragraph to your letter. 12. Write an alternative ending to the novel. Make sure it follows logically from the events at the end of the story. The ending should be at least 150 - 200 words.
  7. 7. 13. Select what you feel is an important part of the novel, read it aloud to the class, and explain why you think it is an important section and how the illustrations support the plot development.