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Workshop delivered at SIMO Educación 2013 in Madrid. Trending boxes uses the PBL and TBL approach and it helps develop the 21st century skills.

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Trending boxes

  1. 1. THE TASK Create an Aura around one picture with a video where the character itself explains the more relevant things about their life. I was born in Badalona, I´m 23 years old and I love swimming.
  2. 2. THE ACTIVITIES • In the box you will find some pictures, choose your favourite or …you can draw a face in the blank faces sheets. • Talk to your partner and decide what´s more relevant about them. If you need more information search it on wikipedia (who they are, where and when they were born, why are they relevant…) • Write four lines about them (first person!) • Now it´s time to give the picture a voice!, we will use the app called Morfo to animate it and create a video. Save the video afterwards in the library.
  3. 3. Animating with Morfo. Helping Guide • Tap on this Icon to activate the app • Tap on “Create a new face”. • Tap on “Choose here to take a picture” • Take a picture of the sheet you have chosen, clic on “Use photo”
  4. 4. Animating with Morfo. Helping Guide • Frame the head, eyes, nose and mouth. • Clic “Finish” A page with animals pops out, cancel it. • Now you can record your voice! Clic on start and say what you want your character to say. Stop when you finish your message. • Clic play and listen. If you are happy with the result clic on Share and clic on Save Video. • Great! You have animated your character! Save your video.
  5. 5. Activities • Now, let´s add Augmented Reality to the picture with Aurasma, link the video that you have just created with the picture so when anyone focuses the picture, the video that you have made will appear. (Internet required) • When you finish, explain your experience to the Journalist or (in case the Journalist is busy) record a video explaining it and upload it to Dropbox (TB1.Learning about others)
  6. 6. Create AR with Aurasma. • First open the app called Aurasma • Tap on the menu • Touch the + sign • Touch on “Device” and touch the + sign • Choose Photo Album and choose the Morfo video that you have recorded before
  7. 7. Create AR with Aurasma. • Touch Use and write a name for your Aura, clic on Finish • Now, clic on it again and clic Select. • Focus on the worksheet with the picture, wait until the pointer turns green! And then tap the camera icon. • Great! Now hang it on the wall! Everytime that you´ll focus that picture with the Aurasma App the video that you made will pop-out bringing the picture to live!
  8. 8. Albert Einstein
  9. 9. Frida Kahlo
  10. 10. Cleopatra
  11. 11. Steve Jobs
  12. 12. Android
  13. 13. Macaca silenus
  14. 14. Hillary Clinton
  15. 15. Barack Obama
  16. 16. Beethoven
  17. 17. Kilian Jornet
  18. 18. Mireia Belmonte
  19. 19. Rafael Nadal
  20. 20. Dog
  21. 21. Miley Cirus
  22. 22. Justin Bieber
  23. 23. Twitter
  24. 24. Facebook Thumb
  25. 25. Darth Vader
  26. 26. + ideas for an augmented class • Place the student’s compositions on the walls and add and aura to each writen composition with the student oral exposition. • Add auras to the wall displays and to the flashcards. • Hide Auras in the class with “The question of the week” or “The word of the week” • Invite your students to add Auras to different objects of the class, so as to have an Augmented speaking class!
  27. 27. 2 Travelling around the world
  28. 28. In this box you will find… Headphones Tablet IOS/Android
  29. 29. In this box you will use… + info about Street View StreetView in Google Maps App to find your dreamed place + info about Tellagami Tellagami app to present the place
  30. 30. THE BIG QUESTION What is your dreamed trip? Why? The Eiffel Tower, the liberty statue, the colosseum in Rome, the Big Ben in London, or Chamonix in France, what´s your dreamed destination? and why would you like to go there?
  31. 31. THE TASK Create a video with an avatar in front of a landscape of your dreamed place explaining where it is located and why have you chosen it.
  32. 32. THE ACTIVITIES • Discuss and decide your destination with your partner • Open Google Maps App and write the direction in the box.
  33. 33. THE ACTIVITIES • Touch longer on the spot where your destination is so as to activate Street view.
  34. 34. THE ACTIVITIES Make a screenshot of the image (press ) and it will be saved in library/screenshot
  35. 35. THE ACTIVITIES • Think carefully the reasons why you would like to go there and write them down (Who are you, where are you, why it is your dreamed place) • Open the tellagami app • Choose a character • and costumize it
  36. 36. THE ACTIVITIES Finally record or write why you would like to visit that place so the avatar will say it. Save the video. Upload it to share it with the class
  37. 37. If you read this, it means that the wi-fi is not working…you will always need a Plan B (analogic or offline) You can create a similar activity with a laptop with wired connection using a voki ( instead of a tellagami or with Crazy talk (offline).
  38. 38. 3 Bee-Bot Town
  39. 39. In this box you will find… I´m a serious toy! Bee-Bot CardBoard, Sticks, plasticine and wooden shapes
  40. 40. About Bee-Bot… • Bee-Bot is a Bee and a robot • If you want him to move…you have to program it! • Press the correct commands to direct him • It´s great to work spacial skills. • Here you can see a real use of it: • It also has an app for IOS
  41. 41. THE BIG QUESTION How does Bee-Bot Town looks like?
  42. 42. THE TASK Bee-Bot needs a town where to live. In the Box there is a cardboard with 15x15 squares drawn. This is Bee-Bot town….but…it´s empty! Decide what buildings are there and where they are placed.
  43. 43. THE ACTIVITIES • Decide the buildings that “Bee-Bot Town” needs • Create a little sign for each building. Use sticks, paper, wooden figures and plasticine. • Great! You have designed the town! • Now show it to Bee-bot by giving him directions. One member of the team decides the place and the other one gives directions to Bee-Bot. • Explain your results. (written or spoken through videos, podcasts or writings)
  44. 44. 4 This alphabet is alive!
  45. 45. In this box you will find… s Headphone Tablet IOS/Android AR Flashcards
  46. 46. In this box you will use… + info about AR Flashcards AR Flashcards APP
  47. 47. THE BIG QUESTION • What animal is hidden on each letter?
  48. 48. THE TASK Welcome to the virtual safari! Discover the animals hidden in each card, listen to their names and take a picture of each one them!
  49. 49. THE ACTIVITIES • • • • Place the letters on the table Open the AR Flashcards app Focus on each letter and wait a second… Discover the animal. Touch the animal and listen. • Take a picture of it! (screenshot) • Upload the pictures to TB4 on Dropbox.
  50. 50. 5 Phonic Tricksters Challenge
  51. 51. In this box you will find… Smartphone (IOS) e phon Head
  52. 52. THE BIG QUESTION Have you ever seen a trickster phonic? Can you imagine how they might look like? They are nearer than you think…
  53. 53. THE TASK Participate on a collaborative phonics board on Facebook or on Pinterest
  54. 54. THE ACTIVITIES Look for a folder called Pearson Apps and touch the app called Phonic Tricks
  55. 55. THE ACTIVITIES Look around through your mobile…find and chase a Trickster. Answer the phonic question Afterwards, if your answer is not correct, he will scape again!
  56. 56. THE ACTIVITIES Ok, now that you know How it works… let´s give it a Twist! Welcome to the #TRICKSTERCHALLENGE
  57. 57. THE ACTIVITIES Clic on the app again. Choose a Trickster. Catch the trickster in front of a place whose name contains the sound you are chasing. (For example, if you are chasing the sound “ch” chase it on a “chair”) While you are chasing it screenshoot the picture and save it in the library
  58. 58. THE ACTIVITIES Now let´s open another app called InstaFonts (Same Folder as before) Open the screenshot you did before
  59. 59. THE ACTIVITIES Label the picture. “I caugh this trickster on a ___” Save it into the gallery Share it in Facebook or PinIt with the #tricksterchallenge Let´s create a collaborative phonics board!
  60. 60. 6 StoryTech
  61. 61. In this box you will find… Headphones Tablet IOS Pencils
  62. 62. In this box you will use… The camera allows you to take pictures, record videos and save them. Puppet Pals allows you to animate a story and record it as a video, you can choose or create the characters and the setting and then record the movement and your voices for a puppet show!
  63. 63. THE BIG QUESTION Do you know how to create a story?
  64. 64. THE TASK Create a story and make a movie out of it, the story has to contain the five elements (theme, setting, characters, conflict and plot) and upload it to Dropbox TB6
  65. 65. THE ACTIVITIES • Talk with your partners and think of a theme for the story. What is it about? (Environment, Emotions, Sports…) Write it here: Our book talks about… ______________________________________________________________
  66. 66. THE ACTIVITIES Who is in the story? • Talk with your partners and decide the characters. Draw them as detailed as you can (next page) and take a picture of each one One character for each team member.
  67. 67. THE ACTIVITIES The characters of the story are…
  68. 68. THE ACTIVITIES The characters of our story are…
  69. 69. THE ACTIVITIES Where does it happen? • Talk with your partners and decide the setting Draw it as detailed as you can (next page) and take a picture of it. You can have three different settings
  70. 70. THE ACTIVITIES My story happens in…
  71. 71. THE ACTIVITIES What´s the problem? How do they solve it? • Talk with your partners and decide the conflict between the characters and how they solve it (plot) Write the story script it in the next page.
  72. 72. THE ACTIVITIES My story script… Character1: Character2: Character1: … …
  73. 73. How to use Puppet Pals. Helping Guide 1. Switch on the tablet. The code is….. 2. Look for a folder called “StoryTech”. Touch it. 3. Look for an app called “Puppet Pals”. Touch it. This is the first screen. Touch on “Press start” This is the second screen. Here you can choose the characters Choose the characters you have drawn before. Adding actor from picture.
  74. 74. How to use Puppet Pals. Helping Guide This is the third screen. Choose the setting you have drawn before. You can choose up to three. This is the movie set. Touch the red button. It records everything that´s happening in front of the background…and your voice too!
  75. 75. How to use Puppet Pals. Helping Guide Touch here It will change the setting You can rotate the characters and change their size with your fingers.
  76. 76. How to use Puppet Pals. Helping Guide Touch the square button to Stop the recording. Touch the triangle to play it. You can save it or share it.
  77. 77. 8 Emotions book
  78. 78. In this box you will find… Three pens Book Cardboards
  79. 79. THE BIG QUESTION Are you aware of your emotions? Do you react in the same way as your friends or differently?
  80. 80. THE TASK Create a collaborative “Emotions Book” to learn about your and your classmates emotions and reactions so as to know them better and improve your class climate.
  81. 81. How to create a collaborative “Emotions Book” THE TASK Choose an emotion: Hapinness, Sadness, Excitement, Anger… Think. What your reactions are to this emotions? My name is………………………….. - I feel happy/sad/angry/excited when I… - When I feel happy/sad/angry/excited I... Write it down in the little cardboards
  82. 82. How to create a collaborative “Emotions Book” THE TASK Open the talking book and place each cardboard in a plastic holder. Look at the number of the page.(yellow sticker on the top) Record the sentence that you have written in the correct button. To record your voice press the number and the black button at the same time. When the red light flashes you can talk.
  83. 83. How to create a collaborative “Emotions Book” THE TASK If you want to listen, just press the button with the number. Listen to your friends recordings. Compare their reaction with yours. Do you react the same way or differently?
  84. 84. 9 Solar System
  85. 85. In this box you will find… Tablet Headphones
  86. 86. In this box you will use… I-nigma App is a great QR code reading. Works both for IOS and Android
  87. 87. THE BIG QUESTION What do you know about the Solar System?
  88. 88. TASK Discover facts from Our Solar System and recall the information you have listened.
  89. 89. THE ACTIVITIES Let´s find the information Switch on the tablet Look for the i-nigma icon Touch the app. Focus this QR code with the tablet and listen.
  90. 90. THE ACTIVITIES Complete I am the _______. I’m a burning ball of fire. I’m very _____ indeed. Life on earth depends on me. I am the ______. I am _________. I’m the ________ planet to the ______. I’m a ball of iron — I have no ______. I am _______. I am Venus. I’m the same size as the Earth but I spin the other way and much more _________. I have no _________ — I am _______ Check the answer here!! I am the Earth. The place where we all live. There is land and lots of _______ so I _______ blue. I have a ________ I am the Earth.
  91. 91. Extended Extended information information Do you want to create your own QR? And what about a voice QR? This is a great site! Try it here!
  92. 92. 10 Forces and motion
  93. 93. THE BIG QUESTION What a magnet atracts?
  94. 94. THE TASK Experiment, think, discover, elaborate a report and explain what a magnet atracts.
  95. 95. THE ACTIVITIES Place the objects on the table Bring the magnet close to the objects. Observe which objects move. Bring a magnet close to another magnet. Bring it close to different parts of the magnet. Observe what happens.
  96. 96. THE ACTIVITIES Write the results List List Objects Atracted Objects Not Atracted Objects Repelled by the magnet by the Magnet List by the Magnet ________________ _____________ _____________ ________________ _____________ _____________ ________________ _____________ _____________ ________________ _____________ _____________ ________________ _____________ _____________
  97. 97. THE ACTIVITIES Compare the results. What do the objects that were atracted have in common?________________ What do the objects that were not atracted have in common?_____________ When you finish explain your conclusions to the rest (you can record it in a video or podcast)
  98. 98. Extended reading The end that points in the North is called the North Pole of the magnet and the end that points South is called the South Pole of the magnet.
  99. 99. Extended information about Flipped sessions Read here the results of the latest research done by Stanford University.
  100. 100. Any doubts?…contact me! Marta Cervera Moliner @martacervera