Sexy Lovers Gifts Lingerie


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A wonderful collection of lingerie

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Sexy Lovers Gifts Lingerie

  1. 1. Sexy Lovers Gifts Sexy Lingerie
  2. 2. STM-9391 Apron & Thong (Non-Packaged) STM-9138 STM-9262 STM-9478 STM-9315 Flirty Frills Bustier & Leopard Thong Paisley Pleasure Storm Thong (Non- Thong (Non- (Non-Packaged) Boyshort (Non- Packaged) Packaged) Packaged) STM-9392Babydoll & Thong (Non-Packaged) STM-9137 STM-9264 STM-9335 STM-9316 Flirty Frills Garted Leopard Thong Paisley Pleasure Swirl Thong (Non- Skirt (Non- (Non-Packaged) Bustier & Thong Packaged) Packaged) (Non-Packaged) STM-9136 STM-9383 STM-9403 STM-9281 Flirty Frills Skirted License To Thrill Paisley Pleasure Tease Me Waist Thong (Non- Bustier & Thong Chemise & Thong Cincher (Non- Packaged) (Non-Packaged) (Non-Packaged) Packaged) STM-9390 Bustier & Thong (Non-Packaged)
  3. 3. STM-9476 Ruffle Thong (Non-Packaged) STM-9178 STM-9295 STM-9405 STM-9225 Flutter Mesh Thong Madame Butterfly Paisley Pleasure Temptation Bra (Non-Packaged) Thong (Packaged) Lace Robe (Non- (Non-Packaged) Packaged) STM-9149 Amanda Thong (Packaged) STM-9345 STM-9331 STM-9406 STM-9231 Frisky Bustier & Madeleine Babydoll Paisley Pleasure Temptation Thong (Non- & Thong (Non- Thong (Non- Chemise & Thong Packaged) Packaged) Packaged) (Non-Packaged) STM-9341Basic Instinct Corset & Thong (Non- STM-9444 STM-9329 STM-9109 STM-9230 Packaged) Galore Babydoll & Madeleine Perfectly Polished Temptation Garter Thong (Non- Chemise, Eye Mask Corset & Thong Belt (Non- Packaged) & Thong (Non- (Non-Packaged) Packaged) Packaged)
  4. 4. STM-9464 Between The Sheets Garter Belt (Non- STM-9445 STM-9177 STM-9347 STM-9228 Packaged) Galore Bra, Skirt, Mesh Boyshort (Non- Rita Camisole & Temptation Hipster Garters & Thong Packaged) Thong (Non- (Non-Packaged) (Non-Packaged) Packaged) STM-9318 Blue Royale Chemise & Thong (Non- STM-9446 STM-9266 STM-9348 STM-9226 Packaged) Galore Cami & Mesh Cheeky (Non- Rita Halter Camisole Temptation Skirt & Panty (Non- Packaged) & Thong (Non- Garters (Non- Packaged) Packaged) Packaged) STM-9466Blue Royale Garter Belt (Non-Packaged) STM-9453 STM-9451 STM-9124 STM-9419 Galore Chemise & Mesh Panties (Non- Romantic Ruffles Tide Of Passion Slip Thong (Non- Packaged) Apron & Thong & Thong (Non- Packaged) (Non-Packaged) Packaged)
  5. 5. STM-9321Blue Royale Waist Cincher (Non- STM-9467 STM-9267 STM-9116 STM-9421 Packaged) Galore Garter Belt Mesh Thong (Non- Romantic Ruffles Tide Of Passion (Non-Packaged) Packaged) Boyshort (Non- Thong (Non- Packaged) Packaged) STM-9382Bombshell Bustier & Thong (Non- STM-9479 STM-9307 STM-9123 STM-9186 Packaged) Galore Panty (Non- Mesh Thong (Non- Romantic Ruffles Tina Thong Packaged) Packaged) Bra,Skirt & Thong (Packaged) (Non-Packaged) STM-9189Bonjour Boyshort (Non-Packaged) STM-9477 STM-9088 STM-9455 STM-9463 Garters (Non- Microfiber Boyshort Ruffle Thong (Non- Too Hot To Handle Packaged) (Non-Packaged) Packaged) Garter Belt (Non- Packaged)
  6. 6. STM-9187Bonjour Cami & Boyshort (Non- STM-9175 STM-9091 STM-9351 STM-9334 Packaged) Jenna Thong Microfiber Boyshort Scene Stealer Bra & Venus Apron & (Packaged) (Non-Packaged) Hipster (Non- Thong (Non- Packaged) Packaged) STM-9184Bonjour Chemise & Thong (Non- STM-9297 STM-9199 STM-9346 STM-9333 Packaged) Josie Thong Midnight Scene Stealer Venus Chemise & (Packaged) Confidential Garter Bustier & Thong Thong (Non- Belt (Non- (Non-Packaged) Packaged) Packaged) STM-9185Bonjour Panty (Non-Packaged) STM-9447 STM-9222 STM-9349 STM-9340 La Vie En Rose Midnight Glamour Scene Stealer Veronica Camisole Bustier & Thong Babydoll & Thong Chemise & Thong & Thong (Non- (Non-Packaged) (Packaged) (Non-Packaged) Packaged)
  7. 7. STM-9188 Bonjour Teddy (Non-Packaged) STM-9289 STM-9221 STM-9350 CA-5087G Lace Boyshort (Non- Midnight Glamour Scene Stealer Victorian Lace Packaged) Slip & Thong Teddy (Non- Garters (Non- (Packaged) Packaged) Packaged) STM-9296 Bridget Thong (Packaged) STM-9293 STM-9380 STM-9271 STM-9342 Lace Boyshort (Non- Moonlight Magic Sheena Thong Wild Night Corset & Packaged) Gown & Thong (Packaged) Thong (Non- (Non-Packaged) Packaged) STM-9314Cabbage Rose Thong (Non-Packaged) CA-5097T STM-9121 STM-9474 STM-9311 Lace Thong (Non- Moulin Rouge Bra, Solitaire Bustier & Zebra Cheeky (Non- Packaged) Boyshort & Garters Thong (Non- Packaged) (Non-Packaged Packaged)
  8. 8. STM-9204 Dana Thong (Packaged) STM-9292 STM-9127 STM-9220 STM-9396 Lace Thong (Non- Moulin Rouge Sophia Garter Belt Zebra Cheeky (Non- Packaged) Bustier & Thong (Non-Packaged) Packaged) (Non-Packaged) STM-9344PElizabeth Bustier & Thong (Packaged) STM-9471 STM-9122 STM-9219 STM-9398 Lace Thong (Non- Moulin Rouge Sophia Slip & Thong Zebra Cheeky (Non- Packaged) Garter belt (Non- (Non-Packaged) Packaged) Packaged) STM-9324Ella Chemise, Blindfold & Thong (Non- STM-9229 STM-9312 STM-9465 STM-9309 Packaged) Lara Thong Neon Leopard Splendid Garter Belt Zebra Mesh Thong (Packaged) Thong (Non- (Non-Packaged) (Non-Packaged) Packaged)
  9. 9. STM-9325Ella Teddy & Cuffs (Non-Packaged) STM-9438 STM-9472 STM-9310 STM-9397 Leopard Boyshort Open Crotch Thong Star Mesh Thong Zebra Thong (Non- (Non-Packaged) (Non-Packaged) (Non-Packaged) Packaged) STM-9133 Fishnet Microfiber Boyshort (Non- STM-9263 Packaged) Leopard Cheeky (Non-Packaged)
  10. 10. NameAddress City State Zip codeEmail address Phone # include area codePlease provide email address. You will receive a PayPal request to pay for your order.Item# Color Size Quantit Price Total Description yPlease allow 72 hours processing prior to shipment. Verify your address carefully. Please note shipping chargeswill be added to the order total. All orders shipped USPS. Questions and or orders send or call 1-888-766-1868 with questions. You can fax your order to 623-505-9569 your orderand shipping confirmation and shipping will be sent via email. / / 1-888-766-1868