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4cRemembrance Day Timed Assessment


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4cRemembrance Day Timed Assessment

  1. 1. Remembrance Day Timed Assessment: 60 minutes Instructions: 1. Students are to write a short report 2. Students are to use the Level 4 College Writing Exemplar and Short Report Rubric to aid in their completion of this task. 3. Subject matter: Remembrance Day Write a short report on anyone of these “topical” considerations regarding Remembrance Day i) Remembrance Day observances ii) The view of military service today iii) The future of Remembrance Day 4. This task requires that you draw on any and all prior knowledge and understanding you have with respect to this subject and any of its subtopics. 5. Plan first with an “ideas web or thinking quad” (required submission as rough work) and then write the report after reflecting on the exemplar and rubric provided.
  2. 2. Thinking Quad What I know What I think What I learned What I discovered