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November 2014 MCSOA Newsletter


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November 2014 MCSOA Newsletter

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November 2014 MCSOA Newsletter

  1. 1. Throughout our officiating careers, we encounter many fine adminis- trators, schools, students, coaches, and athletes. This fall a MCSOA football crew encountered this again and became a part of a wonderful event in a local community. On Friday September 26th, Kiel High School held a fundraiser for a freshman student-athlete who would be a member of the team, until cancer reared its ugly head earlier this spring. Nick Schad was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma in May while in 8th grade at Kiel Middle School. Throughout the summer, his fellow students and the Kiel Area School District have rallied around him and his family. The students orga- nized many different fundraisers including wristband sales, brat fries, bake sales, etc. For the Kiel vs. Two Rivers foot- ball game, the students organized another Bake Sale to help provide much need financial help for the Schad family. Assigned to the game was Steve Sanders football crew, with Rick Roedell, Rick Schwarz, Curt Vanderstelt, Mike Cummings, and Dave Nickels. In discussion with Pat Geigel, Kiel athletic director, the crew discussed how they would be able to help in the event. The crew came together and contributed a donation on behalf of the officials for the game. In presenting the donation to the Kiel High students involved, Rick Schwarz stated, “It was pretty emotional. All the young lady could say was ‘thank you’ because it meant so much.” As officials, we are always part of the game, but in this case, the officials became part of the event. Great representation of the associa- tion gentleman!! Football Officials Give Back Website Updates The website is being constructed as of this newsletter. Pages are being created, officials information is being entered and updated, and calendars are being created for all of us to begin entering our dates and times we are booked. The calendar directions that were previously sent out have been CANCELLED!! Please do not follow these. We are currently working on creat- ing a calendar that will be useful to our membership. Once this is finished and running, an email will be sent out. Please keep you eye out for these changes!! If you have any questions, contact Steve Walsh or Mike Cummings! Looking for a Replacement? • Check the web- site… pay for it, so why not use it?? • Are they certified for the sport? • Is the individual ready for the specific level? • Don’t always take the first response you get!! We Do Great Things M A N I T O W O C C O U N T Y S P O R T S O F F I C I A L S A S S O C I A T I O N Volume 3, Issue 2 November 2014 Scholarship Brat Fry Follow Up 2 Same Schools, New Faces 2 Time to Give Back 2 NASO Membership 3 Association Outing 3 We Need Officials!! 3 Warm Up 4 Inside this issue: Rick Schwarz presenting their donation to the student representatives. MCSOA crew with student representatives before the NICK STRONG event at the Kiel High School football game on September 26th.
  2. 2. assignments for our association.” The game ended up lopsided, 80-24, but it was a great experience for the crew and they hope to have shown the great officials and crews that come from our association. Congratulations guys!! receive this assignment. In discussion with the crew, Steve Oswald summed it up great. “Having the oppor- tunity to officiate the jamboree game was a highlight of the season. We all work hard during the season to get to the 2nd season and officiate. It was a great way to end the season with our crew.” Steve Walsh added, “We hope we repre- sented the association well. This hopefully will be the first of many more Jamboree This season we continued with our DONATION day of officiating for the NEWGBL and NEWBBL league games. By working 2 games, the officials donated their game fee to our Scholarship Fund. This year we spaced it out over 2 dates, November 1st and Novem- ber 15th. Throughout the two dates, approximately 35 officials volunteered their services to our Association. Through this, we were able to donate the needed money to our scholarship fund for the 2015 awards. The Executive Committee would like to thank Gary Heim for coor- dinating this opportunity for our Association. Great Job Gary!! Thank You Members!!! 2014/15 season and beyond. Officials need to contact me for an updated 3-person contract at the rate of $55 per official. Once a contract is emailed through the rSchool system, the host school will also be notified as well.” Dennis Semph, EWC and CLC, follows with, “This year the CLC and EWC will allow crews to bring a third and split the fees if they desire. The crew needs to advise the host AD one week in advance if they intend to bring a third. Next year (2015-2016) in the Big East Conference, two This season is seeing an expansion of 3-person basketball officiating. Many of the local confer- ences have adopted a policy on how to handle these games. In the Olympian Conference, we know the games have been assigned by Steve Matuszewski and approved by Scoop Druschke. In the FRCC and Bay Conferences, Commission- er Garry Sievert has the following directive, “The FRCC and Bay Conferences are accepting 3- person crews for all conference games in the officials have been hired through January 26th, 2016. After that date, three official crews will be used for all games. Any crew that wishes to use three person prior to January 26th may do so with proper notification of the host Athletic Di- rector and split the fees. Two person fees will be $70 each, while three person fees will be $55 each.” In the end, communication is the key. Make sure you have it approved by the athletic directors and the conference commissioners. 8-Man Football Jamboree Scholarship Fundraiser 3-Person Basketball Officiating This year the MCSOA had the great fortune of having a crew selected to work the 8- Man Football Jamboree. The crew of Art Neilitz, Steve Oswald, Ted Melanson, Ed Wallander, and Steve Walsh worked on November 1st at Schofield DC Everest. The crew was assigned the 4pm game pit- ting the #2 seeds, Elkhart Lake vs. Luck. The crew was energized and excited to Page 2 We Do Great Things
  3. 3. a social outlet to relax in. More information will come in the future, but if this is some- thing you would like to partici- pate in planning, contact Steve Walsh for more details. 920-242-9122 or This item was pushed back….please be aware of this!!! Thank You!! Our association is one of many throughout the state and the nation that has a value of officiating different levels of athletics. There are many ways these associations can work, but most are there to educate and distribute games to officials. Ours is no different. One way to receive education is through your own personal educational advances through camps, meetings, seminars, etc., but also through the National Association of Sports Officials or NASO. This is a great organization to belong to. You receive many advantages of being a member. Our association is looking into joining NA- SO on the association level to gain more opportunities for educational materials to provide during our meetings. There are benefits to joining for both the association and all of our members ad indi- viduals. First, we need to know how many members are currently a member of NASO or how many members are thinking about joining NASO. Please keep an eye out for an email survey regarding this. This survey will be coming to your email in mid-November. Please respond by December 1st. Thanks for your help in this matter. We are looking to make this a better association with more opportunities!!! you knew the whole basketball rule book, but really didn’t so you wanted to get out of working basketball, so you switched to softball. We all do sports for different reasons, but it probably comes back to being involved for the kids and working with these athletes. Currently, we are in NEED of more officials What was the reason you started officiat- ing? Love of sports, added income, flexible scheduling? Which do you think? For most officials it is all of the above, but the #1 reason would be for love of the game. We started working the sports we enjoy the most. You may have started umpiring baseball, but soon realized that football could be fun too! Or, you thought for a number of sports. Football and volleyball are very low. Baseball and softball are there as well. that is one that is almost non-existent!!! Look at yourself and if you are a one sport official, could you begin working another sport? Contact crews and go along to see what it is like. There is a need, you could help. Remember it’s for the kids. Association Outing WE NEED OFFICIALS!!!!! In years past we have discussed how to get members more en- gaged along with having more social opportunities. Our Execu- tive Committee is looking at dif- ferent possibilities to have a fun day/night with members of our association so we can get to know each other better and have Page 3 National Association of Sports Officials (NASO)—Updated
  4. 4. Manitowoc County Sports Officials Association One of the things listed is a 30 Day Squat Challenge. A challenge like this is great for the umpires, but also helps build up muscle strength and endur- ance for basketball officials to keep “fresh legs” especially at the end of game. Starts off pretty easy, but by the end of the 30 days, you are re- quired to do 250 squats!!! The legs will burn!!! Take the time to check it out! Great site, great information! Staying physically fit is something that will not only keep us working games, but also keeping up to play during the games. Workouts can be easy or moderate, to even hard depending on your fitness level and how much you are willing to challenge yourself. You can find great information in many places, but a great one is Officially Fit. They are located online at This is a paid site ($9.99/year) but there is a lot of great information on the EDUCATION tab. If you are on Facebook, they are also located on there, just search Officially Fit to like their page. Physical Fitness Tip C/O Keith Bonde 1320 S. 10th Street Manitowoc, WI 54220 President—Steve Walsh 1st Vice President—Dave Nickels 2nd Vice President—Eric VantHul Secretary/Treasurer—Keith Bonde Past President—Steve Sanders Games Coordinator—Tom Frieder We are on the web!! Visit us at