Encyclopaedia Gullcovica Volume 1


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Encyclopaedia Gullcovica Volume 1

  1. 1. Ian Kenworthy would like to exercise his moral right to remind you that he wrote this and it is his intellectual property. You can you use it for personal and educational use but no making money from it. Thank you.
  2. 2. Encyclopaedia Gullcovica (Incorporating Gull Coveopaedia) ‘Your one stop guide to Gull Cove and its inhabitants’ Amulet- A strange old thing of a pinkish hue that washed up in an old chest on Gull Cove beach. After an unpleasant accident with a pile of chicken bones Grandpa realised it could bring the dead back to life. Quite where it came from no one knows but apparently there are many similar items floating around on the oceans. Annabeth – The Heroine of Gull Cove adventures Annabeth is a young girl from the town of Tinsel. She lives with her Mother, Father and brother Gus in a lovely terraced house but at every opportunity she goes to visit her beloved Grandpa who lives at the seaside. Easily recognised she usually wears a black pinafore dress made by her mother and her blondish brown hair tied in bunches. Ever one for adventures she can normally be found exploring either the real world or a fictional one found in one of her many books. She loves stories about a variety of topics including nymphs, pirates, detectives. In her spare time she likes to sing although it’s not one of her strongest traits. Despite being a fun and friendly person Annabeth does not have an awful lot of friends her own age. This is because her very best friend is a slimy little octopus named Glob and other people find this a little odd. Bathtub (Music Room)- A music room might seem like an odd place to have a large ceramic bath but this particular bath is quite special. A large array of copper pipes run from the ceiling and provide a supply of hot water. Home to the coral choral, the starfish and other guests. Beachcomber- One of a number of strange old men who protect the sea, collecting anything that washes up on the beach, caring for wildlife and occasionally saving the world. Beachcombers have strange stills such as tinkering and can do tricks. Although beachcombers usually live alone there is a Beachcomber Council to make decisions for the group as a whole. Beacon –located in Gull Cove Cottage’s tallest tower the beacon is made from a single candle floating in the middle of a vat of oil. It is surrounded by a track. When the candle is lit a complicated pulley system makes a small screen run around the track making it look like the light is flashing on and off. It is used to warn ships of the rocks at the edges of Gull Cove. Blancmange – Pronounced Blurgh-monj. A pink wobbly dessert like jelly but made from milk. Usually strawberry flavour. It is a particular favourite of Glob. Boggin’s Windmill – The dark and mysterious old windmill owned by a Miller known only as Boggin. According to the Whispering Sand he visits often but has not been seen since. The windmill is not only Ian Kenworthy would like to exercise his moral right to remind you that he wrote this and it is his intellectual property. You can you use it for personal and educational use but no making money from it. Thank you.
  3. 3. Bransen Burner – A small fire that burns inside a jam jar. Far safer than a naked flame and certainly safer than a Bunsen Burner but Grandpa still manages to set fire to things with it. Buzzard, Mrs – A strange old lady who lives in Tinsel. She is tall and insists on testing Annabeth to see how clever she is. Cavern – Although the cliffs around Gull Cove Cottage are filled with little caves and caverns one is very large indeed and contains three statues built by the Merrow. Choral Coral – A variety of choral that is not only beautiful but can sing in a variety of styles although it favours barbershop. The corals are made up of a spiral shaped calcareous shell and quite a few of them have long tendrils that look a little like hair. The choral coral lives in warm seawater in the bath, a fish tank or sometimes in the kitchen sink. They provide backing vocals for Annabeth. Chugga-plimp machine – A machine Grandpa tinkered. It has a hopper and when filled with the correct ingredients makes a Chugga-chugga-chugga noise until it goes ‘plimp’ and a fresh loaf of bread is ejected. It can be adapted to make cakes too. It has a habit of belching fire and can be extremely dangerous, especially to eyebrows. Cottage – The cottage at Gull Cove is one of its most prominent features. Built by unknown persons many years ago the cottage was probably never designed. Once a bungalow looks in many ways to have sagged under the weight of time and then mysteriously sprouted a tangling spaghetti of towers from its roof. The tallest tower houses a beacon and serves as a lighthouse. How the cottage has not fallen down is a complete mystery, especially as the weather at Gull Cove tends to be rather windy. Dressing Gown – One of Grandpa’s distinguishing features is his insistence on always wearing a grotty old brown dressing gown at all times. No one knows why. Due to his messy job and clumsiness, not to mention is rather his messy friends. It is covered in holes, sticky bits and burned patches. Farmer Boggis - A rather grumpy old farmer who owns the farmland between Gull Cove and Tinsel. Luckily Annabeth and Father have helped him out on numerous occasions, picking apples and such, and he is usually fairly friendly toward them. Father - As his name suggests he is the father of Annabeth and Gus. Living with his family in Tinsel he works down the tins mines trying to earn money in increasingly difficult circumstances. He is a tall man with long arms and a moustache although this is liable to change... Fish Fingers – A rather curious food and certainly not what you might expect. As cod is an endangered species Grandpa uses the fingers of snicklebacks and coats them in breadcrumbs using the chugga- plimp machine. Forgotten Mariner’s Corridor – The darkest and most creepy corridor in Gull Cove Cottage. Not only is it dusty but there are spider webs hanging from the ceiling and hidden in the rafters are spiders that can swallow melons whole. On the wall hang a strange collection of old portraits that not only talk to each other but like to ask riddles. At the corridor’s far end is a door leading to a very mysterious room. Ian Kenworthy would like to exercise his moral right to remind you that he wrote this and it is his intellectual property. You can you use it for personal and educational use but no making money from it. Thank you.
  4. 4. Frying Pan –Absolutely ideal not only for cooking but also for fighting off nasty lobsters like Pinchers. Gerrbongy – A device tinkered by Grandpa. It resembles a sundial attached to a miniature flagpole. When the sun reaches a certain hour the device makes a loud ‘Whooozer’ noise. Can be used as an alarm clock but has the effect of scaring you out of bed. Glob – An octopus of the genus ‘biscuit snitcher’. Glob is far older than any other octopus and he attributes this to his diet which consists solely of yummy things like sweets, biscuits and of course, blancmange. After a slow start (not helped by his propensity to cheat at dominoes) he becomes the best friend of Annabeth . Glob lived at Gull Cove Cottage at one time until he was banished by Grandpa for eating all the biscuits. Although he has been allowed to return the two have a very antagonistic relationship, which means Glob eats the biscuits and Grandpa gets cross. Glob never went to school but he can play the piano very well, although his writing and reading leave a lot to be desired. He has a dislike of skeletons, spiders and seagulls, particularly know-it-all seagulls or those which steal his ice-creams. Should one of these creatures attack him Glob is liable to a) faint or b) squirt ink. Anyone provoking an ink squirting should watch out as Glob is a crack shot. Glob can also talk, which some people find rather disturbing, especially as he has a Yikeshire accent. Grandma Bambertide – Married to Grandpa Grandma Bambertide was tragically lost at sea during a cruise. Her picture hangs in many rooms in Gull Cove Cottage and Grandpa misses her terribly, and not just because he is hopeless at ironing. Grandpa Bambertide –The old man who lives in the cottage at Gull Cove. After being shipwrecked during a cruise Grandpa washed up on the beach at Gull Cove and has since spent his time protecting the sea. Tragically he lost his wife and one true love during this accident and still checks the beach just in case she has returned. Grandpa is a Beachcomber and has skills at tinkering and tricks. He also keeps detailed notes about Gull Cove and experiments whenever he thinks he might get away with it. Grandpa loves all sea creatures, although he does find Glob rather infuriating, and will go to great lengths to protect them. He is short sighted and wears a pair of glasses as thick as a whale’s wallet. He is never seen without his dressing gown and people often wonder if it is somehow stuck on. Grandpa will not say as he loves mysteries and histories and probably knows a lot more about Gull Cove and the Cottage than he lets on. Grimpers, Mr – A shy tabby cat belonging to Annabeth. Originally white with lovely ginger coloured stripes Mr Grimpers has a habit of rolling around in mucky things that he shouldn’t which often means he; A) Appears more of a brown colour B) ends up with bald patches C)Smells. His diet is quite varied usually consisting of cat food but has also been known to extend to seagulls and the angel from Mother’s Christmas cake, the resulting bowel and owner problems he is keen to forget. Originally he was bought to sort out the pest problem. Unfortunately he has become rather a pest himself and is absolutely hopeless at scaring mice. Ian Kenworthy would like to exercise his moral right to remind you that he wrote this and it is his intellectual property. You can you use it for personal and educational use but no making money from it. Thank you.
  5. 5. Gull Cove – A cove named after the seagulls that live there. It is hardly an original name for a place by the seaside but it is far better named than Plops which is just down the coast. Gull Cove is hemmed in on the far left hand side by Porbeagle Point . The right-hand headland is riddled with caves and caverns and has a number of rock pools which teem with life. A tall cliff stands above the beach and it is atop this cliff that Gull Cove Cottage stands. Boggin’s Windmill can be found a short distance further along the cliffs. The sand in the cove is brought by longshore drift and is normally the colour of ginger cake. Gull Cove Cottage – See Cottage Gus – Still little more than a baby Gus is Annabeth’s little brother Hasty-poxtrix-poopia – A vile illness known to infect children. According to Dr Jekyll’s Self Diagnosis Book; I bet You’re Dying to Look Inside it results in green spots, sneezing and unfortunate smells. Sufferers should be kept in isolation and should under no circumstances be fed baby food. Jasper – see Grandpa Bambertide Laboratory – The room where Grandpa experiments and researches into sea life. There are many, many piles of paper covering almost every surface. Racks and cupboards continue the theme of being overstuffed with papers and apparatus such as stands, clamps, Petri dishes and even a Bransen Burner. Lion Room – A room in Gull Cove Cottage along the same corridor as Grandpa’s bedroom and the Laboratory. There is a brass plaque above the door with a lion engraved upon it but no one seems to be able to find the key. Longshore drift – The sideways movement of sand particles along the beach by the waves. Merrow – A strange race of people forced to live under the sea by their evil queen. They are shimmery and can form together to make a single shape. Mirror – On the wall in the main room, hidden amongst the maps and charts is a dirty old mirror. There is something inscribed below it. Mother – Mrs Wish is mother to Annabeth and Gus and is also married to Father. She has fiery red hair that bounces like springs. She spends an awful lot of time in the kitchen carrying out the traditional female roles of cooking, baking and childcare. Just because she is a woman who spends a lot of time doing such jobs does not mean that she is repressed, just likes them. Music Room – A very typical room in Gull Cove Cottage in that there is nothing typical about it. Although it’s main function is as a music room there is a bath in the room’s centre which is filled by a huge array of brass hot water pipes. Despite there being a bath in the room the floor is on an incline so water often makes the wooden floor slippery. A large picture window gives a very inspiring very of the sea whilst you sit at the upright piano, which as to be tied to the wall to stop it rolling away. Nymph – A spirit or fairy Ian Kenworthy would like to exercise his moral right to remind you that he wrote this and it is his intellectual property. You can you use it for personal and educational use but no making money from it. Thank you.
  6. 6. Oberon – King of the nymphs in Annabeth’s favourite book. Pinnafore Dress – Annabeth’s black pinafore dress is pretty much her only item of clothing. It was made by her mother. Otherwise it is not all that exciting. Pinchers – An extremely mean lobster who has a tendency to eat anything that moves. There are rumors that he has eaten people as well as a lovely waggy dog (see Mr Snuffles). In his spare time he enjoys terrorising the occupants of Gull Cove Cottage and currently lives in the privy. Porbeagle Point- The name of an old village on the very tip of the headland to the lefthand side of Gull Cove. Privy- The outside toilet. Rhian- A nymph and the heroine in Annabeth’s favourite storybook. Funnily enough the name Rhian means nymph. Rose Window – The beautiful and quite stunning decorative window in Gull Cove Cottage’s main room. Shaped, as its name suggests, like a rose, the window provides a familiar shape in the rather haphazard walls of the cottage. Seagulls- The creatures that give Gull Cove its name. Cawing loudly whenever you try to sleep they make nests in the towers of Gull Cove Cottage. They will eat anything including ice creams and angry little octopuses. Referred to as ‘flying rats’ by Glob. Skeleton- Washed up and brought back to life after two hundred years the Skeleton is quite a miserable character, although you can hardly blame him really. At one time he was a pirate and when we first meet him he wears a bandanna and a stripy t-shirt. He also wears the Amulet. Smetherhurst, Bernard – Annabeth’s next door neighbour. A horrible man who not only snores but who works as a carpenter late into the night. Smetherhurst, Ethel – Wife of Bernard Ethel is a very, very nosey woman. She certainly is not house proud as the rats running around her garden will testify. She must also be either a heavy sleeper or deaf not to be woken by her husband’s snoring. Snickleback- A strange fish with fingers that leaps out of the water and clings to the rigging of passing ships so that they can eat the little fleas that live there. Although not a common fish they are not on any endangered list and are definitely not sticklebacks. Snuffles, Mr – A lovely waggy stray dog that used to frequent Gull Cove. Bouncy and happy he had long floppy hair and a trailing tongue that made him look like a demented mop. Sadly he has not been seen for quite some time and that vicious lobster Pinchers has something to do with it. Songs of the Sea – A very old book given to Annabeth as a birthday present by her Grandpa Ian Kenworthy would like to exercise his moral right to remind you that he wrote this and it is his intellectual property. You can you use it for personal and educational use but no making money from it. Thank you.
  7. 7. Spiders – Horrible lurking things that live in the shadows of the Forgotten Mariner’s Corridor. Most spiders are nice and friendly but these beasts are bigger than a normal person’s hand. Not really something you want to find in your bed. Spiral Staircase – The main feature of the main room in Gull Cove Cottage. Made of metal it provides access to the maze of passageways and staircases in the cottage’s strange towers. As the building was originally a bungalow the spiral staircase was probably added afterward. Staircases – Those without a head for heights, or those with climacophobia are encouraged not to enter Gull Cove Cottage or even look at it without a special filter. Once you ascend the Spiral staircase from the ground floor the whole upstairs area is a maze of corridors linked by staircases. Some are long, some are short, some are as steep as ladders whilst others are more like ramps. Quite often they are decorated with pictures or little windows that let the light in. Oh and you must not forget the secret staircases, there are loads of those... Starfish – A larger than average starfish that lives in the bathroom. It plays the bongos but cannot play the fiddler. It should not be allowed anywhere near one. You have been warned. Tallest Tower – As its name suggests the tallest tower is the erm...tallest tower sprouting from Gull Cove Cottage’s roof. Accessed by travelling all the way up the spiral staircase and then up a few more sets of stairs and then passing the Forgotten Mariner’s Corridor Tinkering – A beachcomber trait that involves making something out of the rubbish which washes up on the beach. A crude form of engineering Grandpa’s tinkering has resulted in many strange but highly useful devices such as the chugga-plimp machine, the gerrbongy and the suck-o-matic. Tinkering can also improve devices such as the hand pump in the kitchen area and the hotwater pipe in the music room. Tinsel – A small town/ large village known for its tin mines as well as its own brand of very sticky local toffee. Many of the houses are terraces but there are larger detached houses too although most of them are a long way from the mines. Amongst the local amenities are a school, a library, a dentist, a doctor’s surgery and little shop that makes souvenirs out of tin. There is a large village green and a surprisingly large proportion of the people are very nosey. Tricks – When Annabeth arrives at the cottage she remembers her Grandpa being good at tricks, a special kind of Beachcomber magic. Despite the fact it has nothing to do with magic at all tricks are very interesting all the same. Basically they involve making a person believe they are under the sea so completely that they can swim around as long as their breath lasts, even looking at the sea creatures. Until they reach the surface of course then the ‘spell’ is broken. Weather (Gull Cove) – The weather at Gull Cove tends towards the wet and windy, like much of the British Isles in fact. A breeze from the sea brings with it moisture and more often than not huge storm clouds. Contrary to popular belief the sun does shine at Gull Cove but seeing it is slightly less likely than finding a needle in a Ian Kenworthy would like to exercise his moral right to remind you that he wrote this and it is his intellectual property. You can you use it for personal and educational use but no making money from it. Thank you.
  8. 8. Whispering Sand – When sand begins to die it whispers special songs. Whispering Sand is not the colour of ginger cake, instead it is grey and has a thick skin on it like cold custard. Wish – For members of the wish family see, Annabeth, Mother, Father, Gus and Grandma Bambertide. Ian Kenworthy would like to exercise his moral right to remind you that he wrote this and it is his intellectual property. You can you use it for personal and educational use but no making money from it. Thank you.