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Social Selling - MCM Social Media

  1. 1. SOCIAL SELLING And Top of Mind Marketing Tim McMahon Principal MCM Social Media
  2. 2. NAILD SOCIAL SELLING QUESTIONAIRE: Check off each question that you believe you dowell – and make notes under the ones where you could improve – along with the tools thatmight help! Are your sales reps/staff on Linkedin? Does your CRM capture Facebook profiles, blog URLS, Twitter handles, Linkedin profiles? Have you trained your sales team/staff on using SM tools? Do you create easily sharable content (pdfs, ppts, images, videos)? Have you invested in any social media monitoring tools? Do you run social networking events – live chats, webinars, forums? Do you attempt to connect to every prospect, customer and influencer in your industry on Linkedin? Have you created a Linkedin Group or blog for customers and prospects to follow where you can share valuable information? Do you provide reciprocity?
  3. 3. FACEBOOK USAGE – NAILD MEMBERS 5% 7% 13% No Facebook Inactive FB Good FB 75% Sporadic FB
  4. 4. EMAIL MARKETING – NAILD MEMBERS 28% No Email Marketing Has Email Marketing 72%
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – NAILD MEMBERS45403530 40 1725 720 315 610 43 Members 5 5 0 YouTube Twitter Google+ Blog Facebook Nothing
  6. 6. Steel Master Building Systems – Circa 2010  Struggling with a 49% decrease in lead volume and 39% sales decline.  Adopted a content focused strategy and used that content to answer key customer questions and grow engagement. - Michelle Wickum, Director of Marketing
  7. 7. Steel Master Building Systems - Today  Image focused – pictures engage customers and demonstrate potential range of uses.  Pinterest board - Focused on the ‘beauty of the arch   Run contests giving away $500 Home Depot Gift Cards to customer showing the most creative use of their product.  Blog: Asks customers if they want to be featured showing how they used their steel structure  Capturing leads with ‘free’ downloads
  8. 8. Steel Master Building Systems - Today  Facebook =13,000+ fans  Twitter = 1,300+ followers  YouTube = 50 Videos, 259 Subscribers and 329,000 views  Google+ and Flickr page – Creates high SEO valueThe Result: The combination of content and a focus onsocial media helped result in a 92% increase in leadvolume and 79% increase in sales revenue.
  9. 9. The Top 4 Reasons to Integrate SocialMedia into your Sales Strategy: 1. Relate to customers Identify opportunities for engagement 2. Reach buyers who are still kicking tires Social media is less interruptive 3. Establish authenticity and credibility online Prospects consult with you first! 4. Stay visible and valuable Prospects often have non-linear buying journeys. - Matt Foulger, Hootsuite “Social Selling in B2B Sales”
  10. 10. 4 Steps to Integrate Social Media intoyour Sales Strategy: 1. Connect With customers, prospects, partners, influencers 2. Create Content that educates, informs, inspires 3. Share Daily and across networks 4. Automate Early and often – but not always!
  11. 11. Connect with Customers, Prospects,Partners and Influencers1. Create and/or Enhance Your social profiles:  A 2012 study by the SMA showed that 96% of sales managers used Linkedin at least 1X per week and for an average of 6 hours per week!2. Find, Connect to, and Follow Your targets profiles, blogs and pages  Linkedin Groups: NAILD Group
  12. 12. Create Content that Educates, Informsand Inspires  Types of Content:  Videos, PDFs, Powerpoints, Whitepapers, Infographics, E- Books/E-Guides, Webinars, Email Newsletters, Customized Photos, Blog Articles, E-Learning Courses  Purpose:  Educate: ‘How-To’ Videos, ‘Top 5’ blogs, Downloadable Product Guides, Training Webinars for Contractors  Inform: Recent Studies, Upcoming Events, Employee Profiles  Inspire: ‘Funny/Inspiring’ Videos, Before/After Photos, Charity Support, Customer Success Stories  Seattle Children’s “Stronger”
  13. 13. Create Content that Educates, Informs andInspires The Tools of the Trade:  Webinars:,  Photo Editing:  Website and Blog:
  14. 14. Share Daily and Across Networks Key Points to Remember  Create content that is ‘sharable’  Keep it short and easy to scan  Be consistent!  Use a calendar
  15. 15. Share Daily and Across Networks The Tools of the Trade  Linkedin  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Google+  YouTube  SlideShare  Email Marketing
  16. 16. Automate Early and Often…But Not Always Survey Says…  “How do I do enough, without doing too much?  “How do I do this with limited resources?”  “How do I possibly find the time to address SM?”  “Who’s going to manage this d#*n thing?”
  17. 17. Automate Early and Often…But Not Always The Tools of the Trade  The gold standard  Makes finding, scheduling and sharing content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn a cinch!  Combines SEO, PPC, and Social Media Management in one dashboard!
  18. 18. MY 30 SECOND SALES PITCHMCM Social Media Offers the Following Services : 1. Social Media Setup and Management 2. Website Design and Development 3. Ongoing Training and Coaching Services